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Newsletters For November 2008

November 26, 2008 November 27, 2008 November 29, 2008 December 5, 2008

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11/23/08  Greetings!

We are preparing a series of forums in which participants will be present to voice their questions, doubts, beliefs, worries and concerns to us.  We will do 'follow up' of these forums with channeled information from Higher Spirit and/or Light .  We will record these forums and make the recordings available through our website and will share highlights from them on this newsletter.  Your written (via email) comments, questions, and concerns are welcome prior to and following each forum.  We will be sending a newsletter prior to each forum with some of the information already given on the subject by Higher Spirit and/or Light so both you and the participants have a better idea of what to comment on and/or ask

In preparation for these forums, we will share with you in the next newsletters more of what Higher Spirit and Light say they are.  You can find our professional credentials on our website, posted below.  In this newsletter we share why we believe we are are truly channeling Higher Spirit and Light. 

 1.  We work professionally (Dr. Hugh five decades and Pamela almost 2 decades) with and we are certified teachers of altered states of consciousness.  We know how ‘tricky’ altered states are:  People channel fantasies, false memories, false beliefs, false guides and spirits of conceit as well as spirits of deceit in altered states.  People channel true knowledge, true memories, true guides and spirits of truth and higher knowledge in altered states.  We know desiring, willing and praying to channel the latter and not the former are not enough.  This is why we find NMR so very valuable.

 2.  NMR (Neuro-Muscular Response) is a definitive protocol of highly refined applied kinesiology that can – when properly done – be used to find, validate or invalidate information found in altered states of consciousness, including (not limited to) dreams, visions, hypnosis and channeling.  We use NMR prior to every channeling session to be certain we, and the room we are in, are free of spirit presences other than ourselves and whatever spirits we will be channeling.  Following the channeling of our own Higher Selves or Higher Spirit or Light, we use NMR to ascertain there was no spirit interference (including our  in what was channeled.   Those who want to know more about NMR can read more on our website.  Just type NMR into the search engine on the website. 

  3. Miracles, Signs and Omens – To quote Light:  “Pamela next asked for a miracle for proof that I AM LIGHT.  Her request amused me for miracles prove only that the beholder lacks awareness and understanding of natural laws applied by those who may be of only slightly higher knowing.  Nevertheless, I provided one.  A small one, it is true, but size is immaterial to those seeking to behold a miracle.  Seeing a hummingbird’s spirit return to its lifeless body and in a flash of golden light lift to life again was miracle enough for Pamela and for Hugh to continue communicating with LIGHT.” 

 We have several miracles, signs, and omens from Higher Spirit and Light, beginning with being guided to the ‘pink house’.  You can read this story and how we first ‘met’ Higher Spirit and Light through Dr. Hugh’s channeling here:  https://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/b1/ch3_p1.html Scroll down the page to the paragraph that begins:  “Channeling, like religion, suffers from the company it sometimes keep.”    Some people want to hear about more of the miralces, signs and omens we've received; others do not.  Accordingly, we will send a series of mid-week Lighten Up E-Mails out with Lighten Up Miracles, Signs, Omens in the subject line so those who are interested can read them.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh


11/26/08 - ALARMS & BELLS

After Higher Spirit guided us to the Pink House( https://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/b1/ch3_p1.html which was itself a miracle and which we are no longer in, we began communicating more with ‘Master of Light’ through Dr. Hugh’s unconscious trance state channeling.   I, Pamela, came up with the name “Master of Light’ because I erroneously thought (more about that later) we were communicating with a spirit of light that could masterfully manipulate lights – and sound, as evidenced by the following:     

 Dr. Hugh and I were giving a series of seminars in The Embassy Suites Hotel at that time and I asked ‘Master of Light’ to make its presence known to the participants during the meditation at the end of the evening.  While some people reported seeing a bright light when they closed their eyes, I was disappointed there had not been more of a ‘manifestation’.  So the next night, as people closed their eyes for the meditation, I asked ‘Master of Light’ for a sign no one could ignore.  At that instant, the fire alarm went off.  As we all filed out of the conference room, someone from the hotel arrived to announce it was a false alarm.  ‘We have no idea why it went off,” he said, “All the alarms are intact, none of the levers are pulled, it just went off.”  What follows is the conversation I had with ‘Master of Light’ about that the next day.

Pamela:  “Did you set of the fire alarm?”

Light:  “Well, sound IS an aspect of light and who can ignore a fire alarm?  Or an alarm bell?”

Pamela:  “Ah yes, especially an invisible bell that clangs alarmingly in the air three feet above you.”   

Light:   “Would you call that experience a miracle too?”

Pamela:  “I most certainly would.   You wrote that a miracle is a word for power that is not yet understood.”

Light:  “I wrote magic is a word for power that is not fully understood, but the definition suits miracles as well.”

Pamela:  “Miracle or magical, it was certainly inexplicable.”

Light:  “Not at all.  You made a commitment to rise with Hugh at 6 A.M. to watch the sunrise.  I simply thought to remind you both of your promise to share my sunrise with me.”

