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Newsletters For October 2001

October 20, 2001

October 27, 2001

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October 20th, 2001



Let us welcome new Lights: Jim Rigas, Debbie Boss. And our brand new newest Light: Adam Gabriel Rune Frary , born Oct. 8th. Pause and send Light to Adam, Jim and Debbie.


We were lightened by Hawaii and saddened. Like so much of the Earth, Hawaii’s land and air and sea are choking with too many doing too little to live in harmony with Nature. The islands are dying. For those that love the islands, it is heart breaking. For those that love the Earth, it is a reminder that Nature will allow human blight to extend only so far before removing the entire human species or cutting it down to such a level it is as though it has become extinct. Is this too harsh? It is truth. Observe the Laws of Nature. When any species threatens to destroy its habitant, Nature destroys that species. Humans have made the entire Earth their habitant and are intent, in their actions and their thoughts, upon destroying it. Nature responds with the destruction of humans - through "natural" disasters and through attacks upon humans by all of Nature’s species, including the human. This process has, obviously, already begun, for several years now, and is accelerating. The REASON you Lighten-Up daily is to reverse this process. To restore the balance through a collective human admission that humans do NOT know best and to turn our collective will for the Earth over to the Creator Energy through which Nature created the Earth and its balance. Ever the question asked by many is, why not send also prayers of Peace? Of Universal Love? Of Balance? Of Healing? Read Light’s Response in the last section.


To save the Earth, each of you is of great importance. Each of you must make a daily commitment to this goal as well as a commitment to educate the populace on how to save the Earth through a means to their highest good. The means? Answer from Light in the last section. Once you have refreshed your memory of the means, commit yourself to educating ten people daily, weekly, or monthly - depending on your level of commitment.


Excerpts from an article entitled: "It Takes More Than Just Physical Preparedness" by Mitch Battros, Mental Health Therapist, author of The Inverted Pyramid

"During this time of wars and extreme weather, we will need to rely on one another more than ever. There are many spiritual disciplines who subscribe to this very idea and at this very time….When a person starts to make changes in their life, by choice or by force, a high risk of self sabotage exist. This will occur even if it is positive and in their best interest. Not only does each individual struggle with themselves, they are likely to receive resistance from family and friends…. When change occurs in our lives, whether positive or negative, we put on the brakes and say "wait a minute, this doesn't feel right". It is during such times, we will need to break it down into smaller pieces. Move slow, but always forward. Complacence is regression. As we become more familiar with our new environment (and self), we will be able to move into change more easily…. Those who appear to do best with change, are often those with some form of spiritual orientation. Able to be strong, but flow with change….In what appears to be undeniable changes ahead in both weather (earth changes) and war, we will need to rely more on our intuition and our communities. There are many spiritual disciplines who say we are in times of enlightenment. It will be the 'passage of change' where one may suffer the most.

The Hopi's call it "The Great Purification". I call it "The Transition".

This article was sent to us by Josie Stein, a Lighten-Up Light. Pause and send Light to Josie and to Mitch Battros.


We have picked a heart stone for this week’s message. Clear your mind and ask your Higher Self which of the following messages is written on the heart stone placed on the grinding rock on the fireplace hearth of Pamela Chilton and Dr. Hugh: Forgiveness, humor, willingness, joy, light, peace, balance, faith, healing, honesty, abundance, freedom, tenderness, strength, wisdom, love, play, rest, courage, power, change, trust.

The answer is at the end of this email. It is the word to contemplate this week. Ask your Higher Self for its meaning and importance in YOUR life. Focus on it for the week.


Pamela: Light, it is so difficult convincing people to send Light only - without words or thoughts of peace, good will, universal love and so on. Would the reason be that if one is trying to enlighten and lift the vibrations of one who doesn’t want peace or love then sending these thoughts with the Light would cause that one to block the Light?

LIGHT: That is true with individuals, but it is not the major reason. The major reason is how can beings who come to the Earth to learn through dysfunction know what is best for the Earth? Are your egos so great you simply cannot resist telling that which creates the balance, that which is the balance, what YOU think should be done to restore the balance?

Are you so content with and certain of the choices you make daily for yourselves that you feel justified in choosing what is right for others?

The Earth experience is one of diversity of will. Always there will be those who disagree with your choices. Always you will disagree with the choices of others. Some are on the Earth to experience love and peace and harmony. Some are on the Earth to experience hatred and war and disharmony. As long as the balance is kept, Nature cooperates with all.

Those who seek to remove from the Earth the limitations, the hardships, the challenges, the diversity of opinion, yea, even warfare, fail to understand the greatness of the human experience.

