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Newsletters For

February 2004

Feb, 29th, 2004      

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Feb, 29th, 2004
The "Day(s) of The Worm" seem to have ended.
So... we are back!
Thank you to Flemming and Nic who sent advise on protecting computers and eliminating e-mail hassle - to the degree each can be done.  We will send you their advice in a separate e-mail and label it:
Lighten-Up Your Protection.
This newsletter is a strange one - not that others have been entirely within the "norm".
I, Pamela, have no interest in aliens.  I have never wanted to go to movies about them, never wanted to read about them and never wanted to see them or any of their space crafts. 
It seems rather odd then that so many come to me as clients.  Many being a relative number.  Of course they come as humans, which is a relief.
Imagine this:  You are among the enlightened in another place, another time, another world.  You have been observing human activity for a long time - possibly since the beginning.
You see humans moving headlong into disaster.  You want to avert this.  Your hands - hmmmm, or whatever - are tied.  You cannot swoop in and save them.  You are too enlightened for this.  Nor do you think for a moment humans would react to this with, hmmmm, an enlightened attitude.    You realize the answer is to help humans enlighten - from the inside .  So you and others on your planet dedicate yourselves to this mission.  You begin to arrive on the Earth.
First you go as spirit, to sort of get the scope on things.  You go in and out of humans to get a feeling of what being human feels like and to mentally "program yourself" , if you would,  to think as humans. 
Then you incarnate as a human.  What a shock.  You must come in as a human so you must be as a human.  You forget you've come from another time, another place, another world.  You forget your mission.  You - gasp - think you are a human.  Now what?
This is the dilemma that is presented with the clients who come that find during the course of their work they are not from Earth originally.  Recently a member of the Lighten-Up group sent a symbol he drew spontaneously one day that seems to speak to him.  He wondered what it meant.  We asked his Higher Self.  It is is identity, from another time, another place, another planet.  To remind him. 
I, Pamela, thought I would dedicate this newsletter to a kind of outline of what I have noticed those who come from another time, another place, another world have in common.    
1.  They have memories of many past lives and are usually told by psychics they are "old souls" with many life times.  However, they have usually been embodied very few times, often less than five times......on the Earth.  We find many of their memories of other life times come from when they were spirits - astral beings - observing these life times.  They were spirit attachments or came in and out of the bodies of humans frequently, so they are often confused today thinking these were their own life times.
2.  Birth is frequently very traumatic.  After all, they have not had a lot of practice at it. 
3.  They feel very isolated in their childhoods - even from their own families.  (I have noticed "aliens" rarely band together - in general, they are not born into the same families, they do not attend the same schools or live or work near one another.  Or at the least, they do not recognize one another if they do.  This makes sense actually.  It would be counterproductive to their mission, don' you think?  They would be tempted, I would think, to "return to their roots" and forget about being human, or at least human enough to figure out how to help humans enlighten.
4.  They are shocked to realize how difficult it is to be human - how challenging it is to forget consciously who one is and where one comes from.
5.  They just can't quite seem to get what the human body is - and isn't.  Light is writing that beings on other planets create their forms from their own consciousness.  When the form is destroyed for one reason or another they simply create another one.  They think it is the same here.  They don't get they are in a body created by a consciousness other than their own - it is created by Nature's consciousness.  Thus the body has its own laws, which neither alien nor human beings can over-rule.  The body also has needs that "aliens", in general ignore or deny.  Some find grooming the body hard, forgetting the body is a living consciousness that needs loving, caring attention.  Many find eating a good diet difficult, again not realizing the body requires fuel - decent fuel.  They are often drawn to drugs, alcohol, smoking - it alters consciousness, allowing them to feel, momentarily, "normal" as they alter their vibrations into a higher level.   They seek healing methods that do the same - lift vibrations.  They fail to recognize the integrity of the brain, that consciousness must be altered first and then the brain and that the way to lift consciousness - the very mission they are here to teach - is to alter thinking at the conscious AND the subconscious level.   Many seek out dangerous and extreme activity - the thrill they get lifts their vibrations, again, helping them to feel more "normal" - like themselves.  They have a hard time realizing the human body cannot be replaced as quickly as their "old" forms.  That they must "wait in line" for a new body and this can take generations.  Plus, they must be born into it again.  This still boggles their minds.  (Remember, all of this is subconscious awareness.) 
6.  Some suffer from paranoia - thinking someone or something (usually the government) is bugging them or following them.  Maybe true in some cases.  In many cases, what is happening is the beings on their planet of origin are in contact with them, and they don't realize it, recognize it.   
7.  They think they can do what they did on their planets of origin.  They want to defy the laws of nature.  They want instant manifestation.  They want to levitate, they want to walk on water, they want to heal themselves and others instantly.  Can these things be done?  Yes, in the natural course of human progression and sometimes, rarely, as a demonstration of what might be possible as humans enlighten and progress.    They can never be done to over-rule Nature.  This is Nature's planet.  All humans are part of Nature's world and Nature's Laws cannot be over-rule, denied, ignored, or countered.  What is "humanly possible" must always progress within the permission of Nature.  At least while this remains Nature's planet.  This is difficult for even humans to get. 
8.  They want, of course,more straightforward contact and memory.  They want to band together, to meet others like themselves.  They want to be who they were again.  They forget the mission is to be human - the most difficult task of the mission.  They forget what will make the mission successful is to be an enlightened human
Whether it will be helpful to them to band together, to recognize one another, to have group organizations remains to be seen.  What is most important right now is to discover their own histories, their own inner knowledge and memories, their own guidance and to find these things as humans do:  To seek within.
Psychics can tell people about their past lives - here and elsewhere.  Psychics can tell people what their mission is.  Psychics can be right and psychics can be wrong. 
Higher Spirit, through the Records through Hugh, can tell people about their past lives - here and there.  BUT Higher Spirit tells very, very little.  Just enough to - hopefully - galvanize people into discovering more - themselves.
Folks - this is hypnosis.  Drugs disperse the consciousness, they do not focus it sufficiently to stay on a particular search path.  To go deep enough into hypnosis to find the "Hidden Knowledge" and to stay focused enough on a particular path one must have a guide that remains anchored to and in the physical earth realms.  This is the hypnotist. 
We realize many are afraid of hypnosis.  An article - in depth - on hypnosis in a respected science magazine came out a year or so ago.  It was full of misconceptions on hypnosis.  I asked Hugh to respond - in depth, in writing - to every point they made.  I will write this up and post it on our website or mail to those of you who want it as an attachment.  This will be helpful to you I believe.
Many do not want to pay for hypnosis.  I can't help you there.  I would ask if sodas, movies, snacks, new clothes or furnishings, vacations, and leisurely past times are as interesting, entertaining, motivating, enlightening as discovering oneself and the "hidden knowledge" one has?
How to find a hypnotist is in our book and on our website.  We have a google search on the website, use it.
And Light With Your Understanding.
Pamela and Dr. Hugh
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