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July 10, 2004  July 12th, 2004

July 16th, 2004

July 31st, 2004

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July 10, 2004    - 


Yes, we have been less than diligent with the "weekly" e-mail.  Time, ah time.  The next section of Book II is projected to be finished for posting next week end, as well as an updated prologue.  We will let you know.  If you heard us on the radio in Pennsylvania today, give us feedback!
We have changed the outline of the Light The Earth procedure slightly and it is now on the Website.  Just click on the Wave of Light.  We never could make up our minds whether to call it the Light Prayer.  Light Meditation.  Light Process.  Light Plan.....or what.  Ran the suggestions, including A Light Moment by Light which liked A Light Moment has it has so many multiple meanings, plus a moment can be brief or be long.  So A Light Moment it is.  Below is an email sent to us that we thought would be most beneficial to our animal friends as well as to the well being of humans, so we have forwarded it in its entirety.   
I just found your web site.  I really love the messages there.  I am a very spiritual person and am grappling with some big issues dealing with the global over population of domestic animals and what it really takes to care for them properly. 
A few years ago, I focused my life work on the health of animals and am now attempting to change the collective consciousness through my business and hobbies of manufacturing the best pet food I can and dedicating my time to writing and lecturing on pet nutrition and health. 
However, in order to provide the masses of domestic animals with species appropriate diets we must support the factory farming of ruminant animals, poultry, etc.  I am working toward purchasing only from farms that raise meat naturally but it is very costly yet my point has always been to support our carnivorous companions because they are serving us so diligently.  It is so hard to put one species above another, yet we do it in epic proportions.  I myself have become vegetarian because I need to at least sacrifice my own indulgence of meat for the needs of my dogs.  I only wish more people would recognize the need to balance the earth to help speed things up.
Anyway, I will continue to read more from your site.  There is far too much info on your site for me to even scratch the surface with my limited time.  I just wanted you to know about my efforts and support you in yours.
Stacy Conroy
Owner, Companion Natural Pet Food, LLC
Chair, Residents for Off-leash Milwaukee Parks, Inc.
Columnist and Author of "Pet Tales" for the Riverwest Currents
Join us at the "K9 Natural Diets" e-mail discussion group:
With Light
Pamela and Dr. Hugh
Now, Have A Light Moment
Light The Earth.  Click On The
Wave of Light on This Website



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July 12th, 2004



Energy work is great. Those who work with releasing negative energies resulting from traumatic events and upsetting experiences are doing people a great service. Those who claim energy release is all that is needed for healing or for positive transformation are missing an essential point. Those who claim it is not even necessary to know what happened are not just missing the point, they are shockingly ignorant of it.

That point is consciousness. We live to gain awareness and understanding through the choices we make. If this were not so, we would be like the rest of the animal kingdom - living, feeding, reproducing, and dying as Nature dictates. If this were not so, our souls would be little more than highly sophisticated computerized robots serving our creator.

We have free will. What is free will without choice? Every experience that happens to us, every experience we observe offers us a choice. Our choices determine what will become of us. It is the destiny of every soul to reach spiritual mastery. The free choice is in what one will choose along the way.

What does one gain from an experience if one does not understand the experience? How does one discover the consequences of choices one made if one does not know the choices one made? How does one understand the experience or discover the choices one made if one is not aware of the experience?

A baby cries because the mother does not come to feed it. The baby feels fear. The baby thinks there is no one there to help it. The fear becomes trapped in the energy field, the thought stuck in the psyche. The baby becomes fretful and its cries more demanding. An emotionally distant mother distances herself even more. The baby becomes a fearful, distrusting and insecure child, the child becomes an adult who marries. Fear, distrust and insecurity end the marriage and the adult is wracked with pain.

A healer helps the adult trace the beginning of this pain to the trauma of the baby whose mother did not come to feed it. The experience is re-framed so that the mother comes and feeds the child. The fear is released, the thought is changed to there is someone there to help. And all is well.

It is well the fear had been released. Damaging energies negatively affect the body, the brain, the behavior. Releasing them begins or accelerates healing. It is well the adult realizes the connection between the past and the present. It is well the adult embraces an empowering thought that all is well.

