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Newsletters For

September 2003

  Sept. 26th , 2003    

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Sept. 26th , 2003


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Well, as you have no doubt noticed, I, Pamela, have failed you again. It has been three weeks - or is it four? - since my return and I have not sent a Lighten-Up e-mail nor sent Christy a new section of Book II to post. The failing is mine and mine alone. Hugh does not type. He does not e-mail. He is not the one through whom Light is writing. If he were, I can almost guarantee you that you would be receiving weekly e-mails and the book would be finished, posted, and published. I wonder at his patience with me. I wonder at Lightís patience with me. Perhaps I was chosen because I represent the "higher" and the "lower" aspects of being human and part of the demonstration of the production of Lightís Book and Lighting The Earth is the triumph of the higher parts of being human over the lower. What are the higher human aspects? Faith. Trust. Hope. Service. Discipline. To name a few. What are the lower? Doubt. Fear. Worry. Sloth. To name my biggest failings at least.

Yet, Hugh, Light, and Higher Spirit have not given up on me and I have not given up on humans - so I am climbing out of the well of selfish concerns into which I flung myself. You help me to do this. We have received e-mails and letters expressing your support. A donation of a $1000 towards publication of the book came from one of you in the state of Washington. His words: "Thanks so much for all your good efforts" sent our spirits soaring and renewed our resolve.

Light has finished the next segment of Book II -   "Messengers of Spirit" - for posting on the website.  Christy has it now for uploading on our website.  Watch for it. Iíll send an e-mail when it is up. Following is a part from this section to "whet your appetites" and tempt you to read the rest


"Humans have lost faith in themselves because they have lost faith in Spirit. They have lost faith in Spirit because they do not understand the power of the mind.

Your prayers are always answered. They are not always answered in the manner you expect nor is the answer always what you think you desire. But they are always answered and what you receive in response to your prayers is always in strict accordance with your will.

You will understand this when you are finished with this book. At least you will have gained much greater insight about it as you are reminded of the role of the mind in the odyssey of the soul.

GOD cares for you. GOD does not take care of you. GOD does not have to take care of you. You are spirit. As spirit, you are indestructible. As spirit, you choose what you create and you choose what you will and will not accept of the creations of other aspects of spirit. You have forgotten you do this. You have forgotten how you do this. I write to remind you."


So, with your forgiveness for my tardiness, we shall continue on. Lightís Book is, in our humble opinions, well worth the wait. I shall continue the weekly e-mails. What they will be is flexible. They may be quotes from the book or messages from spirit or information we want to share. It will depend on how much has gotten done on the book that week. We hope this meets with your acceptance.


Pamela and Dr. Hugh

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