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Newsletters For January 2005

January 3, 2005 January 9, 2005 January 15, 2005 January 28, 2005

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January 3rd, 2005

We simply couldn’t wait a week to send this one as it may be of help to many of you. From our E-mail: "I just can’t stop crying as I think about the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people drowning or their poor bodies being battered to death. There is nothing anyone can say to bring me solace, is there anything you can say?" Tamil G., Sweden

Here is something much better, Tamil, from an article in the L.A. Times. It was written by Terence Chea. It is an interview with a young woman named Laura Wales, a student at Stanford University (in California, USA). Laura was on the Thai Island of Koh Phi Phi when the tsunami hit.. Here, in her own words, are Laura’s thoughts and feelings as she was swept away by the waves and submerged under a ceiling of debris. "At first, I just figured it was a dream, but then it didn’t go away. I was getting more and more crushed and running out of air. I didn’t figure there was any way I was going to make it." Then, just when she gave up hope: "My pain vanished and my vision went light. All I could see was light." That’s when the debris above her - mostly wood and building material she believes - moved aside, allowing her to escape.

I (Pamela) used to body surf a great deal in Hawaii where the ocean is clear and the sky is bright. I have been trapped under waves. I can tell you no matter how clear the ocean or how bright the day, you cannot see light from underneath a wave that has kicked up sand. Imagine how much darker it would be with sand, dirt, wood, oil and other debris in it. Witnesses describe the water of the tsunami as "black as oil". So what light did Laura see Tamil? Why did she not feel pain? We believe she was experiencing the start of her death at that moment.  So what about those who did die? Did their pain vanish? Did their vision "go light". We think so. Then what?

I know you read English. Here are three books that can be found at powells.com, amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com. Life after Life by Raymond Moody is a book about the survival of bodily death. Dr. Moody is a medical doctor who interviewed hundreds of people who survived bodily death as verified by medical science. His colleague Melvin Morse, M.D. wrote Closer To The Light. Dr. Morse interviewed hundreds of children who died, as verified by medical science, and wrote about their experiences of death. These books and the next one are of great solace for anyone facing death and everyone who worries about the death experience. The third book is called Return From Tomorrow. It is out of print, but you can find it at these online bookstores. Written by an army doctor it is a first person account of dying. (He was declared dead by the army and left on a gurney in the morgue for several hours before he "returned to his body". His account is very Christian. He sees Jesus. It is important to realize a person who is still in the earth planes (which includes the astral earth planes) will - upon seeing a spiritual light - "project" an image in that light of the spiritual being most meaningful to that person - in this man’s case Jesus. A Buddhist would have seen Buddha, a Hindu any number of spiritual beings, a Muslim would see Mohammed, and so on.

Let us remember as we send light to the Earth that ALL people benefit from this as this "extra" light adds to their creator energy (light) helping them to create and experience what their soul came to do.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Spreading The Word Through Light


January 9th, 2005

Several people have written they talk about lighting the earth "only to those who are open to it". Many add they feel they cannot approach those who are "religiously oriented".

Our response: You can speak about lighting the earth to anyone. It is not necessary to mention our book or Light's Plan or our website or any website or lightworkers or anything else that is out of the mainstream. In every movement there are the initiates - those on the inside who are taught the knowledge behind what they do - and the followers, those who do without caring or needing to know why.

To every person you know or suspect is religiously oriented, say something like: "I know you have a close relationship with God. (Or Jesus, or Buddha, or Krishna, or Allah or Mohammed, etc.). Could you make it a part of your daily prayers to ask God (or whomever) to Light the Earth? I'm alarmed at all the natural disasters, the changing weather and the glaciers melting. There are so many different opinions as to what is happening. Surely God knows what the Earth needs. If I knew the faithful who pray daily are asking for God’s Light to light the earth, I’d feel much better."

We know of no religious or spiritual person who would be not be flattered by this request. Those sincere in their devotions would honor it and would probably suggest it to others of their faith.

If someone is neither religiously or spiritually oriented, you might mention you’ve been reading light is the universal energy. "If this is so", you might muse, that would mean the earth was created from light, no matter how it was created. Surely," you might muse on, "restoring more light to this planet would be helpful in these dark days of planetary unrest. So I’ve been doing that daily, just thinking of the planet bathed in light. Somehow, I feel better." If a person is interested and wants to continue discussing this, then you can add what you do personally with the light for yourself and loved ones (and others if you really realize how beneficial it is to send light to foes as well as to friends and allies).

As to channeling the light through the third eye, you don’t need to mention this to those you feel would find this strange. This is part of the "insider" information for the initiates. Light writes when a person asks for a higher power (by whatever name) to bless or heal or help or light someone or something what happens is the light from that higher power flows to the Higher Self of that person. The Higher Self (Spiritual Level) of that person channels, or funnels if you prefer, the light in through the top of the head (crown chakra) of that person to the third eye through which the light is transmitted to the being(s) and/or thing(s) the person is thinking of or praying for.

