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Newsletters For February 2005

February 6, 2005 February 12, 2005    

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Feb. 6th, 2005

When spiritual guidance is offered by true spirit guides such as oneís own Higher Self, the guidance given is simple and succinct. Spirit does not elaborate. It gives only what is asked. Pete, a male in his 30ís, came to us wanting spiritual guidance in finding his life purpose. Accordingly, we accessed his Higher Self while Pete was in an altered state. wanted guidance in finding his life purpose. We asked his Higher Self: "What is the reason for being here." The answer given was "To bring the light."

This is not an uncommon answer, even among those who have not heard of the light nor the work we do with light. Variations of this answer from other Higher Selves to their Lower Selves have been: "You are light, youíve come to give light." "To spread the light." "To open others to light." "To educate others about light." "To be a light." "To follow your light."

Most who receive this answer are disappointed with it. It seems "too general", "too vague", "not personal enough", "not specific enough". So we have learned to ask next: "How is this one to do this?" Again the answers are very similar, such as:

"Put his mind at rest and listen to me." - (Peteís answer.) "Heal the babe within." "Settle the mind and follow me.." "Quiet the busy thoughts and I will lead." "Listen to the part of herself that I am." (What this client was asked how she could recognize "that part of herself", the response was: "She knows. I am the part of her that tells her what she does not want to hear."

Your mission and purpose are to enlighten your "human self", thus lifting it into greater awareness, understanding, love, and wisdom. To do this, you must receive the ongoing guidance of your Higher Self and to do this you must free your "human self" of the vibrational frequencies - the emotions, beliefs, and thinking - that hold it and thus you down in these frequencies.

One cannot put the mind at rest when emotions, beliefs, and memories of the past - whether past lives, childhood, or last week - are keeping the "human self" in turmoil. One cannot heal the babe within when conception, gestation, birth and early childhood are fraught with trauma that has not be addressed, understood and released. One cannot settle the mind when anger, fear, and a feeling of unworthiness underlie experiences of abuse, molest, neglect, betrayal, abandonment.

Spirit speaks simply. It does not belabor nor elaborate. To settle the mind is spirit speak. You are in touch with the human. You know the human obsesses over what it does not understand, uses behavior and substances to escape what it has not resolved, medicates what it wishes to heal without effort. You know what it takes to settle the mind. To think of oneís past - no matter how sordid, how traumatic, how tragic, how humbling - with pride and joy in light of how gloriously one has gained from it is what settles the mind and heals the babe within. Spirit Speaks Simply and Deeply. Listen well.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Spread your light - Light The Earth, Yourself, and Loved Ones.

Spreading The Word of Light


Feb. 12th, 2005

There are many theories about the mind, spirit, soul and body. We donít have theories. The great advantage of being a hypnotist is helping people get their conscious mind and its theories out of the way so one can ASK the mind, spirit, soul, and body about themselves. The advantage to being a well trained hypnotist is one can tell when the conscious mind is or is not interfering in the altered state and to what degree. The advantage to being a professional hypnotist for more than a decade (and in Dr. Hughís case FIVE decades) is one has listened to thousands of minds, souls, spirits, past life personalities, "inner children", Higher Selves, cells, viruses, bacteria and germs speak. Beats theories. Of course answers lead to more and more questions, but that, too, beats theories.

The greatest "drawback" for many who are interested in spirit is the lack of knowledge they have of the mind. Many people are intrigued by numbers that are meaningful to them, for example. Some like 444. For others itís 111. Or 333. Or any series of numbers. Once the subconscious mind becomes aware a set of numbers is meaningful to the conscious level of mind, the subconscious will draw the conscious attention to those numbers. "Look" says the subconscious as it draws the attention of the conscious mind to these numbers on a clock, or a license plate, or an address or wherever they appear. "Itís the numbers that you like!" Since the subconscious controls the body, it alerts the attention of the conscious easily by turning the head, focusing the eyes or even waking the conscious mind to point out it is 4:44 A.M.

This is an old hypnotistís "trick" that is still used - knowingly or unknowingly - by many organizations to convince their members they are being "called" or "guided".

On the other hand, once the subconscious and the Higher Self realize something is meaningful to the conscious mind, they can use this for communicating with the conscious level of mind. A person who believes 333 is a guiding omen, for example, contemplates taking a job when a car drives by with 333 in the license plate. This can be guidance from the subconscious and/or Higher Self both of which know the conscious level will take this as an affirmative sign.

The "trick" is knowing whether what one sees or hears of omens and signs is guidance or is the subconscious pointing out what one likes to see and hear. Thus the importance of taking a sign or omen as a signal to "quiet the conscious mind" and listen to the inner self. Thus the importance of working with oneís dreams, of meditating daily. Incidentally, a meditation of silence in which one moves into unconsciousness is not a time of "nothingness". During this period one is in the presence of and communicating with mind and spirit at levels of vibration that are too high (fast) for conscious awareness. How foolish to believe that conscious awareness is the only reality of mind and spirit or even body, as the astral double of the body easily travels into other dimensions of space and time.

Spirit communicates through light impulses of thought. The mind translates these light impulses into symbolic images, such as dream imagery. The mind then translates these images into the language it has been taught the conscious level prefers. While there are many universal symbolic images the mind uses, the mind also uses many personalized symbols. Ideally, one learns the symbolic imagery of oneís own mind. (Pendulums, which are muscle response tools, can be helpful to this. See How To Use A Pendulum WISELY on our website.) How is one to find in a dream book, for example, the meaning of seeing a vision of oneself standing in front of a full length mirror holding a large calendar so that the dates appear backwards in the mirror? One must pretty much ask the subconscious what it meant by that. (A Ďyes" response to the conscious desire to reverse the physiological aging of the body.) However, one can also train the subconscious mind to use the symbols in a dream book. Still the subconscious will toss in personalized elements..

To understand spirit, one must understand the mind. To understand time, space, fate, destiny, the psyche, psychic abilities, free will, manifestations, brain chemistry, physical dysfunction, and on and on and on one must understand the mind. While we have learned a great deal about the mind - and spirit - from minds and spirits, LIGHT is writing a great deal more and in much greater depth. It truly is a book to change human awareness and understanding. We are anxious to get it "out there". SoÖ.back to the book.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Spreading The Word of Light


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