Pamela:  “I did awake just before 6:00, but the bed felt so comfortable, I was thinking of staying in bed and going back to sleep.”   

Light:  “That was Hugh’s thinking as well, which is why I sounded the alarm above your heads.  It was amusing to observe the alacrity with which you both sprang to your feet.  It was even more amusing to watch you, Pamela, dig an electric alarm clock out of the hall closet at the other end of the house so you could check out its alarm.   Did you really think an unplugged electric clock could have been the source of a sound over your heads that was so loud it startled you to your feet?”

Pamela:  “It seemed more plausible than an invisible bell rung by light."

I was still thinking of ‘Master of Light’ as a spirit of light.  It would be some time before we realized/accepted what 'Master of Light' and "Master of Spirit' truly are.  Before sharing this information we do have a few more (among many) Signs, Omens and Miracles from Light and Higher Spirit to share with you.   

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh


11/27/08  The Hummingbird Miracle

Excerpt from Light’s Book, Book II of Odyssey of the Soul:

“Are you a spirit of light?”  Pamela asked me.

“I Am The Light,” I answered her.

She pondered this for several minutes before asking, “Are you God?”

 “I Am God’s Light,” I responded.

“Before you existed did God exist?”  She asked.

“Yes,” I answered. 

“What existed before God?” 

I asked her to wait while I asked God that question.  I then reported to her God’s answer, which was:  Nothing.”

Pamela laughed when I added:  “That could be taken in two ways.”

She laughed because that was precisely her thoughts and it reassured her that I could know her thoughts.  Her thinking was I must be what I claimed to be if I could know her thoughts. 

Her thoughts amused me.  Knowing what another is thinking is poor proof that people, spirits, beings or things are what they claim to be.

Pamela next asked for a miracle for proof that I Am Light

End of Excerpt

That very afternoon, I stepped outside and saw a hummingbird floating face down in the pool, its head completely submerged in the water.  When Hugh fished it out with the pool net, I touched its tiny waterlogged body.  It was definitely lifeless.

Hugh said maybe its heart had only just stopped and could be restarted with a little energy boost.  He held his hands over the body for several minutes.  Then, when the heart didn’t start up again, he suggested placing the body in the rays of the setting sun to bless its spirit on its way back to light.

So I put the pool net with the lifeless body of the humming bird in it on a branch of our mesquite tree. 

We sat on the bench by the tree for at least 15-20 minutes, watching the sky as the sun set behind the crest of the hill to the west of us.  Suddenly, there was a flash of gold as the hummingbird rose straight up, flapped its wings and flew away.  It’s the only time I’ve ever seen Hugh speechless.  I remember wondering at how drab and brown the hummingbird’s golden feathers had looked when they were all wet.

I spoke to Light the next day as Dr. Hugh was in his unconscious channeling trance state to thank Light for the miracle and added that I’d never seen a golden hummingbird before.

Light:  “Nor will you again.  The golden flash was the bird’s spirit returning to its body.”

 Pamela:  “Yet, my doubting mind whispers the bird’s heart must have started again spontaneously and what we saw were the golden rays of the sun hitting the bird just right as it rose from the net and took flight.  This despite the fact the sun had already sunk behind the hill and its rays could not have possibly shone on the bird at that angle. ”

Light:  “Yes, such is the power of the doubting self to bemuse, accuse and confuse.”

 Next:  Signs In The Sky

11/29/08  Signs In The Sky

I awoke suddenly in the night and sat up.  I didn’t scream, which is unlike me when I see or feel an unexpected and unannounced presence.   I looked at Hugh.  He was sleeping peacefully, which is unlike him when I bolt awake in the night.  As I turned back to check the room again, I saw it.  Writing was appearing in the air, just in front of and above me.  I watched as golden letters slowly wrote ~ You Are Chosen.   

I no longer recall how long the words hung in the air, but even before they disappeared I closed my eyes to meditate.   

The next morning, I said nothing to Hugh.  Later in the day I went out to walk in the desert next to our house. The desert was tiny and the bluff above it small, but I loved walking there.  Morris, our cat, would walk Hugh and I in the desert there every morning; we think he thought of it as his daily duty.  Once, as I was walking up the bluff, I turned around and there was Morris, following me.  In line behind him was Rachael, our lady roadrunner who’d chosen Hugh as her provider, and in line behind her was her mate Rodney, whose broken leg Hugh had fixed by cupping his hands around the leg and mentally pouring spiritual light into it.  Rodney was not nearly as trusting as Rachael (who’d called Hugh’s attention to Rodney’s plight) and he was left with a limp after failing to linger in Hugh’s grasp long enough for a complete healing.  We must have been a comic sight walking up that small trail – woman in front, cat in line behind, and roadrunners in a straight line behind the cat.  

Some time before, I’d met a young woman at a luncheon who’d read an article about Hugh and me in a magazine.  The magazine had mentioned our ‘pink house’ on Venus Drive.  The woman asked me exactly where our house was and when I described its location below the bluff, she exclaimed, “That’s the house!”  She said she’d been pulled to the bluff one afternoon after praying for days to Sai Baba for spiritual guidance.  When she reached the top of the bluff, she sat down and prayed again.  She said a vision of Sai Baba suddenly appeared over our house.  “I knew what it meant,” she said, “It was Sai Baba telling me to come to him in his spiritual home of India.  I don’t know how I’ll manage that, but I will.  I need his help and guidance.” 