This is what happens naturally, even if you don’t think about it and even if you don’t ask for it. It is what happens when you say, "I Light The Earth". The "I" is inclusive of your Spiritual Self which then transmits light in the manner described above. When people use other chakras (heart, hands, etc.) they are transmitting physical and astral energy, which is also light, but at a different frequency. At this frequency, the light is what we might call "earth level" light. It is a combination of physical and astral energy. Very beneficial to physical beings and things if they person sending it has healthy energy. However, few people are willing to receive "earth level" light from unknown sources, for example. Most people will block earth level energy (whether light or thoughts, another form of light) they recognize subconsciously as coming from an enemy or from someone they resent or are angry at. Those who refuse healing or love, whether consciously or subconsciously, will also block earth level light (whether energy or thoughts). The same is true of those who don’t like anyone interfering in their lives.

No Higher Self will block light coming from the higher spiritual levels. The Higher Selves know spiritual level light to be their life force. The Higher Self of each person determines what to do with this light when it receives it - whether to channel it to the physical/emotional levels of the Lower Self or to keep it as spiritual energy to be used for the highest good.

This is not to say "hands on healers" and those who like to send light from the heart chakra are wrong. There are many situations in which these methods are appropriate and effective. They are not as effective for healing the earth, however. Nature needs the higher light that can be converted by Nature and "light workers" in the astral levels to what is needed by the earth at that moment. At the earth level of light, like attracts like. The light sent has a frequency level that is much more limited in its use than higher light. However, even when higher light is sent with "conditions imposed" (your prayer or thought is to light the oceans, for example, or the forests, or for peace) the "light workers" must use that higher light as you designated it be used - which may well be what is not most needed at that moment. What good is peace or more light for the forests at the very moment light is needed to balance the earth’s plates?

Have faith. Simply think, see, feel or say: "Light the Earth", knowing the higher light you are channeling is being used exactly as it is most needed as you send it.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Take a Moment to Light The Earth Now.

Spreading Light's Word

January 15th, 2005

Still More Mail: "I am interested in a Spirit Session, but $200 seems way out of line. Can you lower this amount? Something happened in my childhood that is keeping me from having a good life. I want to find out what happened and have Spirit fix it. Also, is there anything in my past life that you can fix to make me less depressed and angry all the time. I haven’t much money, so what will you charge me? Spiritual work really shouldn’t cost anything." Praying you will help me, T.K.
Dear T.K. "To quote from an answer we gave to someone else - ‘What happened in your childhood was your childhood."
Think of all we are taught in childhood: We are taught what to believe about family; strangers; relationships; love; marriage; sex; money; God; who and what we should love or fear and hate; how we should handle hate, anger, grief, fear, joy; what we should and shouldn’t eat and drink; what we should and shouldn’t do and that we should be punished when we do what we shouldn’t; how we should act in public and in private; what and who we are and what and who we aren’t; whether we are good looking, average looking, or not good looking; whether we are smart, dumb, or average; whether we are worthy or unworthy; , what we should and shouldn’t be when we grow up.
In short, what you chose to accept of what you were taught in the first 7 or so years of your life are your core beliefs. No matter what you think or say you believe now, it is the core belief you have of any matter that manifests on the material, physical planes.
The conscious thinking can change instantly. Not so with core beliefs. These beliefs are closely guarded by the subconscious mind which is the level of the mind in charge of carrying out the will. Thus, your free will is only as free as your core beliefs.
To change a core belief you must first KNOW the core belief. Think of your childhood. What do you know and what can you imagine you were taught from the cradle to first grade? There are your core beliefs. Changing these beliefs takes time and effort. Nor can you do them all together. You must do them one at a time because you will need all your wits about you to convince the subconscious to change even one core belief. You must also have the attention of the subconscious mind. You cannot be distracted by any other thought than the thoughts you are presenting to your subconscious. Meaning you must be in a very focused state of inward concentration. This is a hypnotic state.
 You must have your arguments ready. Then -
Lean back, close your eyes. To get the attention of your subconscious, focus on your body for a moment. Listen to and feel your breathing. Notice the blood flow in your feet, your legs, your arms, your hands. When you focus on your body, without distraction, the subconscious pays attention because it controls the body and is very concerned with anything that affects the body, including your thoughts.
Begin speaking - aloud or silently - what you’ve chosen to say in relation to a core belief. Begin with something like: "When I was a child I believed ___________ because this is what my (mom, or dad, or sibling, or parents, or father or whomever) taught me to believe." Or "When I was a child I thought _______ was true because that was what I saw with my own eyes." Then proceed with something like: "I’ve learned mom (or whomever) was wrong about this." "Or "I know now this is not true because I have…….."
(Have what? Seen differently, experienced it differently, discovered mom and dad or whomever sometimes made mistakes, especially when they just repeated what they were taught without thinking about whether it was right or wrong for them, or for you?) Make your reasons for changing this belief convincing to yourself. Other examples: (I was a child then, I went along with what my parents thought was right for me. I am an adult now, I know better what is right for me because……………. (Because why? You listen to your inner truth? You’ve seen better beliefs that work better for what you want? How do they work better?)
As you can see, it pays to have your thoughts and your defense for changing the core belief worked out BEFORE you present these to the subconscious mind. Think of it as presenting a really articulate convincing summation to a jury so it comes back with the verdict you want, which is: "Yes, your core belief has now been changed."
How do you know when a belief has been changed? If you are visual (and many people aren’t), you will receive a symbolic vision. Example: You see money being laundered or shinning sparkly and clean in the sun after telling your subconscious money is not dirty - something most of us are taught as children the moment we put money in our mouths - so you don’t have to get rid of it right away as long as you don’t put it in your mouth.
If you are not visual, checking with a pendulum will bring you this answer, if you use the pendulum correctly. Meaning you keep your mind blank when you make the statement you are testing. (See How To Use A Pendulum, in the Treasure Chest on our website.)
The signs the subconscious has NOT accepted the change are easier to read: You feel grumpy, anxious, upset, angry, depressed afterwards. This is a sign some part of you is not happy about the change you want. This part of you does not believe you. It believes what it was taught. This is an emotional part of you that has had an experience or experiences that are so convincing of the ‘old’ core belief that this part of you thinks you are full of __________. This part of you has to be talked with, not at.
This talking with is regression therapy. Psychoanalysis helps you to understand how what happened in the past affects you today, but it does not help you to change core beliefs unless the psychoanalyst does regression therapy. Behavioral therapy helps you to discipline your actions, but it does not help you to change core beliefs unless the therapist does regression therapy. Name any therapy that is helpful in some area or many and it will not change core beliefs without regression therapy. Your subconscious must be convinced of the need to change and if any part of you that resists the change, this part must be communicated with and helped to find a way to accept the change.
Sounds like a lot of hard work, even without regression therapy, right? It is. Taking time for oneself is often the most difficult thing a person can do. But…..no one and no spirit can change your core beliefs for you. You must do it yourself, even when someone is helping you.
A Spirit Session will not help you. The above will, oh, and the spiritual work of altering consciousness is never free…..it takes blood, guts and determination.
With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh
Have A Light Moment and Light The Earth
Spreading The Word of Light