What has the soul learned? Were fear and distrust the only negative choices made? Where negative choices the babyís only choice? If a soul has free will, do babies too? If babies donít have free will, then do they not have souls? If babies have souls why would a soul choose abusive parents? Why be born into lives of poverty? Starvation? Pain? If the soul comes to learn, what is there to learn from "bad experiences"? Are trauma states an aberration of will? A void without choice?

How does one find these answers if one does not examine the choices made? How does one examine the choices made if one does not examine the experiences in which one made them? How does a soul alter its thinking and its fate by re-framing what happened into wishful thinking? Wishful thinking is a powerful tool for creating positive thoughts. What of the negative thoughts that resist wishful thinking and will over time restore the negative energies? What of the soul that insists on knowing "why"? What of the babe or the child that are told they are well because the adult says so by creating false memories? This is "the-rapist", not the therapist.

Releasing destructive energies is good. Releasing trauma and shock is good. Framing positive thought is good. Minimizing negative experiences denies the soul the realization of the spirituality of every experience. This is a sin. Or as it would be put in ancient Aramaic: It misses the mark.

With Light,

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now, Have A Light Moment, Begin By Lighting The Earth.



July 16th, 2004 Greetings

Messages From Spirit

Some time ago we had several unusual things happen: The smoke alarm in the hall - which had not yet been plugged in and activated - went off "by it self" then stopped. The doorbell than rang with a sound we had never heard the doorbell make before, nor was anyone there. As Pamela was working with a client the light in the office turned on and off twice. Dr. Hugh heard and felt an earthquake he described as of moderate intensity. No one else experienced this and no earthquake was recorded in this area. Often we will hear a series of knocks on the wall and know we are being "summoned" to communicate with spirit - usually Light or Higher Spirit though there are sometimes other spirits that communicate. When we sat down in our chairs for Dr. Hugh to move into a trance state through which spirit communicates verbally he mentioned he was very cold. This is not usual when he is channeling Higher Spirit or Light. The spirit or spirits that communicated were unknown to us and did not identify itself beyond the words "Spirit". As this message is in line with the messages Higher Self and Light are bringing we share that communication here with you:

Pamela: Who wishes to speak?

Spirit: Spirit speaks. What would you want to know?

P: Are you responsible for the unusual sounds around us this morning?

Spirit: Spirit wants you to move faster and more directly to direct people in the proper saving of self and in saving of self will possibly change the pattern of the earth. Change that which will bring destruction to all the civilizations of the earth today. Spirit knows the program is not easily promoted, but the essence of the message must be given to ALL people, for they must ultimately make the decision, whether they wish to maintain earth as it is, in moving its quality, or whether they are willing to be eliminated from the surface as earth regenerates its state of balance. Once again, people must be given the option. You may tell them that they have two options: to act now, to bring balance to their life and ultimately the earth, or they will be swept aside by the earth's desire to cleanse itself, and bring balance to its own energy. Many, many years will be lost. Much time in the measurement of humans, but it will ultimately be righted in the course of events of the Universe and even outer.

P: Spirit, today, you gave us several physical demonstrations. Such demonstrations are highly credible for human beings. Is there a way that we can harness such demonstrations to demonstrate as we speak that people might better listen?

Spirit: The question was, is and will be, all demonstrations come in spontaneous form. For you to plan would only detract from the power of the demonstration, thus making it a false and deceptive method of demonstrating for many people, much as staged hypnosis makes hypnosis seem false and deceptive. Forms of demonstration come with ALL the different energies, earth energy, air energy, that form of moving energy called electricity, sound energy. You were given four demonstrations this morning. The essence of all demonstrations is to convince the people of the power that they possess, not what select ones or groups possess. Show the people they have the power to change and they will change if they choose. Having been shown no power except from an outside origin, they will not change, but will wait for the magic to come to them. Ultimately, the magic will destroy them if that's what they choose to do.

P: I thank you for these messages and for the demonstrations.

Spirit: Your work is not even begun to the power and magnitude you will excel, accelerate to in a very short time. Moneys will be coming to you from unexpected sources. Please, be open to them and watchful for they will come fast, from an unexpected source or many unexpected sources. Be open and receptive. You must do your part. You have more questions?

P:  No

Spirit:   Then I will be watching and with you.

