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June 5th, 2004 June 28th, 2004    

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June 5th, 2004

Greetings Light Channels!

(If you cannot read this message reply with Plain Text in the Subject Line.)

Light Writes: "You are spirits from realms other than the human. You are in human bodies experiencing human consciousness. Your quest is to move human consciousness forward from within; that is to say from your presence within the human.

You each have access to higher spiritual guidance to help you in your quest. You can ignore this guidance if you like. The consequence of such ignor-ance you already know: You become stuck in the human levels of thinking and feeling. Or, as Hugh is fond of saying, you become "stuck in your stuckness".

The quest is incredibly difficult because you are beings of higher consciousness and you are mightily tempted to use that higher consciousness to "rescue" humans by freeing them from Nature’s Laws.

You do not like being subject to Nature’s Laws. You would, if you could, wrest Earth from Nature. You are already deep in the process of what you would do if you truly ruled the Earth.

You would create artificial environments that mimic nature without the "messiness" of nature. You would procreate through artificial means. You would design the genetic traits of your children. You would be in charge of the delivery dates of birth and the means of delivery. You would create artificial wombs for gestation. You would speed up the development of your children to make adults of them quickly. You would eliminate old age and death. You would conquer and eliminate all the natural processes of being human. Only to find you have created an ‘alien’ planet and lost the Earth, a loss you will mourn in the depths of your souls.

Not that Nature’s Earth will be lost. Those who deny and defy the Laws of Nature will lose Nature’s Earth, not the alien planet they have created out of the Earth. There are many dimensions in the fabric of time and space. Whole planets and entire galaxies disappear from time to time as they slip into different dimensions. All meet within the fabric of time what they have created in the fabric of time.

Your quest - which you have already accepted or you would not be here - is to help humans become their potential while remaining human and while living within the Laws of Nature.

How do you do that? This is why I am writing this book. To enlighten you. To remind you of who you are, what you are, and why you are here. To remind you of the future that is the goal you seek and to warn you of the future you are in danger of meeting if you do not heed your higher guidance, which includes Nature’s guidance.

Live within the balance of Nature. You are to gently and firmly teach, reassure, comfort, and enlighten the human without getting in Nature’s way. That is your quest and your mission. To do this you must let go of your fear of being human. You must understand what it is to be human. You must remember what Nature truly is. I write to remind you."

With LIGHT, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now, have a Light Moment. Simply say or think: "I Light The Earth." Yes, it is that simple and takes that long. The healing forces that know what to do with your light will take over from there. If you prefer mental imagery, imagine you are holding the Earth in your hands as a white light shines in through the top of your head and out your third eye to light the earth. This adds to the healing energy in your hands each time you do it. If you want to add to this moment of light, light yourself. Your body and brain will appreciate this greatly. Be as detailed and directive as you like. You have free will regarding your own life. Think of your goals, too, and imagine as much as possible the joy you will feel when you reach your goal. Finish by lighting your loved ones as they, too, will appreciate this. Don’t tell the light what to do for them. Just send the light. You might also, if you desire, mentally think of yourself as always surrounded with a gold light that shields you from what is not to your highest good and magnetically draws to you what is to your greatest good. Want to know more? Click on Wave of Light website below.

Have A Light Moment & Send Light
Click on Wave of Light This Website

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June 28th, 2004
(If you cannot read this email, return with Plain Text in the subject line)  By the way, Next week we will return to the Odyssey of the Soul Address.
Today's email is in honor of Mattie J.T. Stephanek, a light soul confined in a body requiring a wheelchair and breathing apparatus all of his life.  Breathing was difficult, speaking was difficult, just staying alive was difficult.  He'd already lost three brothers to the same disease.  His mother has it too.
Yet Mattie is a soul whose mission clearly was to uplift others, to encourage others, to remind others of the beauty of life and to remind all of the truth of spirit through his extraordinary insight. 
Mattie died last week at age 13.  In those short number of years Mattie reached millions through three books - all of which became best sellers.  (You will find them at any bookstore, including of course internet bookstores.) 
One of his biggest fans is Marilyn Parsons, a light soul herself who has been a great supporter of Light's Book.  (Check the cover design, courtesy of Marilyn)
Marilyn writes about the night she watched Mattie on the Larry King Show: 

Last night I saw Mattie J. T. Stepanek in his wheelchair on Larry King Live.  What a delight and how inspiring to hear profound words coming out of a child.  I believe his words are profound and he is a delight for the pure simple fact that he has accepted his death.  His brother died before him of the same disease.  His mother who clearly loves and is unquestionably honest with him stands by him and encourages him through Life even though death is right around the corner.  No one hides or even tries to hide the truth from him.  He cannot physically get up and run from it and in his mind he does not even try.  He just simply accepts who he is, therefore his wisdom is off the charts.  He did not hear it from others, he does not quote it from scripture, he did not read it in a book, in fact, he takes it one step further and writes his own books because he knows deep down inside the truth is already inside of him.  His words last night where just amazing.  He was on a panel with three famous "adults" who were Sylvia Browne, Max Lucado, (a famous minister and author) and a famous Catholic Priest who I do not recognize by name.  These three adults where discussing angels for the evening with Larry, along with Mattie.  The adults think they have their theories and the ministers quoted from the Bible, but it was the simple words coming from the mouth of an 11 year old (not sure about his age) that just blew everyone away.
Larry King asked the panel if they thought there are dark angels out there.  The three adults gave their opinions which proved nothing and quoted their scriptures and out of the mouth of a babe so to speak came this remarkable but simple story:

With a smile as wide as a the ocean, Mattie says "Larry, it is really quite simple,  I sit here in this wheelchair and I face God."  His arms are outstretched and reaching forward.  "And I am always reaching for God.  Then there is me, and I am a Spirit.  I am the Spirit that God made.  Now in between me, my spirit, and God, is the in-between which is full of angels, or messengers as I also like to call them.  Now these messengers are forever giving me messages and indicating the good in life.  I know they are, he says, because  I can feel it in my heart.  And even when I cannot see them they make me feel good, they inspire me, they help me in my life and even in death I know they will be there.  Now if I try and turn around in this wheelchair I am no longer facing God." Mattie physically tried as best he could in his lack of movement to turn around so we can all see what it is he is trying to convey.  "Of course," he says, with his cute little face and dimples, "Of coarse there is darkness behind me and whether you believe in dark angels or dark entities, Larry, how could you not know that behind you it is dark, and you no longer face God.  It is so simple Larry!!!!!!!!! "

Now I ask anyone out there, how much more simply put could the story be told and yet the profundity of it just blows my mind.  I stand up for Mattie and if only everyone where willing to listen, to really listen to the stories of the children, for they truly are the LIGHT!
And truly we are, all children of the Light.
Now, have a Light Moment.
Light The Earth.  Then You.  Then Loved Ones.
And This Week, How About Sending Light -Specially to Mattie.  His Angels Must Be Singing With Joy As They Welcome Him Home.
If You Meditate, Bet You Can Hear Them.
With Light,
Pamela and Dr. Harmon
Have A Light Moment & Send Light
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