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Newsletters For November 2004

November 13th, 2004 November 26th, 2004    

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November 13th, 2004 Greetings

I (Pamela) apologize this weekly e-mail is sometimes not so weekly. I have many demands on my time which steal just not from you and my personal life but worst of all, from Book II. How can a book be more important than family, friends, and loved ones? When that book is from God’s Light, it is. No matter how deeply one cares for other beings and things Light’s Messages take precedence over all. To my regret, I have not made this so. My doubts have stolen time and energy from the writing. I do not doubt Light. My doubts are the fear of not getting Light’s thoughts right as I write them. I read and re-read what is written and sit to write it again when "the spirit moves me". But is it my spirit or Light that moves me? I check and recheck with NMR and with Light through Hugh’s channeling, always asking: "Am I getting it right?" Ever the answer is the same: "When you do not, I correct you." When I protest, "But how do I know if a rewrite is you correcting or me messing up?" Light responds: "I will tell you." Arrrggggg. Trust is a difficult challenge even in the best of minds, it is truly difficult when one is in one’s doubting mind.

I have been working on that doubting mind. How? Using what we have been teaching you. When negative emotions and beliefs are ‘stuck’ in the subconscious levels of the mind, one must find the experiences that caused these to become ‘stuck’. One must then ‘defuse’ the experiences of their emotional charge so one can gain the clear thinking necessary to alter one’s perception of them at the level of consciousness (awareness and understanding) one was in when the experiences happened. This means mentally and emotionally becoming the age one was in that experience (and in the life time of that experience). One must emotionally and mentally be the 3 year old, for example, or the 12 year old, or the past life personality one was. Then one must relive the experience to release the ‘stuck’ emotions and alter the "stuck" beliefs.

We know, we know - many therapists, healers and the general public who have achieved positive results argue it is not necessary to relive or even remember the experiences that have caused ‘stuck’ emotions or beliefs, let alone be in the subconscious levels of the age and personality one was when they happened. There are many ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ methods and techniques that achieve positive results without doing this. We use them too. Our experience (Dr. Hugh’s 45 years of clinical practice and research and my 15 years) demonstrates to us the positive results last when the negative emotions and beliefs are part of the present conscious self. When they are attached to who one was in the past (childhood, past life) the positive results do not last. One has to change both the present mind set and the mind sets of the past to achieve permanent positive results. Do we like this? No. Like everyone else we would prefer healing, therapy, and transformational change to be fast, easy and lasting. Yet, we observe what we observe.

My doubting mind (and its attendant emotions and beliefs) was created in past experiences. Trauma at my conception, in the womb and at my birth in this life time. Sexual abuse in my early childhood. Torture, near starvation, suffering and death in a concentration camp as a German-Jew near the end of World War II. Extreme hardship as a peasant woman in middle Europe in the middle ages. Assassination as a Pharaoh of ancient Egypt by a trusted Priest. Betrayal as Hagar, the concubine of Abraham. Humiliation and death in the Roman Coliseum as Judith, the sister of Jesus. I had to do the work to heal these experiences that kept my subconscious levels ‘stuck’ in doubt and fear. I used all the "old" and "new" techniques that kept me going to do this work, but this work I had to do.

The good news: I’m done. Done enough Light’s Book is moving along rapidly now and entering the home stretch. Personally? I’ve freed myself to not only know what makes me happy but to feel worthy of and to accept happiness and joy. The last e-mail we said we would give suggestions for achieving happiness. Here they are:

Observe your habits and behavior. If you aren’t acting happy or joyful, you aren’t. (If you don’t feel happy this is a clue, too, but many unhappy people just are not in touch with their emotions - I wasn’t.) If you are depressed you are living more in the past, the future or fantasies of the present, which means you are not happy with where you are physically. If you are not happy you must find the subconscious emotions and beliefs that stop you from making the changes in your life that will make you happy. Read in the Treasure Chest on our website about using a pendulum to find these. Also read the new paper on NMR in the Treasure Chest. (Information on spirit attachments are in each of these papers as well.) Above all, read Light’s Messages in Book II. We will be posting a new section (a long one) on the website this week. At home or with professionals try out the "old" or "new" techniques that appeal to you. If they work, great. If you get stuck again, try them again. If they don’t work or don’t last, re-read this email and do your subconscious work with a therapist who uses regression therapy with hypnosis or EMDR. If you have been raped, molested, neglected, abused or betrayed - go right to regression therapy with hypnosis or EMDR.

