Subscribers to our Mastery of Mind, Spirit & Body Series pay monthly for telephone seminars (teleseminars) they access via their own phones.  (Skype users can access these teleseminars on their computers via skype.)   

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We asked our subscribers how they felt about posting a written synopsis of each teleseminar for non-subscribers.  The majority agreed with the three emails below:

From A.W., USA:  “I say post it for all to see!"

From B.L., USA: “Fine with me, but I just can’t imagine how you can capture on paper what you and Dr. Hugh share in these seminars.   The asides, anecdotes and interplay of two very different and equally amazing teachers are really exciting.  Besides, your voices are healing!!!   My backaches are gone, gone, gone and I've done nothing different but listen to your seminars.  I know you'll say its because self-empowerment thru greater knowledge is making me feel more supported.  Okay. But I still don't want the voices in my head - your voices - to go away!  :-) "

From W.Z, Germany:  “I personally think that the synopsis is a good way of summarizing a seminar, but probably without the seminar you would not "get" the message (or only get it partially). For people participating (paying) for the seminar, there might be the temptation to think that one could get the message for free anyway through the synopsis. So, you might experience a dropdown on participants.   This may be compared to the parable of the lost son who gets a reward even he didn't do much. And the other son who thinks that he is not rewarded, or thinks that the lost son does not deserve a gift ... To sum it up: giving the synopsis for free is not taking away anything from the subscribers.”

NOTE:  All Written and Spoken Material On This Website Including Each Synopsis Given Below Is Copyrighted By:

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8/12/07  Synopsis - Channeling

8/19/07  Synopsis - Soul Records

  Self Muscle Testing

8/26/07  Synopsis - Soul Records of Jesus          

  Higher Spirit 'Reading' of 20 People Today Who Were 'There' in Jesus' Life Time          

10/07/07  Synopsis - Spirit Attachments, Spirit Possessions, Spirit Walk-Ins

10/14/07  Synopsis - Using Pendulum & Other Self Muscle Testing To Find & Identify Spirits

10/21/07  Synopsis - Helping Spirits of People Move Into The Light

10/28/07  Synopsis – Automatic Writing For Communicating With All Levels of Mind, Body, Spirit

11/04/07  Synopsis – The Higher Self and Spirit Guides

11/11/07  Synopsis – Angels, Guides & The Name of Your Soul

  Follow Up – Questions & And Answers

11/25/07  Synopsis - Negative Subconscious Birth Programs

12/02/07  Synopsis - Self-Punishment For Upsetting Parents

12/09/07  Synopsis - Self-Punishment For Being Bad

12/16/07  Synopsis - Emotions

12/23/07  Synopsis - Happiness

12/30/07  Synopsis - I Must Be Perfect (And Punish Myself When I'm Not) Programs

01/06/08  Synopsis - Early Childhood Money Programming

01/13/08  Synopsis - More Money Programming

01/20/08  Synopsis - Wishful Thinking / Positive Thinking / Belief & Faith

01/27/08  Synopsis - Riches and Wealth

02/03/08  Synopsis - Riches and Spirituality

02/10/08  Synopsis - Wealth and Power

02/17/08  Synopsis - Manifesting Money

02/24/08  Synopsis - Manifesting Wealth

03/02/08  Synopsis - Steps For Materializing Wealth

03/16/08  Synopsis - 8 Rules of the Mind

03/23/08  Synopsis - Rules of Spirit

03/30/08  Synopsis - Mental Imaging, Visualization, Imagination

04/06/08  Synopsis - Conspiracy Theories

04/13/08  Synopsis - More Mind Power

04/20/08  Synopsis - LIGHT & The Earth

04/27/08  Synopsis - Body Matters

05/04/08  Synopsis - Food Matters

05/11/08  Synopsis - Immune Systems Matters

05/18/08  Synopsis - How To Slow Down, Stop & Reverse Aging (Part 1)

05/25/08  Synopsis - How To Slow Down, Stop & Reverse Aging (Part 2)

06/01/08  Synopsis - How To Slow Down, Stop & Reverse Aging (Part 3)

06/08/08  Synopsis - The Laws of Suggestion That Rule Your Life

06/15/08  Synopsis - Buddha, Enlightenment & More

01/19/09  Synopsis - Collective Consciousness



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