Immune System Matters 5/11/08 

 After last week’s seminar, Arnout of the Netherlands sent in the following two questions we’ll address now:

Q:   Does meat still carry an energy imprint of the animal that it once belonged to and if so is there any effect from that imprint when you digest the meat?

    A.  Unlike live transplants (where the cells are alive when harvested and remain alive when implanted) which have consciousness imprints in them, dead meant has no ‘alive’ emotional imprints.  Dead meat does however have stress chemicals in it if the animal experienced stress during the killing process.  When animals are killed humanely, this is avoided.  When animals are packed together and led to slaughter houses where they can smell death and blood they panic – big time stress – which injects stress chemicals into their meat and, yes, these stress chemicals add stress to those who eat the meat.

Q:   What is the advice about alcohol, considering all the mixed messages about it.  There are positive benefits reported from moderate consumption yet some people advocate abstinence over moderation.  What does Spirit have to say about it?

A.  Depends on the person.  Those who drink to suppress/drown/numb emotions and awareness tend to develop an addiction to alcohol and exhibit personality changes when drinking.  To some people alcohol is addictive because of the brain changes that occur – changes that lead to ‘feeling good’.  people should abstain from alcohol until

TOPIC THIS WEEK:  Immune System Matters.

It really, really, REALLY matters.  Has always mattered and in today’s world as bacteria, germs, and viruses mutate and proliferate and the medications to combat them lessen in their effectiveness and their pervasiveness challenges immune systems, a HEALTHY, STRONG immune system and your spiritual light are the most powerful weapons for defending your body that you have. 

 The Number 1, MOST important ingredient for a healthy immune system is:  Joy!  Joy!  Joy!

 Yes, we all know, “Happiness begets Health-full-ness”.  So first and foremost let us do all we can to maintain a very healthy and happy body.   A simple way to demonstrate this for yourselves is lift a gallon of water to determine the ‘feel’ of the weight.  Test it 2 –3 times.  Then think an ugly, mean, negative thought and while you are thinking it lift the gallon of water.  Now think a very happy, positive, joyful thought and lift the gallon of water again.  You may notice a difference in the feel of the weight (how easy or hard it is to lift), which is a good indicator of how the body feels about a negative versus a positive attitude.

 We know dis-ease and dis-function of brain and body increase the stress load of our physical being.  I know all of you are ‘young of heart’, but as the body ages certain metabolic changes take place.

 UNLESS you are applying nearly daily mental and spiritual focus to altering this natural process and few people are, despite the evidence it works. 

I know of tribes today in several parts of the world, such as the Hunazs,  that are isolated from the distress, fear, disease and negative expectations experienced by the rest of the world.  People in these tribes live happy, active lives to 120-130 years of age.  “So What?” you say.  I say, “if we could create a positive, purposeful expectation in our life, maybe, just maybe, we, too, could age a heck of a lot better than we do.

 In light of creating a positive, purposeful expectation of life and to keeping immune systems and bodies healthy and strong we would benefit greatly from acting on the motto given us by Light:  ‘Lighten-Up With Light” 

Programming our immune systems to cope with disease, unfriendly bacteria and viruses begins at birth.  Baby’s who get their mother’s breast milk get a ‘jump start’ on this.  From birth on there are a host of ‘bad bugs’ that get into the body which provides the challenges the immune system needs for fine tuning its abilities to protect the body from them. 

 The immune system is an army that seeks out, finds, attacks and destroys or disables ‘bad bugs’.  The marker cells find and mark the enemy and the attacker cells destroy or disable what they mark.  Then the cleanup crew takes over.  This whole process can be watched in a ‘dark field microscope’.  Very fascinating.  

But, in our ‘finite wisdom’, humans interfere with this process with the use of chemicals, bactericides, germicides and anti-bodies called antibiotics.  When ‘bad bugs’ survive such attacks they mutate and become ‘super bugs’ which are much harder to kill.

 But never fear, the ‘infinite wisdom’ of humans is also here!  We can learn how to enhance our own powerful immune systems.  Physical sciences show the direct relations between the nervous system and immune function.  Increased levels of stress hormones have been shown to decrease immune response, resulting in increased incidences of illness, disease, even injuries.

 Modern day society has a lot of pressures resulting in a lot of stress.  It’s a really bad time for vitamin and mineral deficient soils and foods as our immune systems need vitamins and minerals to function properly and to combat the effects of stress. 


So we may want to pay attention to supplying our bodies with supplements and amendments to our food supply.   Let’s start with a favorite – Vitamin C which is not really a vitamin but acts like one in the body.  It is truly a miraculous substance.  Regular vitamin C is ascorbic acid which is easily absorbed in the body.  