Choose for you what you will. Seek guidance if you choose. It is there for you. You can create what you will.  Respect the will of others. The Earth supports many worlds. As long as all respect the need for balance with Nature, it will continue to do so.




When you Lighten Up, remember the steps: First Step: Surround yourself with Gold Light. Then Open to The Light. Bring that Light in through your crown chakra. Image yourself holding the earth - so green and blue and beautiful - between your loving, caring hands. Beam The Light from your third eye to the Earth. See picture accompanying chapter 8 of Odyssey of the Soul to get a visual of this if you can’t get one yourself. Step 2: As you Light Yourself, focus this week on your skeletal system. Think of The Light having within it the perfect vibration/pattern/design for every bone in your body. Think or say aloud as you have Light with you that your skull is perfectly formed, your jaw bones are perfectly formed, the bony sockets for your teeth are perfectly formed, anchoring your teeth perfectly. Think or say every joint and bone in your body is formed perfectly and functioning perfectly. As you Light your goals, you might do a different goal each time you Light Up throughout the day. This is a good incentive for Lighting Up several times (besides the incentive of saving the Earth). Think of or say aloud or image yourself as having already achieved that goal. Feel the joy at that achievement. Step 3: As you Light others, mentally surround them with Gold Light then mentally see or think of The Light entering in their crown chakras. You might consider paying particular attention to sending Light to world leaders and to the governments both formal and informal of all countries. Clear your thoughts as you do so praise or condemnation. Clear your thoughts of all thoughts as you do so. Our leaders need enlightenment. Let Light enlighten. Be a pure channel of Light.

The message on the heart stone pulled this week is:


Previous Lighten-Up Emails:


Surround The Earth With Light
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October 27th , 2001



Let us welcome new Lights: Celine of Turkey; Marie Coe; and Angelscribe.


Leaving Room For Message In Last Part.


Leaving Room For Message In Last Part.


Leaving Room For Message in Last Part.


We have picked a heart stone for this week’s message. Clear your mind and ask your Higher Self which of the following messages is written on the heart stone placed on the grinding rock on the fireplace hearth of Pamela Chilton and Dr. Hugh: Humor, willingness, joy, light, peace, balance, faith, healing, honesty, abundance, freedom, tenderness, strength, wisdom, love, play, rest, courage, power, change, trust.

The answer is at the end of this email. It is the word to contemplate this week. Ask your Higher Self for its meaning and importance in YOUR life. Focus on it for the week.


A Lighten-Up Light wrote us this week, expressing his feelings in that place we all sometimes get: Discouraged.

Pamela’s response to him can be of such benefit to so many, we are presenting it to you as well:

Higher Spirit has commented: "Your greatest ally or your greatest foe is your subconscious minds."

Pamela: Which means, it is imperative to clear the subconscious of the thoughts/beliefs imprinted as subconscious programs that block one's way

Write down every negative belief/thought about yourself and all areas of your life have ever thought or said or can imagine has been said to you or around you. Leave a blank line after every thing on your list for writing the opposite positive thought/belief later.

(Note to Lighten-Up Group: We have attached an attachment that does this for you. If you cannot or do not wish to open the attachment, wait a week and Christy will have this posted in the Treasure Chest on our website under "Erase & Replace Negative Subconscious Thoughts & Beliefs.")

Buy a tape recorder that you can make tape recordings of about 20 - 30
minutes. Buy at least one and probably more blank tapes of at least 20 and
no more than 30 minutes of playing time on each side.

Take five negative thoughts/beliefs you have on your paper. Under these
five write the one or five opposite positive thought/beliefs you would like

to have as a subconscious program.

Now make a tape. You can put on soothing sounds in the back ground if you like - ocean waves, river, waterfall, rain - or nothing. It is better not to play music with words or music to which you know the words as this is
distracting. Or you can use nothing in the background and play other background music while playing your tape.

Speak to yourself on the tape: You can use "you" or "I". For the suggested script below utilizing the BLACKBOARD OF THE MIND, "I" is used.

Record these things (or similar) onto the tape:

"I am going to take a journey now to the programming center of my mind. There will be a blackboard there on which I communicate with the subconscious programmer of my automatic programs.

Good, I relax now in my comfortable chair. I slow down my breathing,
breathing in and out slowly and steadily. My chest rises and falls as I breathe and feels very pleasant. My body relaxes as I breathe in and out.

I can begin to imagine now that I am in a very beautiful place in nature. I
am walking on a path that is so peaceful and so pleasant. I can smell the
sweetness of the air. I feel a cool pleasant breeze on my skin. The sun is
warm and the breeze is cool. It is a very pleasant feeling.