January 28th, 2005

Email: "After reading the email you and Nicole exchanged, I too, realize I am not doing all I can do to spread the word of LIGHTING THE EARTH. I was thinking who would be some of the most influential people who might read the book and spread the word of Light to their many friends. Oprah came to mind. Now, I don't expect to see it on TV as part of her book club (but who knows) but I thought she would be a very influential in sharing it with her friends since she seems to bring a spiritual theme to her show at times. …. It crossed my mind to buy a book a month and give it to friends. Also, would you want to view any more websites for the purpose of requesting a link be added to their website for Odyssey of the Soul website?" With Love, Light and Endless Blessings, Ann Wilkinson
"The meaning of life is to give life meaning"

"We received your first $20 today Ann. Thank You! What a Great idea! The book is ‘in the mail’. When Book II comes out, we think the more people that mention the book - or better yet send it - to Oprah, the better the chances of her reading it. By the way, Book II will be coming out in hardback! As Light says: A serious book requires a serious presentation."

We do welcome Link Submissions. We are very thankful to Webmaster Christy who checks these out for us. It would be of great help to Christy to first check out the link submissions you send us to determine that the site is in alignment with what we teach: responsible, realistic enlightenment.

A "word" about "alien sites". To our awareness, there are ‘good’ alien and ‘bad’ alien sites. Discernment is required. If the ‘alien channeling’ being presented on a site speaks of "rescuing humans" or "helping humans’ (versus offering guidance to help humans help themselves) or getting physically involved in human affairs - please don’t send a link with them to us. This is what we would define as "bad" alien site, meaning we would suspect this alien connection of subversive designs on enslaving humans.

Email: "I wanted to address how T.K. is a good representation of our society. (T.K. said healers should offer their services free of charge.) I am a healer and I have a minimum I must meet to live. I understand when we have people who are in strict need of help and have no money. But, nothing should be given without something in return, a symbolic penny, an incense stick, even a hug. Giving nothing in return is what devaluates anything. We are slowly marching into that type of society which really pleases corporations and politics. Lesser choice and fixed prices. I am happy to be part of the holistic community and I do not charge an
arm and a leg but my time is precious also. I also spent money learning, even
though I couldn't afford it at times, I am happy I did it. What I got in return is value and more than I ever spent on it. Which brings me to the last point, if you don't put out energetically, financially or emotionally, you do not get anything in return. Such are Universal laws of cause and effect, action and reaction, and as above so below."
Love, Light and Harmony. Nick
"Well put Nick."
Pete N., of Denmark asked if we ever get hate email and asks what we do about it. Answer: One of the very best things about having a book and a website are the communications from people all over the world. It’s thrilling. Well, the hate mail, which we get also, is not thrilling but can sometimes be educational. We share what we think is inspirational or informational to many - whether this is from "fan" mail, "hate" mail or "neutral" mail.
With LIGHT, Pamela and Dr. Hugh
Now, Take a Moment To Light The Earth
Coming Next Week: New Opening Page on Website with New, Streamlined Lighten Up Outline.
Spreading The Word of Light


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