Food Matters 5/4/08

This synopsis – like the others -  is of the outline we used for the seminar.  We did not follow it exactly and the seminar includes some stories/info not included here. 

Dr. Hugh:  Correction from last week, the “fingers in the gut’ arevilli, not cilli.  And, yes, can get SOME probiotic acidophilus from yogurt, kefir and the like into the intestines, where you need it, IF they have live acidophilus AND you eat it on an EMPTY stomach when acid level won’t be high.  However best source of probiotic enzymes:  Capsule with 8 strains of probiotic enzymes - enteric coated to protect from stomach acid. 

Pamela:  We have colleagues, former students, and former clients who continue to come in for periodic ‘mind/body/spirit’ check ups.  Often they want to channel their Higher Self – even though they are now themselves channeling their Higher Self on their own or accessing Higher Self information through dreams, intuition, self muscle testing, or automatic writing.  

They want to channel their Higher Self to make certain they are staying honest and accurate in their own Higher Self Tune In.  It is easier to bypass one’s own ‘bloated nothingness’ as Dr. Hugh likes to say when one is hypnotized by another plus NMR testing by a trained practitioner is a great way of testing for accuracy of what one gets and how one interprets it.

Several weeks ago a person’s Higher Self, speaking through her, reminded me to remind her that she’d been told before in her Higher Self channeling she has successfully lifted her vibrations by clearing her past of its negative emotions and beliefs and she now has an opportunity to lift her vibrations higher with pure thoughts, pure foods, pure water, and pure air.  To have pure air, her Higher Self added, she will need to stop smoking. 

Interestingly, this person has not yet stopped smoking but that counsel/guidance by her Higher Self has helped someone else – a person who was also highly resistant to stopping smoking – to stop smoking in her desire to raise her vibrations.

Why raise one’s vibrations? 

LIGHT WRITES:  “Vibration refers to the light frequency – the movement of the creator light that is the essence of all that is.  Everything has vibration.   Energy has vibration.  Consciousness has vibration.   The higher the energy of spirit the higher the consciousness [awareness, understanding, knowledge] of spirit.  Vibration affects vibration.  The vibrations of an embodied spirit lift the vibrations of the body it is in and the vibrations of the body lower the vibrations of the embodied spirit in it.  Thus the higher the vibrations of one’s body the higher the vibrations of one’s embodied spirit.”

Which translates to, Light explains, if we want to lift our consciousness to higher levels of knowing – including and most importantly our own higher level of knowing; i.e. the higher self – we need to lift the vibrations of our bodies.  And what affects the vibrations of our bodies is what we put into them.  Besides our own spirits, that list includes:  Thoughts we think and thoughts we speak.  Conscious Beliefs.  Subconscious Beliefs.  Conscious Emotions.  Subconscious Emotions.  The Air we breathe.  The water we drink.  The foods and non-foods we eat.  The medications and supplements we take. 

So . . . . Food Matters.  And the more food we eat and the more combinations we put our food in, the more it matters. 

As Dr. Hugh explained last week, the crucial element in food – besides the nutrition it gives us – is how it affects the alkalinity and acidity of our bodies. 

Example:  A cousin of mine wanted us to ask Light why she was having difficulty becoming pregnant.  The response given was the acidity levels in her body was killing the sperm and she would be well advised to lessen her meat intake in order to increase the alkalinity of her body and she would be well advised to check with her own Higher Self in regards to her soul’s plans regarding children. 

Dr. Hugh:  The degree of acidity and alkalinity of a body is measured in terms of pH.  pH =Potential of Hydrogen.  The pH scale runs from 0 to 14.  0 =really strong acid and 14= really strong alkalinity. Neither of which we can survive.  So in the wisdom of our bodies, the liver seeks to keep a near neutral level of 7.35 to 7.45 pH, which is just lightly alkaline.  If your body goes just a little above or below this your potential for health goes to H….. E….. L…..  – P!   HELP!

Dr. Hugh:  Let me point out the pH level is NOT a diagnostic test of the health or disease of your body.  It is an indication of the body’s ability to maintain health and to fight stress, illness, and disease and keep a clear mind.  Can get strips for testing at pharmacies.

Dr. Hugh:  Most of us eat a lot of acid ash foods.

Pamela:   Acid Ash?

Dr. Hugh:  Yes, what determines what makes a food acidic or alkaline to the body its ash – what remains of the food after its nutrition has been digested and absorbed into the body.  So some foods that would seem to be acidic – like tomatoes or pineapple for example – actually produce an alkaline ash once they are processed by the body.  Some of us eat a diet that leaves a ‘mess’ – usually an acid residue or ash from high protein foods – that our body has to work hard to neutralize.

Pamela:  “And as you said just yesterday, the harder the body has to work just to maintain life, the less energy a person has for everything else in life.

Dr. Hugh:  Absolutely true. However, the body is a great survivor.  When the body is too acidic minerals are rushed in to neutralize the excess acid that would cause a problem, but when this happens the minerals need to be replaced so the body can use them for its other needs.  We get minerals through the fruit and vegetables we eat, however when fruits and vegetables are grown in mineral and vitamin deficient soil this won’t work so well. 

Pamela:  Ah, which is why you are so insistent on the need for daily vitamin and mineral supplements. 

Dr. Hugh:  It has become evident modern day farming practices over work the soil and in the need for greater profits will often skip the expense of adding nutrients to the soil.  Plus the produce is picked for shipment before it ripens so it has not had time to absorb whatever minerals and vitamins are in the soil or to develop the enzymes our bodies need.