I am walking down a winding path. It winds slowly and gently down and down. When I turn the last bend, the schoolhouse will be there. 5 - almost there. 4 - I feel so pleasant, so relaxed now. 3 - I can be as relaxed as I want to be. 2 - almost to the schoolhouse. 1- I am there. I put my hand on the door and open it. I walk inside.

Ah, look. I am not alone. There are other ages of me here. Each sitting
at a desk, with a blackboard slate in front of him. Good. We will do this
together. I walk to the blackboard at the front of the room. I see what is written on this blackboard of my mind. These things might be true for some people and perhaps I thought they were true for me, but I know they are not true for me now. Not for any age me.

As I pick up the eraser, the other ages of me pick up their erasers too, for
these words are written also on their blackboard slates. We erase the words, moving the eraser side ways, erasing the words side to side, watching the eraser move side to side with our eyes. As we erase these words we are telling the subconscious programmer - erase these from the mind now. Remove them, delete them, erase them. Wipe them away.

I put down the eraser and look down. There is a pail of water near my feet.
Each of the other ages have a pail of water by their feet too. We reach
into the pails of water and take out a sponge. We squeeze it and then use
the sponge to wipe the blackboards clean of all eraser dust, all chalk dust,
all remnants of those words. They are gone, gone, gone.

We put down the sponges now and look at our blackboards. A white Light
comes in through the top of our heads and comes out our third eyes to the
blackboards. This Light is creator energy. What we write on the black boards now has great energy and is imprinted into the mind by the programmer.

I write on the black board of my mind (read the one or five positive
thoughts/beliefs you want to imprint now). The other ages write these on
their slates too. The programmer sees what we are writing and this goes
into our automatic programming. We all nod. And these thoughts become our beliefs. They go to the programmer and they are part of our automatic programming now.

We all go outside to celebrate. I look at the other ages of me. I am very
proud of them. They each had difficulties and each did the best they knew
to do. I say to them now: "Each age of me is very important to me. Without every one of you, I would not be. I have learned from each of you. We have all made mistakes and the mistakes are important too, for we often learn best through the mistakes. They helped us to discover new things.

I want you all to know, I have built a new home. It is a very private,
secret home, a home of spirit. It is protected by the nature and the wild
animals that surround it. No one goes there except me and you. This is the
home where I want all the ages of me to live, from the baby in the womb, to the age I was last year.

You each have your own room. You can have your own room or your own house anywhere on the property. You can fix this how you like, wear what you like and eat what you like. You can do what you like. You can be alone when you want and have another age to play with or talk to when you want.

You take care of one another. You can come and go from this home as you
want, but no one can come back with you. This is a safe home for all my
ages. No one but us can be here. There is a golden light all around the
property that keeps all others away.

Each of you can leave where you are living now. To the young ages of me I say: "Your parents have done the best they knew to do. Now they must work on their own lessons and challenges in life. They must work on them. It is time for you to be with me, with the grown up adult you. Come live with me now. You can visit your parents, your family, your friends when you want, but live now with me, for you are more important to me than you are to any one else and you are loved by me and wanted by me.

I shall meet with you once a month. I will sit down and ask if anyone needs
to talk to me. I will listen to what you want to tell me. Now go to your new home. The animals are waiting to show you around. They
are your friends. They protect and guide you in the wilderness and they
protect your home from intruders.

I now am ready to return to full conscious awareness. As I count from 1 -
5, I feel energy coming into my brain and body. Good, alert, vital energy.

1 - The hypnosis is done. 2 - I feel energy coming through. 3 - energy fills my body. 4 - more and more energy. 5 - eyes clearing now. Rub the palms of your hands together,generating the natural healing energy
that is in everyone's hands. Place your palms over your eyes. Absorb that
wonderful healing energy. Think to yourself, "My eyes are clear and bright now. I see clearly. I see near clearly. I see far clearly. I see everything and every one clearly. I see spirit clearly when I chose to do so. My right eye is open now. My left eye is open now. My third eye is open now. I am awakened.

Turn off the tape. Either now or when you have the time, sit down and play the tape. Either on the recorder or with a walkman. Let yourself be hypnotized by your tape. This is SO easy. Can you close your eyes and listen to positive suggestions without thinking to yourself "this isn't working" or "that won't work for me, I've tried it before"? If you can, then THAT IS ALL YOU NEED FOR THE HYPNOSIS TO WORK!!! In fact, the harder you try to be hypnotized and the harder you TRY during hypnosis to listen and believe, the more resistance you will create. Don't try. Don't resist. Relax. Listen to the sound of your breathing, or the hum of the tape or the rise and fall of your words. DON'T criticize your voice. This will interfere. If you MUST criticize, listen to the tape first and make notes of what you want to improve for the next tape. You will be making many tapes.

