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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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akashic records
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Do you have allergy problems? Learn about the Allergone Allergy Correction Method ® and how it can help you with your allergies. It's free and it doesn't involve pills or shots or inhalers.


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Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.     Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.
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Grief, Depression, Anger       Abuse, Sexual Molest
Allergy Correction                 Cell Command Therapy
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Erase & Replace Negative Programming
Discover Your Past Lives

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NMR (Muscle Testing To Find Origin/Causes of
          Negative Conditions of Mind Body/Spirit)

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Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers by
California Board of Behavioral Sciences  (BBS)

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Wonder what altered state regression therapy is like and what it can change in one's life? 
Ann Muller writes about the sessions she had with Pamela and the transformations that followed.
Read about her book here Ann Muller's book
then order it and read it.  It's a great read, as fascinating as it is enlightening.

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Subject: Yellow Pages Reviews


We have known Hugh and Pamela for several years through numerous sessions. They always are beyond current thinking and truly show the way for future health and healing modalities. Their methods are truly the future of understanding our personal lessons and healin g for future generations. There are few approaches which touch the depth of Pamela and Hugh's techniques. Asho and Mingo 


Dear Dr. Harmon: You are truly an incredibly gifted being....I came to see you yesterday to prepare myself for public speaking and not only did you help me get a great perspective on this, but; you helped me get my head on straight, literally! My neck was having a disc problem and was causing my head to be tilted to one side, causing many neurological symptoms, confusion, headaches, neck and jaw pain, and not to mention a huge interruption in preparing for doing a public speaking event. You, in your coy, unassuming way acknowledged it, worked with the public speaking "issue" (ha ha) and then moved right in and in literally seconds, managed to get me to release the misalignment through the subconscious mind! You blew me away! All these years of being a Massage Therapist, going to Chiropractors, etc. and there in your office, while chatting and laughing over the discovery of the connection of my neck and the emotional connection....like magic....it released! Thank you, Kelly S.

Yelp Reviews

Vivian D.  Pasadena, CA  7/29/2014

The work of Dr Harmon and Pamela Chilton is a gift to my soul and for many of those who are ready to receive deep healingwork.  Seek for self healing, learn how to self heal and share with others how to heal themselves.  I am grateful to have the guidance of Dr Harmon and Pamela Chilton in my journey.

Christopher Z.
  Palm Desert, CA 

I met Hugh Harmon just over 1 year ago. During this time we have worked on many personal issues that I have been dealing with my entire life. Hugh has been able to get me to a point of true confidence, respect for myself, relief and over coming of my phobias and inner strength to find and tune into my higher self. I would recommend Hugh's process of self awareness to everyone - I am so happy I found him. Please understand that I do not often review company's, but I just cannot say enough for what Dr. Hugh Harmon has help me to achieve and overcome!

Yellow Book Reviews

Ann M.

07/31/2014  Overall

Before I found Pamela and Dr. Harmon I was like most everyone else: things happened and I coped the best I could. Working with them taught me that everything that happens in our lives—large and small, good and bad— is part of the bigger picture of body, mind, spirit. There really is an answer to, 'why is this happening to me?' When we learn how to find our answers, we are in control of what happens. We live our lives from a position of power. It's a wonderful way to live. I highly recommend the life changing discoveries you make working with Pamela and Dr. Hugh.


David R.

07/09/2014  Overall

When I decided to become a hypnotherapist it was important to me that spirituality be part of my practice. Dr Hugh and Pamela are masters of hypnotherapy, its many applications, and how it interrelates with spirituality. They are wonderful teachers and mentors and continue to educate me through their work.





Thank you...Priceless

From the first time I had a consultation with Pamela Chilton, I was convinced of the power hypnosis. Then I met Dr. Harmon and I realized what they do, individually and as a team, is absolutely priceless. The opportunity given to one, every time you have a session, to have a glimpse at who we really are, and if willing, taken to discover our real purpose in this realm.



Joy S.

07/14/2014  Overall

Pamela Chilton and Dr. Harmon are truly extraordinary healers, therapists, and light workers. I firmly believe that there is no better treatment out there for whatever you want to heal or improve in your life. They are superbly knowledgeable about the levels of Mind, Spirit, Body, Energy, Light and more!  For me they have been invaluable in clearing up my emotional blocks, negative programs, traumatic events in my past that were plaguing me in the present, allergies, finding the cause of illnesses, helping me access my Higher Self, understanding my life lessons, and so on ... I continue to uncover so much more with their help. Every time I visit them, I feel tremendous release, gain deeper understanding and attain lightness to my entire being. The benefits I have gained in my life from their wisdom, guidance and various therapeutic tools are deeply profound and immeasurable! 
Pamela Chilton and Dr. Harmon provide compassionate, gentle, straightforward, amazing and remarkable insights - I highly recommend them to everyone! Now is the perfect time to meet them and discover for yourself the incredibly positive shifts that can occur in your life.



Ben K. 07/09/2014  Overall

Dr. Harmon and Pamela are very professional, courteous, friendly, and exceptionally knowledgable in their respective fields. I have enjoyed several deeply informative and healing sessions with Dr. Harmon. I won't go anywhere else.


Wolfgang Z. 07/09/2014  Overall

I have read their book "Odyssey of the Soul", I have listened to their Phone-seminars and I have listened to many of their Hypnosis-tapes. All of these I can wholeheartedly recommend.

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