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Newsletters For April 2001

Saturday, April 21, 2001         April 14, 2001

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Rainbow bar

Date: Saturday, April 21, 2001 4:05 PM

Hello Earth Angels,
First - Mahalo! - a Hawaiian THANK YOU for the boost in energy.
I noted a shift Monday morning and thought, "Thank you
Lighten Up Group, it's working."
Received this the same day:
"Dear Pamela
Yellow light in rays tipped with red have been sent to you from
England during the last ten minutes (now 6.20pm GMT).  May
all our light bless and strengthen you for the task you have to do.
Thank you for being the 'fingers' of Light and being willing to take
on that huge responsibility for all of us.
With love, peace and light.
Chrissea East."
You have no idea how your support helps us.  We also received a
wonderful uplifting card from Frank Agresti.
Let us pause and send Light to Chrissea
East, Frank Agresti, and Jane Starwalker....whom we "forgot"
to mention for "in the Light" last week.
Speaking of support, Sunday the 22nd is EARTH DAY. 
No, we did not reach the goal of a million souls.  But there is
a "hard core" of "us" sending Light to earth daily, as well as many
other circles and groups and individuals speaking Light,
thinking Light, writing Light, praying Light, and giving Light daily as well. 
Great to contemplate, but we do need MORE.
And none of us can do it alone.
We must all do all we can.  Earth needs us.
here will be so many minds focused on earth on earth day.
SEND LIGHT.   All throughout the day.  We (Hugh and Pamela)
will be pausing for five minutes every hour on the hour to send
LIght to earth.  Hugh will begin at 4 AM and take the 5AM,
6 AM times alone.  We will do the rest of the
day together and Pamela will take the 10 PM, 11 PM, Midnight times.
(Yes, an early morning lark and late night owl couple.)
Remember when you send Light to earth, your body
and your goals matter too.  So include you every time.

With Light,
Pamela & Dr. Hugh

Rainbow bar
Date: Saturday, April 14, 2001 7:03 PM

Happy Easter  :))))))))
 Let us join together in LIGHT on Easter on Easter Sunday (Sunday in the Western Hemisphere.)  Times Dr. Hugh and Pamela will be sitting to send Light around the earth are:  3 AM Pacific Standard Time.  6 AM Pacific Standard Time, 8 AM Pacific Standard Time, 12 NOON Pacific Standard Time, 3 PM Pacific Standard Time.   6 PM Pacific Standard Time.  10 PM Pacific Standard Time and 12 MIDNIGHT Pacific Standard Time.   Let us have a continual wave of Light around the earth.   
We welcome Harl Weaver and Richard Haskell - both in the state of Washington.  A coincidence Harl and Richard, that you should both on the same day be the only ones to register.....or are you friends?
Pause to send Light to Harl and Richard as "New" Lights that join us and include in your Light the "Old" Lights of Aaron Rickels and Adriana Marie Kimura (whom we and "Master of Light" have dubbed our Light of The Southern Hemisphere.)  
ONE MORE TIME:  Pause once more and send Light Janet Starwalker who emailed asking WHEN will Book II be out???????     She added "I can't tell you how much I relate to "Master Light" ... Guess I'll have to sing a song ... "You LIGHT up my Life .. you make me whole ... and it seems so right, 'cause you, you light up my life!!"  (I know .. I skipped a lot of the  tune in between .. but my heart was in it! ) Ha.  And I give a big thanks to Debbie Boone for bringing that song of "LIGHT" to the world for all to hear, enjoy and sing it back!  What a blessing!"    
Answer to Janet and all you other Star and Sun and Light Walkers:
I, Pamela, am writing this in red because I need YOU to send me physical ENERGY.   Supplying the "fingers" for "Light" to write is incredibly challenging.   The problem is I "clutch" when I start thinking, "Oh my gosh, this is the Light of the Universe, the Light of The Creator, God's Light writing here.  What if I interfere????  What if I CHANGE something important!!!!"   Or when Light writes about me or Hugh I think, "Oh no, what if this is ego here."  Then, when my ego doesn't like what is written....or is afraid of the consequences of being "outed" by Light I clutch big time.  Or when Light writes something that is about the physical world, I worry every scientist in the land will ridicule it because it contradicts scientific fact.  (Which, not being a scientist, I wouldn't know.)  This, despite the instances in the past year writing of things I, personally, know nothing about and then after it is written picking up a magazine or a newspaper and finding articles about a "brand new theory" in science, which Light wrote about the previous week or month.  (For example:  Light wrote quite abit about the "String Theory" before I ever heard about it in an LA Times story.)  Not to mention, the energies that would squelch this work weighing on me and on Hugh and sending distractions aplenty.  We were warned by "Master of Light" and "Master of Spirit" a few years ago that the closer we got to successfully spreading the word of LIGHT, the closer those who would stop us would draw and the more powerful they would get.  We were warned they would attack us through our weaknesses - which is, of course, where all are vulnerable.  It was suggested we strengthen ourselves in the areas where we were weakest.  Being human we did....and we didn't.  I am spiritually up to this task of being the medium through which LIGHT is writing to the populace of earth.  I am mentally up to it, as well.  My weakness is physical/emotional level.  So.......if you would each add to your LIGHT as you send it to earth, yourselves, and your loved ones daily......a thought of a bright yellow sun sending red rays to Pamela.  Then picture Light's Book in your hands.....and in the hands of thousands of others.....and people talking about it ....and most important of all.....hundreds of thousands of people pausing daily to SEND LIGHT TO EARTH.   I humbly thank you.  Pamela 
Now, go forth and LIGHTEN-UP EARTH.  Then "tithe" that Light to LIGHTEN-UP your bodies, your goals, your loved ones, and those people, places, and things important to you. 
With "Master of Light",
Pamela & Dr. Hugh





Rainbow bar

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