Ever let your mind drift to the drone of a steady noise? Even the drone of
a voice talking? THAT is hypnosis. Or ever drift off while doing a steady
repetitive activity? THAT is hypnosis. Runners who hit the "zone" are in hypnosis. Yogi's who lie down on nails are in hypnosis. Daydreaming on hard chairs while you listen to a boring lecture is hypnosis. Just tell yourself, as the tape begins, you will listen to everything on the tape and do what it says. You don't have to see what you are doing in the hypnosis. Your subconscious is seeing it.

Play your tape when you are not sleepy. You may think you have fallen
asleep, but if you come up at the count of five, you were not asleep. If you do keep falling asleep, don’t lie down when you play the tape. Sit up or recline, making certain your head is comfortably supported.

AFTER you have listened to the tape, go to your list. Cross out the
negative thoughts/beliefs you just erased. Say aloud: "Not true for me."
Circle the positive ones below them. Say aloud: "This is true for me."

Make a new tape following this format for every five negative
beliefs/thoughts on your list. Can you do more than five? Yes, if they are
closely related. I suggest you don't do more than ten. Make your way through your list until you have erased EVERY negative thought/belief you can think of. You will probably think of more during this process.

You can tape over the tape you've already done or use new tape if you want to keep the old to replay when you think you might need too. Use your intuition with this.

Once a month or once a week or once a day - depending on your choice - DO sit down and say to yourself: "Is there an inner age me who needs my
attention?" Then either let your mind drift and pay attention to your thoughts or pick up a piece of paper and a pen and write what comes into your mind. Don't censor yourself. If you write or think, "This is a load of crap." Write or think, "Now, what part of me thinks this?" You'll get an answer. Then think or write, "Why do I think this?" Get a dialogue with you going. It can be highly instructive.

Spirit never dies. Though spirit is always evolving every stage of that
evolution remains ever present in the inner levels of the mind. The "you"
of the past remains. Their peace of mind - or otherwise - affects you.
VERY HELPFUL during this process to think of the things in your past that greatly disturbed you. Write about them or speak about them into your
recorder. If you still feel emotion over them, let this emotion speak. The
so called negative emotions are telling you something about that event is
not yet processed. Go over the event in your mind. Imagine doing/saying
what you WISH you could have said or done. Use your mental powers with this. You CAN make yourself magical with the powers of your spirit. THEN, after you have done this, ask: How might I have handled this in a way to the higher good of all involved." Imagine a spiritual master (your Higher Self) shows you or tells you this in your mind. NOW you have gained from that experience.

There is one more thing to do. This one for other lifetimes of your spirit.
Sit down. Close your eyes. Say, "There are parts of my spirit that have
experienced death. Let this message go to each of them. You are important
to people you have not even met. You will be told who in the Light. The
Light waits for you. In the Light you will be shown your life and your
questions about it will be answered. You will be shown a new life you can
have if you want it. If you do not, you will be given many choices. You
can finish what you feel is not finished. You can finish the dreams you did
not fulfill. If you are not yet done with the life you have left, there
are spirits in the light who will help you with this too. Go into the
Light. You will find what you are seeking there."

Then, EVERY DAY, surround yourself with Gold Light and say aloud, "Higher Self, protect me from energies and entities not to my higher good. Help me to remove from my experience, those I have myself created or invited in myself." Then send LIGHT to the Earth.

Go into the silence daily. Not expecting communication. Simply listening
to the breathing of your body and remaining open to the presence of your


Dr. Hugh & Pamela

The message on the heart stone pulled this week is:


Lighten-Up Steps: 1) Surround yourself with Gold Light. Bring Light through your crown chakra to the third eye and beam this Light to the Earth you hold between your loving, caring hands. 2) Light You - your brain and your body and your goals. 3) Light Others. Surround with a gold Light then a white Light entering in. Imagine Earth surrounded with gold light, with a white line shinning all around it from its center.

How about special attention on your "inner ages" this week? One inner age for each Lighten-Up Process. Maybe beginning with the "Embryo me in the womb." Then the "new born", then the infant, then the one year old and on up. Don’t skip any age. As you send Light to that age tell him or her how special he/she is and why you think so.

Previous Lighten-Up Newletters:




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