You have come from light, you will return to light.

You have brought with you the light of your spirit.

You are in this world to add to the enlightenment (awareness, understanding, knowledge) of your spirit and to shine the light of your spirit through the unique expression of the true you.


We Have Worked Daily [or nearly so] For Several Decades With 'Real' People Seeking 'Real' Answers To Their Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Concerns.

These Answers Are Rarely Available At The Conscious Level Of Self- Awareness; If They Were, The Answers Would Already Be Known.

These Answers Are To Be Found Within The Inner Levels (Unconscious, Subconscious & Superconscious) of Mind, Body, & Spirit. 

Access To These Inner Levels Are In States of Altered Consciousness.

Truths Can Be Found In The Inner Levels of Mind, Body & Spirit,

As Can The Conceit & Deceits of Self & Others.


If One Is To Discern Truth From Fantasies, Falsehoods, & False Beliefs of Self & Others Found In 'Normal' & 'Altered' States of Consciousness One Must Be Aware of One's OWN Higher Self.

~  Part of Your Spirit Is In Your Body

~  The Greater Whole of Your Spirit Is Not In Your Body.

~  The Greater Whole of Your Spirit Is Your Higher Self.

~  Your Higher Self Is Your Light.

~  Your Higher Self Surrounds You & Remains With You -

     In ALL States & Levels of Consciousness, . . . Including Death.

~  Your Higher Self Is Free of The Influences of Physical Form, False

     Beliefs, & Distressing Emotions.

~  Your Higher Self Brings To You or Guides You To The Truths You

     Seek & Can Accept At Your Level of Awareness & Understanding.

~  Your Higher Self Can Discern What Is True & What Is False In The

     Messages You Receive From All Levels of Self & Others.

~  Your Higher Self Can Discern Between 'True' & 'False' Spirit 

     Guides & Spirit Messengers.

~  Your Higher Self Is Your 'Guardian Angel' & Your True 'Spirit

      Guide'; It Protects You From All That Is Not To Your Higher

      Good & Comforts You Through The Challenges & Lessons of Life

      That Are For Your Higher Good.

Your Higher Self Does All Of This ~ IF

     You Ask It To

     Allow It To

     Listen To It

      Follow Its Guidance.

False Beliefs, False Expectations, Lack of Awareness of The Higher Self, Lack of Belief In The Higher Self, & The Inability To Discern Higher Self Communications Keep People 'Stuck In Their Stuckness' By Blocking The Guidance, Protection, Comfort, Love & Empowerment Provided By The Higher Self.

We Use & Teach Inwardly Focused Mental Concentration & Deep Relaxation Techniques That Help People Achieve The States of Altered Consciousness In Which One Can Become Aware of The Communications of One's Inner Levels of Mind, Body, & Spirit So One Can Use One's Higher Self To Discern The False Beliefs That Keep One Stuck & Do The Work Necessary For Replacing Them With The Truths That Sets One Free.

What This Website Offers You Is The Knowledge Gathered From Our One-On-One Work With Tens of Thousands of Individuals In Altered States of Consciousness.

Knowledge You Can Use For Greater Awareness & Understanding of Your Own Mind, Body, Spirit, & Higher Self.

Knowledge You Can Use For Greater Discernment.

This Website Also Offers You Knowledge From The Consciousness of Light & Higher Spirit ˆ The Highest Levels of Spiritual Truth & Spiritual Guidance.

As LIGHT Writes In Book II, Odyssey of The Soul, Light:  The Act of Creation ~  "Avoid following slavishly or dismissing callously messages you or others receive that are proclaimed to be from GOD or LIGHT or Spirit.  Resolve rather to continually grow in awareness and understanding that you may increase your own spiritual discernment to know that which is truth for you within these messages."

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