Body Matters 4/27/08 

Dr. Hugh:   Light Self, Earth, Others

Pamela:    Greetings.

Today’s Topic:  Dr. Hugh envisions the title of this seminar as:  Mind, BODY, Spirit   A Visual Reminder for spiritual seekers the spirit is embodied, THE BODY MATTERS!  Why does the body matter? 

Dr. Hugh:  The body teaches the importance of BALANCE. 

Pamela:  What is balance?

Dr. Hugh:  That which maintains equilibrium.    When the equilibrium in a living organism is upset the result is dysfunction, illness, disease.  This is true of all living organisms, including our planet Earth.


Pamela:  Beginning in 1993 we started receiving many messages from Light and Higher Spirit of the severe global imbalance caused by overcrowding, pollution and fear.  We also were given a Plan of Light by Light to help humans use our spiritual power to more quickly restore global balance and in doing so save not only humans but all of the life forms on planet Earth from generations of global suffering.   


Dr. Hugh:  Speaking of which Light and Higher Spirit also said this process of nearly wiping humans off the face of the Earth has happened before and there was some validation of that recently in an extensive study published Thursday (2/24/08) in the American Journal of Human Genetics.  The study suggests 70,000 years ago the human population was reduced to small isolated groups in Africa, apparently because of droughts.  The report notes a separate study estimated that the number of early humans may have fallen as low as 2,000 before numbers began to expand again. 


Pamela:  As to the present go around of flirting with extinction Light said to us: 

 “The presence of enslavement is ever increasing in this universe. Ours is to keep the freedom by maintaining the balance. For if the forces of enslavement prevail, the earth will shrug off life as we know it. And you will not be among those who stay. You will find a very positive way of going somewhere else. But the earth will lose much in time and energy, when it is not necessary.”  I mentioned to Light that  Higher Spirit has warned of us of difficult challenges lying ahead in the writing and publishing of Book II because of the forces wanting to stop it.  Light suggested:  “At the minimum. I would suggest once a day take a moment in time and ask for light and you will be in perfect contact with the energy of light. But more times a day would be better to increase the probability of balance.

Dr. Hugh:   A perfect lead in to reminding our listeners to do the process we’ve taught them of lighting themselves, the Earth, then loved ones a minimum of once a day, but more times a day would be better to increase the probability of restoring global balance.

Pamela:  Of course, that light does more than restore the balance to the Earth.  It also provides the energy people need to clean up the Earth and find the solutions that will keep us from polluting the Earth again.

Dr. Hugh:  Balance and taking the steps to maintain the balance or to regain it when it is lost is exactly what our own bodies also need for good health.

Pamela:  What I want to do and want to share with you now is reap the benefits of Dr. Hugh’s extensive knowledge on how the body works so we can use that knowledge to keep or restore if we need to our body’s balance and good health. 

Dr. Hugh :  Okay, let’s begin with taking a look at what happens in the G.I. Track when we ingest food.

·        Gastrointestinal Track become omnivorous.  Not carnivorous meat eaters nor herbivorous non meat eaters but from the structure of our guts today we can see the modification our Creature (body) made over time to be able to eat AND digest AND use nutrition from all forms of food.

·          Early Man ate roots, fruit and veggies in the forests, then perhaps it was climate change that forced humans to run down animals in the savannah and plains so the digestive process had to learn to break down animal fiber and digest it. 

·        Next came seeds and grains and later agrarians began to milk domestic animals.  Oh my, what a challenge for our digestive processes, but as long as we “K.I.S.S.” ed it the gut could manage pretty well, but then we began mixing and processing food in combinations that confused our hungry bodies. 

·        Just think of all the different processes the food we eat that goes on from input to outcome.  Eventually all the sustenance processed out by the gut has to go through the liver processing to reach the blood so the nutrients can be used.

·        I seem to have been involved in learning about all of this from by birth.  I did not have enough flora and fauna – the bacteria that breaks down food – in my tiny baby gut so what went in one end came out the other.  Nothing stayed in my body and NO THING worked to correct that until at last and friend of the family and a learned man came to the rescue.  He used dates with digestive enzymes and absorbable sugar into my system and everything started to work as it is designed to work.