 If your body is too acidic, ascorbic acid will upset your stomach, in which case use the ascorbate form of Vitamin C which is made by bonding Vitamin C to a mineral such as calcium, which is an alkaline. 

 Brush your teeth daily with powdered Vitamin C to reduce or eliminate tartar from your teeth.  If the regular vitamin C is too sweet for you to do this, use powdered Calcium Ascorbate. 

 The average adult needs between 3000 and 5000 mgs of Vitamin C per day divided into doses taken with food.  Average multivitamin has maybe 350 mgs.

 Co-enzyme Q10 (aka ubiguinone) is needed daily to fight off degenerative diseases.  Amount needed varies from 30 – 300 mgs a day with meals.  Good average 100 mgs. 

 Average adult need 200-600 mgs a day of Vitamin E  - the gamma tocopherol source is the most potent.  Do NOT use synthetic sources and do not take at the same time as Zinc - each interferes with the absorption of the other.  Monitor skin to know best amounts.  Skin should be healthy looking/feeling, if not, increase E.

 1 – 8 tablespoons of TMG (trimethylglycine) helps keep dangerous levels of nomocystien.  Take with B12 and Folic acid with meals. 

Fatty acids 3 & 6 are important in the right balance.  If you like fish, fatty fish is a good source.  Or try 4000 mgs of borage oil, 2000 mgs fish oil extract, 400 mgs EPA, Omega 3, and conjugated linoleic acid.

Vitamins in the right proportions are essential.  B-50 combination is a good source, take 1 minimum and 2 maximum daily. 

 Take the major minerals in the right proportion and ample trace minerals.  Minerals help one sleep and keeps teeth, nails, hair, bones strong.  If have thinning hair, thinning nails, bones, need more minerals.  How much you need depends on the foods you ingest, whether minerals with them are being absorbed, size and age of your body, and activity levels. 

Bio-flavonoids (the antioxidants in plants that protect against radicals in body) help suppress inflammation in the body.  

To lift your spirits (lighten your mood) try 5 HTP and to sleep and to rest well try melatonin.  They work differently with different people, so monitor what you feel and don’t use if they don’t do what you need them to. 

5 HTP is an essential amino acid made naturally in the body.  Supplements are made from animal protein.

 DLPA also lightens the mood with the added benefit of increasing natural brain endorphins which helps with aches and pains. 

 Weekly Coffee Enemas when colon, liver and immune system are healthy and a minimum of 3 times a week – daily better – when they are not.

Liver Detox twice a year for healthy bodies, once a month for weak, ill bodies.

See formulas for Supplements for Stress Relief, Coffee Enema, Liver Detox in Symptom Relief, Health Treasures in Treasure Chest on website.  We will also be posting in Health Treasures this week a great deal more information on How To Have A Healthy Immune System and Suggested Daily Diet. 

 Quote from Gary Null, Ph.D. author of  Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing:   I’ve saved it for last, but I actually feel that the most important aspect of any person’s environs is not a physical factor, but rather the individual’s emotional environment.  By this I mean the attitudes he or she carries around all day, the kinds of interactions that person has with others and the general tenor of his or her life style.  All of this is going to have a big impact on how successfully that individual ages, because when there’s a lot of stress in a person’s emotional environment, it takes a toll.  When you’re constantly stressed, your body is full of “fight-or-flight” hormones, which over time weaken the immune system.”       

 Will continue Dr. Null’s quote Next Week’s Seminar:

How To Slow Down, Stop, or Reverse Physiological Aging

(And What Effect Will This Have On How Long You Live?)

 If you want to know about auto-immune system diseases / disorders, let us know and we will arrange either a one on one phone informational session with you and Dr. Hugh or if there is enough interest Dr. Hugh will do a group informational session. 

ADDENDUM:  To find what vitamins/minerals your particular body needs and how much and when see a GOOD dietician who can test or have tested your body’s health.  OR when you become practiced at self muscle testing wither with pendulum or fingers – see these papers in Treasure Chest – you can test whether a particular mineral, vitamin, supplement, is/is not right for you and how much in this manner:

Place substance on central meridian (just below navel) and test w/ these statements:

“This substance is good for my body.” 

 If yes, test:  “My body is getting enough of this substance on a regular basis.”  If answer is yes, you don’t need to test more.  Whatever you are getting now through food and/or supplements is sufficient for you.

If no, test:  My body needs   _____ of this daily (If substance you’ve placed on your central meridian (just below navel) is in pill or capsule form fill in the blank with:  My body needs one of these daily, 2 of these daily and so on. If substance you’ve placed on your central meridian is in powder form, place 1 teaspoon on your central meridian and test”  My body needs  this amount daily, two of this amount daily and so on.

If you need to take the substance daily next test whether on an empty stomach, full stomach, in morning, afternoon, evening or spread throughout day or all at one time.

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