[Note to those of you who work with spirituality - God, goddesses, angels, light, sound, healing touch, spiritual healers, prayer, higher levels of consciousness: This will lift you mentally and spiritually to do the emotional work you need to do. But you will need to do the emotional work eventually, in this life or another. Just in case you were wondering.]

With Light, Pamela & Dr. Hugh

Now, Have A Light Moment To Light The Earth, Yourself and Loved Ones.



November 26th, 2004

Aloha Lama Ka Ko (Greetings, Love and Light To All)

Almost daily people who have read our book or website contact us to ask if visions or channeled (whether spoken, thought, or written) messages coming to them or through others are "true". How to know is an important part of Light’s Message in Book II. In the meanwhile, the following may be helpful:

Your soul has a unique frequency composed of many vibrations. The highest frequency, or vibration, of your soul is your Higher Self. This part of your soul is always with you. It surrounds you with its energy and its consciousness. It knows all your soul has learned from the beginning to now. It is not confused by your emotions or your programming. It knows why you are here and where you are heading. It knows what blocks you on your path and what you need to do to clear those blocks. It knows the truth for you at your present level of awareness and understanding. It will not answer you if you do not ask. To ask your Higher Self, you must ask yourself the question and you must ask sincerely, seeking truth, not seeking support for what you already believe or want to believe. If you ask and your Higher Self does not have the answer, it will ask higher levels of consciousness - for your Higher Self is the connection between your soul and higher levels of consciousness.

Not all Higher Selves are the same. Souls are on paths of progression. Your Higher Self will receive what it can understand of ‘truth’ at its level of progression and give to you what you can understand of that ‘truth’ at your level of progression. Do not judge the ‘truth’ of others. Ask yourself what of their understanding is ‘truth’ for you at this time in your progression.

All spirit messages come via thought, even if it is delivered through the spoken or written word. All thought has within it the vibrations of its source. There are many vibrational frequencies you cannot know because you are physically embodied. Your Higher Self, however, does know these vibrations or can ask higher levels of spirit about them. This is why you need your Higher Self.

Listen to your intuitive thoughts and feelings. If something or someone does not feel right or sit right with you, set it aside without judgment knowing your Higher Self is informing you this is not right for you, at least not at the present time.

Ask yourself for further illumination. One person wrote us she saw Jesus while meditating. She had felt so filled with love, when she saw the vision she thought it had to have been Jesus, but she did ask of herself, "Was that really Jesus and if so what does it mean that Jesus came to me?" Later in the week she was half listening to a radio show when she heard, with great clarity, the speaker say: "Many people feel unloved." At that moment she had, she said, a rush of knowing: she knew the message of seeing Jesus was she was feeling unloved and needed to bring more love into her life. She also somehow felt it had been herself bringing her that message by presenting to herself the image of the being - Jesus - known for his messages of love. Two days later she found our website and read about the Higher Self and suddenly felt, very strongly, that it had been her Higher Self that had projected the image of Jesus to portray its message to her. "I now realize," she wrote, "that is how I recognize my Higher Self. I have a ‘sense of knowing’ and a ‘feeling something is true’. I also realize I often have that same sense and feeling while meditating. This must be how I am coming to know my Higher Self vibration - through my meditations! That it was my Higher Self talking to me, not Jesus, does not make the vision or message any less meaningful to me. It makes me feel my own Higher Self is a kind of Jesus too."

What a beautiful and extraordinary enlightenment that young woman has reached. We are humbled by her truth. Isn’t it enthralling to know each of us our own individual access to greater enlightenment??? Yes!!!! Why not greet this part each day? Why not start the day with: "Good Morning Higher Self." (Or Intuitive Self, or Spiritual Self, or Enlightened Self, or Psychic Self - call it anything you want, but call it daily.) Why not ask daily: "Enlighten me today. Guide me. Teach me. Show me the way. Help me to know your voice among the many." Why not ask, if you want a universal mission and have the courage: "Use me for the greater good."

Next week more about meditation to know the Higher Self and how you can ask your Higher Self for a signal to alert you to the conceit and deceit of yourself and others.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Lighten-Up! Light the Earth First, then You and Loved Ones.  (And why not light those you dislike too.  They can use greater enlightenment, don't you think?)

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