·        By age 18 too many pressures in my life created bleeding ulcers and I was barfing up blood every morning upon arising.  The Doctors told me to eat ‘graveyard stew’; i.e. warm milk and bread.  I knew that wasn’t the answer!  So I did my own research and found a very revealing bit of information of wonderful information in a medical library.

·        Proteins, fats and acids are processed in the stomach by hydrochloric acid.

·        Carbohydrates are broken down in the small intestines by an alkaline process. 

·        If you put proteins, fats, acids and carbohydrates in the same place to digest by opposite processes the one process may nullify the other process so digestion stops.  To Explain:  The stomach produces hydrochloric acid for  breaking down the proteins, fats and acids.  To do this the acid must be at a concentrated level. When you add carbohydrates they absorb the acid which diminishes the concentrated level, leaving one with a ‘heavy’ stomach.  

·        If we add fruit to the stomach with protein, fats, and acids, it stays in the stomach fermenting creating a ‘bubbling up’ of (acid reflex/gerd) and methane gas and belching of hydrocarbons.   

·        To neutralize having too many acid in one’s stomach, take a glass of water with teaspoon of baking soda.   

                 Story of brother of a client who had acid reflux every night and every night would wake up to eat chocolate chip cookies.  When he began taking the teaspoon of baking soda water it ended his acid stomach AND he stopped getting up to eat cookies, which had been a subconscious drive to put more carbohydrates in the stomach to lessen the acidity. 

·        When stomach does not produce enough acid to break down acids, fats and proteins (which often happens with older people) a teaspoon or capsule of apple cider vinegar will add the acid needed.  

·        When fruits are taken by themselves they pass through the walls of the stomach – as they should - within 15 – 20 minutes.

·        It was not hard to ‘digest’ that information and solve my problem.

·        I ate proteins by themselves, carbohydrates by themselves and never mixed fruit with either one.   “Viola!”  No more stomach problems.

Pamela:  O.K. so when we put food in our mouths . . .

Dr. Hugh:  We immediately start the process of digestion with saliva and chewing our food THOROUGHLY.  Then the stomach starts breaking the food down further, if it can and when the acid reaches the right level the piloric valve opens and dumps the food into the duodenum – the first part of the small intestine – where it is neutralized with bile to raise the Ph which keeps the acid from burning the G.I. Track.

Pamela:  Burning?

Dr. Hugh:  The stomach acid is too hot for the intestines.  The small intestine has many feet of processing so needs fiber to keep its lining healthy.

Pamela:  What does fiber do to keep it healthy?

Dr. Hugh:  Scrubs the lining of the gut to allow the tiny fingers – villi – to do their work of absorbing nutrients.

Pamela:  How long does the food stay in the gut?

Dr. Hugh:  That varies greatly on the health of the gut, the type of food, and the enzymes.  After 30’ or so the food dumps into the large intestine through the illiocecal valve. 

Pamela:  What happens then?

Dr. Hugh:  A major part of the absorption processing takes place.   I think we have 3 brains – one twix the ears, one in the heart and one in our Large Intestine.  The health of our Large Intestine is the basis for an effective Immune System so it is important to keep it healthy.

·        Story of man with transverse colon like hardened loaf of French bread caked with hard feces.

Pamela:  How do we keep our Large Intestine healthy?

Dr. Hugh:  Besides fiber, we need lots of colonies of flora and fauna proliferating in the Large Intestine to process all the material flowing through it.

Pamela:  What foods provide colonies of flora and fauna?

Dr. Hugh:   Raw food – vegetables with enzymes not killed by stomach acids.  Need to reinforce with a good probiotic  - meaning pro or for the body – and one that is enteric coated so it breaks down in the gut not in the stomach  

·        A lot of older people and people who do not eat enough vegetables or good vegetables (grown in land that has not been robbed of nutrients) need to take supplemental enzymes with non-aborbing sugar flora and fauna feed on:  Such as F.O.S. or Inulin.    Both are naturally sweet – inulin has more fiber in it – each can be used as a sweetner.  No more than one teaspoon day!!!  If using inulin increase water intake. 

Pamela:  Where can one get a good probiotic, enzymes and F.O.S. and Inulin?

Dr. Hugh:  Most health food stores.  Cheapest source may be Beyond A Century.   Or 1-800-777-1324. 

Next Week:  Food Combinations To Keep The Body In The Acidic/Alkaline balance needed for good health and for healing.  

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