With Light,

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now, Light The Earth, Yourself, & Loved Ones

Have A Light Moment & Send Light
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July 31st, 2004


Happy Birthday (July 25th) To Dr. Hugh

As his gift to you here is his favorite quote:

"The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds can change the outer aspects of their lives." William James

Note the words "inner attitudes". It has been Dr. Hughís life long work to help people recognize the influence of the subconscious on their bodies, their brains, their behaviors, their emotions, and their lives. This is a difficult challenge. Most people, including many psychologists, confuse the subconscious with what Freud called the "unconscious" mind. Freud was brilliant, but he had difficulty seeing beyond the brain. If you would understand the subconscious you must think of the brain as the medium through which the mind works, not as synonymous with the mind.

Perhaps it would be clearer if we called the subconscious a personality rather than a mind. Moreover it is an "inner" and usually "hidden" personality that often thinks and feels differently than you do. It has different desires than you do. You want to adventure, for example, but it wants safety, security and comfort. You like men, for another example, but it hates men. You like women, but it hates women. You think your family or spouse loves you and it thinks your family or spouse hates it. You think you are smart enough and good enough and it thinks it is stupid and bad. You think money is great and you want more of it. It thinks money is bad and evil and it does its utmost to get rid of it. You want to fulfill your lifeís purpose and it just wants to stay in the house and eat, sleep or watch T.V. You want to stop over-eating, drinking, taking drugs, consuming sugar by the pound but itís addicted to one or more of the above and fights you for control of the body. Or itís phobic, or compulsive, or anxious, or furious, or sad, or guilty, or shameful, or traumatized or feels unloved and unwanted because of things that have happened to it. You, on the other hand, donít care what has happened to it. You just want to get on with "your" life. Never mind that it is part of you and it is clearly unhappy. What do you care what this personality inside of you thinks, feels, remembers? You think the body is yours and yours alone. You think because you are on the outside and "it" is stuck on the inside, you are in control.

Would it be clearer if we said your inner personality has more of a direct effect on brain chemistry and body urges than you do? That its thoughts, beliefs, and emotions drive the "unconscious" behaviors, mannerisms, and attitudes that others react to - so that even if you think you always say what you mean others think otherwise because of your posture, your facial expressions, the look in your eyes and the sound of your voice?

Unless you and your inner personality are in synch with one another, either it runs your life, making you feel out of control, or you wrestle with it constantly, making you feel like you will explode if you let go of one ounce of control.

What to do? Drug it? Why not? Why let it live if it gets in the way. Never mind that it is the part of you that makes you feel alive too. Analyze it? How do you feel when you tell a loved one you are hurting and your loved one tells you all the reasons why. Doesnít really feel better does it? Talk therapy? Ever had to sit and listen over and over to the same story? Especially one that makes you feel uncomfortable? Doesnít take long to tune it out and run away from it, does it?

What about light therapy, sound therapy, touch therapy, magnetic or electro-magnetic therapy, aroma therapy, homeopathic therapy, energy release therapies, exercise, yoga, meditation? All are good. All make the body feel good which makes you and the inner personality feel good too. If the good feeling lasts, great. If the good feeling lasts but your life is not what you want it to be or the good feeling leaves, better check on the beliefs as well as the emotions of the inner personality. Why? Because it is the beliefs and the emotions of the inner personality that have the greater influence on your brain and body and on you while you are in the body.

Although, you mustnít forget you also affect your inner personality. If you treat your body carelessly or ignore its needs, the inner personality believes you donít care about it. Why? Because it thinks it is the body. It isnít but it thinks it is and the way you treat your body is what it thinks you think of it. Chain your body to a desk, let others treat it poorly, addict it to what isnít good for it, refuse to let it out in the sunlight, donít take it for walks, donít let it get enough sleep, never touch or stroke it, feed it junk, overload it with stress and see just how willing your inner personality is to believe you love it.

How can you know the thoughts, beliefs, attitude, emotions of your inner personality? You have to ask it because, frankly, you donít know. Next week we will post on our website: Pendulum Power for Self-NMR. Whether you have or have not used a pendulum before you need to read this. Weíre willing to bet you have never really realized how best to use a pendulum or quite what you are accessing when you use it. Or how to use it to uncover the inner you or what to do next when you do. If you do not have internet access send an email and we will send this to you as an attachment. Put Send Pendulum in the subject line. And remember: "The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds can change the outer aspects of their lives."

With Light for Your Enlightenment,

Pamela and Dr. Hugh



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