 I thought of that as I walked along the desert contemplating the words I’d seen in my own vision the night before.  “Please God,” I prayed as I turned back towards the house, “show me a sign the words were real, that they weren’t a projection of my own mind.” 

 In that moment the outside light at the side of the house lit up with an unnatural brilliance, particularly for the light of day, and then turned off again.  “Oh no,” I thought, ‘a power surge.”  I was worried about the week’s writing on the computer, which I’d foolishly not backed up.  I hurried home and burst in the house, startling Hugh.  I asked him what caused the power surge as I frantically checked the computer.  Hugh was perplexed.  We had not, to his knowledge, he assured me had a power surge, nor would a power surge account for the back light going on and off.  The computer was fine.  I asked Hugh to channel Light for me and after that, I added, I had a few things to share with him. 

 When Light began speaking through Hugh, I asked about the vision the young woman had had of Sai Baba, a question I’d not thought to ask before.  “A message,” Light answered, “for her, for you and for this one I am speaking through.   She was led to your house in answer to her prayers.  The guise of Sai Baba was used to point out to her the spiritual guidance she sought and healing work she needed could be found in that house.  Her beliefs that the spiritual lights of the world are beings of fame and great notice clouded her ability to perceive that message and so she waits still for that which is readily available to her.  You were guided to her to hear of her experience as a message to you there are many who will not recognize the guidance and knowledge you and this one I speak through are bringing into the world because you each lack personal fame."   

I am ashamed to admit I interrupted Light to protest, “Yes!  Why is that!?  It would be so much easier with fame and riches enough to spread the word.  Why not give those to us or pick someone who has them to write your book?"    

 “There are reasons for everything,” Light answered, “Many are chosen for many tasks and all who are chosen have prepared themselves for what they are called to do.  Your soul has spent many ages preparing to be my scribe.  You are chosen.”   

“Oh Light,” I exclaimed, “that was you!”

 “Yes, I wrote the golden letters in the night as you like to think of them.  Does it reassure you to hear me say it?”

 “Oh yes, I wish I had more faith!  To hear you say it through Hugh who does not yet know what happened is very validating.”

 “Oh, he knows, but the knowing is in a inner level of awareness.  He knows, as well, about the cross you saw in the sky as you were walking in the desert.” 

I was stunned.  I, myself, had forgotten about the cross!  How could I forget?  It was the day I was questioning whether my regression to watching Jesus die on the cross was real and whether Judith, the half sister of Jesus, had really died of a lightning strike in the Roman Coliseum.  Just as I’d asked that of myself I saw in my path a stick that looked like a person being struck in the head by lightning.  I’d been so excited by the symbolism I’d rushed home to show Hugh and had forgotten all about the cross in the sky. 

“I have shown you other signs, as well,” Light continued.  “When your attention is drawn to something, as it was to the crescent moon the other night, there is a reason and a message in it.  Pause and ask why your attention has been called.  You will receive when you ask.  This is a truth for all.”       

“The crescent moon was to remind me of Hagar and Sarah and Abraham wasn’t it?”

 “You are being reminded of the lives your soul has lived in its journey of sharing the travails of Man.  Remove your fears and your doubts for the time of revealing will come and you will need to be prepared for it.”

 “Will we have the fame or the monies we need for publishing and promoting your book?"

 “The closer my book comes to completion, the more fiercely the forces that would stop it will seek to do so.  Address your weaknesses, each of you, and shore your strengths for you will have need of strength.  Trust what is needed will be provided and trust what is provided is what is needed.  Let worldly concerns concern the worldly.  Your purpose must be singular and your actions steadfast.  You are each guided.  Trust in what you receive.”

 Next:  Omens    

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh Harmon

Click on Link Below To Take A Light Moment (4 1/2 minutes) 
To Light Self, Earth and Loved Ones

12/05/08   Omens - occurrence or phenomenon believed to portend a future event.

 There have been so many over the past decade we have chosen to refer you to Chapter 8 of Book I, ’Odyssey of The Soul, Apocatastasis’, - the chapter written by Light in 1997.  (Link for free reading provided below.)  Note how much of what was foretold by Light has and is unfolding.   Of added interest, perhaps, is this end chapter of Book I was the beginning of Pamela learning to ‘scribe’ (written channeling) Light.  Interesting to note that Pamela ‘got’ the mental imagery (picture at beginning of chapter) of sending light in Light’s Plan ‘spot on’, but bogged down a bit in the wording of it.  Makes it even more interesting when one reads Book II (yes, arriving in Feb/March of 2009, for sure) to note the progression of the scribing.  

Chapter 8, Book I, Odyssey of the Soul  https://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/b1/ch8_p1.html

You may also find of interest Messages From Spirit Most channeled through Dr. Hugh in an unconscious Altered state.  https://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/spirit.html

 Next:   Higher Spirit and Light



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