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Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.

Dr. Hugh grew up loving animals.  So much so, his desire to communicate with them and help them kept him tuned into every child's natural mental telepathic abilities.   While many children learn to block this ability, he did not.  His early plan was to become an animal psychologist but as no one had heard of such a thing he was persuaded to follow his older brother into medical school instead.

A class in medical hypnosis taught by renowned Medical Hypnotist Dave Elman so impressed him with the power of the mind to heal the body without 'slicing, dicing or poisoning it' he left medical school to obtain a Doctorate in Behavioral Science (Psychology) from The University of Southern California.    He had already come to the realization the best way to help animals was to help humans change their thinking about animals and, not incidentally, about themselves.

Intrigued – and horrified – by the dissension, separation, and violence towards others fostered by religions he simultaneously obtained a Doctorate in Religion hoping he could find in his study the key to 'why'.  Recognizing the reason is the fierce insistence of each religion that it and it alone holds 'the truth' he began to wonder how 'the truth', whatever it was, could be so divergent.  This is the thought that led him into metaphysics:  the study of the realms and dimensions beyond the physical; i.e. the study of mind and spirit.   After several years of research and experiments with both paranormal sciences and metaphysics he received an Honorary Doctorate from the Los Angeles University of Metaphysics.

Today, Dr. Hugh has devoted six decades of private clinical practice to helping people help themselves in all facets of their lives.  His professional work along with continued studies and research of both traditional and alternative healing and therapeutic modalities have added greatly to his knowledge.  His real expertise, however, has come from the approximately 144,000 hours (and counting) of altered state work in which he has communicated with the minds, bodies, and spirits of tens of thousands of individuals.

In addition, Dr. Hugh has taught many hundreds of students Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy and Past Life Therapy through the Academy For Instruction In Mind Motivation (A.I.M.M.) the state approved vocational school he founded in 1981. 

The animals? They aren't forgotten.  All that Dr. Harmon teaches benefits animals by improving the ability of humans to care for themselves and in finding in the process the ability to care about all the life forms of Planet Earth.  We invite those of you who love animals, care for animals, are fascinated by or curious about animals to visit our Metaphysical Pet Pages.  (Listed in the Website Map).  As time and resources permit we will continue to add to the Pet Pages articles, research studies, our stories and your stories showing how truly wonderful animals are and how they, too, are part of Spirit and Light.

Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.

As a child, Pamela conversed easily with spirits – as many young children do.  As she puts it, she was aware of two worlds:  one on the ground and one just like it above the ground.  Each world had people, pets, houses, furniture, cars, streets, sidewalks, trees, flowers, and grass.  Her easy acceptance of both worlds ended with her mother's growing consternation with 'Pammy's invisible friends'.  Distressed by her mother's distress the young child sadly willed the 'invisible world' away.  As the 'off the ground world' (astral realm) and the people in it faded away from her view her best friend in that world said to her:  "Someday, when you choose to accept your own truths instead of believing what others tell you, we will return."  

The spirits have returned.  In fact, they never went completely away.  When she unwittingly lets down her guard, spirits will 'pop up' most expectedly and just as quickly 'pop out' as Pamela's startle reflex startles both them and her.  Which is why she prefers to mentally communicate with spirits – or channel them – rather than see them 'face to face'.  She knows spirits are present when she sees colored orbs of light energy.  You probably see these orbs too.  They appear fleetingly and can be more readily noted out of the corner of the eye. 

[FYI:  Spirits do not have a physical form.  Spirits can, however, use their energy to project to the viewer a visual or mental image of a form.  They do this so a) the viewer can recognize who/what they are or b) recognize who/what the message they bring is from or to c) confuse or mislead the viewer as to who/what they are.  Thus the importance of discernment when dealing with spirits.  Like people, spirits can lie.  Like people, spirits cannot be forced to tell the truth.  Like people, spirits can have false beliefs.  Like people, spirits can think they are enlightened when they are not as enlightened as they believe themselves to be.  Enlightenment is, after all, relative and there are many, many, many realms, dimensions, and planets of spirits and beings with a great deal more enlightenment to gain.  How, then, does one know if a spirit (or person) truly is who or what he/she/it claims to be?  How does one know whether a spirit (or person) truly knows what he/she/it is talking about or even whether a spirit's (or person's) truth is truth for oneself?  To Know, one must be 'in tune with' The Higher Self; i.e. the spiritual level (also called superconsciousness) of one's own spirit.  We discuss at length on this website, in our books, and in our seminars the roles of both the Higher Self and subconscious mind in prayer, spirit communication, and God communication.]

Pamela graduated from A.I.M.M. in 1990 as a certified Master Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist and immediately established her own private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii.  In 1992 she moved her practice to the desert along side her teacher and mentor Dr. Hugh, who eventually became her mate as well.

Three decades of professional clinical work and thousands of hours spent working with clients in altered states of consciousness have brought Pamela her own expertise and knowledge of mind, body, and spirit.  A particular area of concern for her is the healing and return to 'normalcy' of adult survivors of childhood trauma, most particularly sexual abuse.  Pamela is such a survivor herself and she and Dr. Hugh have each worked extensively with hundreds of such clients.  Pamela is also a certified instructor for (and the Director of) A.I.M.M., The Academy for Instruction in Mind Motivation.   

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A.I.M.M – Courses are "Platonian"; that is, informal and relaxed, providing students ample time and opportunity to ask questions and express personal views while being carefully guided to their own area of expertise.  Dr. Hugh is the founder and Pamela is the Director of A.I.M.M., which now provides training exclusively for The Foundation For Research & Exploration of Mind Motivation (F.R.E.O.M.M.) under Education Code 94302(w).

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Foundation For Research & Exploration of Mind Motivation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Teaching, Healing, Research Foundation founded in 1985 by Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.  Dedicated To Discovery, Dissemination & Demonstration of Mind, Spirit, Body & Creator Light.   Our Purpose Is Helping People Gain Greater Knowledge Of Themselves & Through This Knowledge Open To, Trust In, & Use Their Abilities To Help, Heal & Spiritually Guide Themselves.  

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