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Newsletters For July 2003

July 11.2003      

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July 11.2003 GREETINGS!

Happy Birthday Today To Our Daughter Bambi

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Previous lessons in posted e-zines on our website. From Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary/June G. Bletzer, Ph.D., 1986. Lesson 39: Words-With-Power. Principle: certain words are able to change and influence the inner and outer reality of those saying them and those hearing them; the influence lies in the sound of the words themselves; this sound is formed with intent and [when used with] the same intent will have the same effect on the body and outward affairs; words that carry an accelerated degree of emotion will step up the mind’s vibratory rate and the energy emanated from it, whether said verbally or silently; each word has its own distinct vibratory rate and function; (Seth) "there is an inner-sound with suggestion, even when quietly thought about - sounds of thoughts in one’s head have a greater power than exterior ones and act upon the body by affecting the atoms and molecules that compose the cells, bones flesh, etc."; 2. Law; words must be used to name things; to name something is to structure consciousness; naming and wording awakens new perspectives; 3. Words are used to co-create; words cannot be spoken without thought behind them and the thought is the co-creator of manifestation; each word carries an emotional vibratory rate with it, and when spoken, read or placed on paper gives a degree of a co-creative effect from the emotional vibratory rate; 4. Expressing it in a way that the whole brain can know it and yet language expresses in a way that the whole brain cannot express; 5. To plan words for psychic feats will enhance the activity, manipulate the skill, or will use the energy in the words themselves, to bring about the desired psychism; words or thoughts spoken, read, or silently gathered in the mind with clear realization, with intense centralized concentration, and with emotion, have a materializing value and are used in healing, materialization, physical and mental psychism; 6. Loud or silent repetition of inspiring words has been found effective in hypnosis, affirmations, systems of psychotherapy, religious rites, ceremonial magic and in the destructive brain-washing cults.

Examples: Abracadabra 1. (Hebrew ‘ab’ = ‘father’; ‘ben’=’son’; rmach Acadsch, "the holy spirit"), written in the form of a triangle referring to the trinity 2. (Arabaic, "speak the blessing") used as an amulet when written in the form of a triangle, and worn around the neck; protects the wearer and brings good experiences; 3. (Aramaic) used for the disappearance of sickness from the world: because of its magical vibrational frequency, it is used to ward off afflictions; powerful when written or verbalized; 4. Later used as a tool for many kinds of psychic feats; has the same power written backward. Sim: Ablanathtanalba.

Adonai: (Hebrew, ‘the Lord,’ God of Israel) because the Jewish people had deep awe for this name and understood the power of spoken words, they avoided pronouncing this name which led to the name of Jehovah to replace it; both names have extreme power when written or spoken.

Amen: 1. (ancient Eygypt) representative of the Main Soul; expression of the hidden invisible God; Lord of Space and Breath; used sacredly; depicted by a disc or by fire as "the giver of light"; 2. (Sanskrit) all the world, taken from the change "aum" or "amin"; (Christianity) used after a prayer, creed, or formal statement as a commitment of consent; synonymous with "so be it"; that which which was said beforehand was the Truth; 4. (Hebrew) this I have faith in; 5. (metaphysics of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Jews, Christians) synonymous with The Word or God; and enforces the power of the Word when spoken after statements.


Apocatastasis: Origin - Atlantis. Apo meaning opposing. Cata meaning the catastrophic effect of negative acts. Status meaning a static or stabilizing state. Put together the word meant to "Change the bad, keeping the good in place". Brought by from Atlantis to the North Coast of Africa and to Adriatic Coast lines of Spain. Some of the lost lands of Atlantis are off the coast of Spain. Atlanteans moved across the channel, through the twin gates to Egypt, and this word - apocatastasis - came with them. Has remained unchanged from Atlantis, Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome to today.

Words have power relative to the vibrations the thought and energy they hold. Sound is a vibration of thought. Abracadabra does not have power in your language. It does not, in your language, have the thought and energy vibrations put into it by the group energy of those who created it.

Next Week: Update on status of Book II, Odyssey of the Soul, Light: The Act of Creation

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Beam The Light and Lighten-Up!

"Act as channels of Light. Several times daily, take a moment to focus on your spiritual light. Imagine this light being funneled through the crown of your head to the center of the brain area - the pineal - and as you imagine the earth in your tender, caring hands, you will send this wonderful power of light all around this globe, so beautiful, so wonderful, so perfect. As your light flows around the globe, imagine the power of your light beaming like a laser from your third eye through the crust, the mantle, the magma, the core of the Earth and out the other side. As this light flows out faster than what you call the speed of light, it moves out into space and further and further it flows from Earth as more and more power of light flows through Earth.

Imagine all, starting with yourself, benefit from this. As you visualize each specific person you care to send light to, always start with self. As it flows through you, let it flow throughout ever cell, every organ, every function of your body. Let it be the beacon for the balance between love and fear that keeps you in perfect balance here. Let it flow to those who you would share this joy in balancing their lives. But not to tell or direct them what to do with their lives, but merely to take this energy for their greatest good and greatest creation, the balance and the completion of their venture in this particular incarnation.

And when you are finished, as you enjoy the light, you might, if you desire words,

think this one simple little mantra: ‘Joy! Joy! Joy! I celebrate the balance that Light brings to all that is created with Light.’ "

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