Pamela:  But it has had time to absorb the pesticides used while growing it.  Which is why you soak the fruit and vegetables we buy  – except for onions and garlic – in a solution of Clorox and water as soon as you get it home. 

Dr. Hugh:  The Clorox solution leaches out the pesticides from within, not just what is in the skin.  I soak our eggs in it too – after everything else is done – to kill any salmonella bacteria.  I put a cap full of real Clorox – not generic Clorox which has a different chemical makeup – in a full sink full of water and 1 cap full in a half skin of water, and leave the produce to soak for 5 minutes, then put into a sink full of clear water and soak for another 5 minutes.    Then drain on the drain board. NOTE:  A Clorox Bath – ˝ cup REAL Clorox - following chemo therapy will leech out the toxins from the chemo.  A saturate solution of baking soda in the tub  following radiation therapy leeches out the ‘rads’ from the radiation, which does harm, not good, following the radiation session.  Saturate solution means pour in baking soda until it no longer dissolves in the water.  For radiation to the head/face wet a cloth with baking soda saturate solution and apply to face and/or head. 

Pamela:  Please explain why cooking or warming food in microwave is not good.

Dr. Hugh:  Let me explain how a microwave works.  Many decades ago a friend of mine – a scientist - was in Canada working on a project there involving radar screens.  He noticed when the birds flew within the range of these screens the birds would drop from the sky.  Investigating he saw the dead birds were partially cooked, from the inside out.  He realized what a convenience radar ovens for restaurants would be and built the prototype for them, thus the beginning of microwave ovens.  They work by stimulating the molecular and cellular structures of the food so these structures move faster and the rubbing against one another creates friction, which creates heat, which cooks the food.  However, the changes created in the cells and molecules changes the food into something different.  And the effect of this on the human body is as yet unknown.  Certainly it is something different than is found in Nature naturally.  Interesting note:  My friend, after inventing the radar ovens, expressed regret in doing so and steadfastly refused to eat any food cooked or warmed in radar / microwave ovens. 

Now back to minerals - if we don’t get enough minerals in our diet or with supplements the body will try to survive by pulling minerals from the bones.  Oh – Oh - Osteoporosis will become the next problem.   The body has a back up system of handling acid laden foods which is:  The kidneys will produce a large amount of ammonia which is a very strong alkaline that neutralizes the acid.  This back up system is part of Nature’s program to survive.  However it is a last ditch effort that really taxes the whole body, which will weaken and break down if taxed too much.

Dr. Hugh:   As long as the cells are functioning, they keep producing acid ash, especially when we exercise and then require minerals to neutralize the acid.  We can expel much acid from our lungs when we breathe which is why the deep breathing exercises we promote help in many ways – one getting oxygen into the muscles and acid out of the body. 

Pamela:  Plus increases metabolism.  So what foods produce acid ash in the body?

Dr. Hugh:   High protein meats, poultry, fish, and grains.  You might want to know sugar, corn syrup, corn oil and olive oil are neutral ash foods.  However refined beet and cane sugars along with corn sugar can be very toxic to the body because they cause secondary acid in the system to be dealt with later on.  Some sugar substitutes are even more toxic.  The best sugar sources are FOS, Inulin, Zylitol and Raw Cane Sugar. 

Pamela:  When are grains not good for the body?

Dr. Hugh:  My old Grandfather lived on grains until he was 92.  While he was quite inactive during the last years of his life, he did not combine grains with other foods, he ate them alone or with each other.   Moderation and how you combine foods is the secret.

Pamela:  And flour?

Dr. Hugh:  Essentially refined grain thus eliminating the balance Nature provides in grains, including natural enzymes from the planet that produced the grain, which we then refine out for flour. 

Pamela;  What are the signs of a body that is too acidic and a body that is too alkalaine?

Dr. Hugh:  The signs for a body out of balance, whether too acidic or too alkalaine are white coated tongue except with enduring headache, bad bowel habits, stiff joints, sore muscles, burning urination, rapid water loss, general irritation through out the body.  If you have acidosis your body has had high acid for too long.  An ammonia smell alerts you to the presence of too much alkaline.  

Pamela:  What, in general, is an optimum diet for great health?

Dr. Hugh:  A diet designed around raw and lightly cooked fruits and vegetables.  Take fruit and fruit juices on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes before eating anything else.  Two raw salads a day, adequate protein in the day and carbohydrates for evening meal so the body doesn’t suffer digestion taxation during sleep cycle.  Letting the body rest and recover is VERY Important.  Drink ˝ body weight in water or juices daily.  Many bottled waters are polluted as tap water often is.  I use reverse osmosis and or distilled water.  Body needs 10 – 20 minutes of direct sunlight daily for Vitamin D, best, or 2000 mg. Vitamin D3 second best.  Some experts recommend more sunlight.  Be sensible about it.  Of course the best gauge of what your individual body needs is paying attention to how you and your body feel in response to what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat it.      

Pamela:  Those of you who would like to pick Dr. Hugh’s mind about your own eating habits or a condition of your body that needs healing:  Have a session by phone or skype with Dr. Hugh - $50 per half hour.   

For more about alkalinity and acidity of specific foods and food combination a good book for this is:

An Apple A Day by Dr. Morter         Morter Health Systems:  1800-874-1478    

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