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Newsletters For 03/22/2009

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Lighten Up Newsletter - 3/22/09 


We give our Soul Odyssey Seminars on the phone ‘live’ every Sunday.  Phone recordings as well as email recordings and links of the recordings for downloading are available.  Last week was the Intro to our Guided Imagery Tours.  It really should be named ‘Interactive Guided Imagery Tours’ because we teaching not only how to ‘talk’ the language of the mind (symbolic imagery) but how to ‘listen’ to the language of the mind.  Example:  I shared last week how I was using guided imagery to visualize an increase of money in my financial coffers. Right in the middle of my visualizing a brick wall ‘popped up’ in my mind – unbidden by me. When I asked myself – mentally – what the brick wall meant the mental response was – brick blocks to wealth. My inner self was telling me couldn’t manifest/materialize what I was asking for until I addressed what blocked it from doing so.  That is interactive guided imagery.

 Here’s another a listener shared on the air today:   Ann is working with a valve in her heart that stays open (it shouldn’t) when her hear pumps.  Yes, she is under the care of a cardiologist and she is planning to show him how she can fix it herself.  She has done remarkable work with her body, including growing in a toenail she was born without after we did a past life regression in which we discovered not listening to her intuition to not go horse rising one day led to disastrous results – her horse became spooked, reared up, fell on her, causing massive internal injuries and ripping off her little toenail.  Ergo, born without a little toenail today as a little reminder to listen to her intuition.  We pointed out to her subconscious she now had the message of the missing toenail, she it could grow one in for her now.  She spoke to her subconscious/body daily, encouraging it to grow in the toenail – and it did.  She was also born with a heart problem as a carry over from a past life.  We have addressed this and she is now working with guided imagery to train her heart valve to open and shut properly.  She was using the imagery of little men opening and shutting the valve when her subconscious interrupted her (mentally) to say, “Nah, just put a ball bearing there so the valve can open and shut like a hinge.”  Perfect!!

 That’s the ‘thing’ about guided imagery – it needs to be what your conscious self, subconscious self and body can believe in.  Dr. Hugh shared a story about a recent client who had a brain tumor removed.  He’d come in for some post-op healing with Dr. Hugh and mentioned his doctors had encouraged him to sit in the sun for several minutes a day so the sun could aid in healing the top of his scalp – where the tumor was removed.  He told Dr. Hugh the only trouble with that was he now had skin cancer on the top of his scalp he needed to have removed.  Dr. Hugh suggested he heal it himself.  To help him do that Dr. Hugh showed him an article in a medical journal pointing out a minimum of 20 minutes a day of direct sunlight is necessary not only for Vitamin D but to help the body stay free of cancer!   Then he had the man relax (hypnosis) and had him imagine how his old belief (that sunlight causes cancer) grew the cancer cells on the top of his head and how his new belief was now shrinking them away until they dried up off the scalp and disappeared.  Had him image the new belief daily and in a week – skin cancer gone.

 We talked about the importance of tailoring the guided imagery to what works for you and the importance of knowing the message of the physical, mental or emotional condition to the right guided imagery can be found.   

Speaking of toes – we were, right?  Many years ago a client of mind came in with a very sore toe.  She wanted it fixed, of course.  I relaxed her (hypnosis) to find what the problem was with the toe.  How fascinating to discover the subconscious had itself used imagery to tell her she was upsetting her body.  The subconscious said:  “The sore toe is sore because the cells of the toe are on fire." (Pamela:  What is the fire?") "Anger. I´m connected to the source. To the head. Stop the aerobics. It makes me mad. She puts me down. Her thoughts hurt me. She thinks her body is not good enough. It crushes me sometimes. These heavy thoughts. Sad thoughts." We discovered the problem was not the aerobics, it was the aerobic tape she was watching, all the while negatively comparing her body to the bodies on the tape.

 Here are some excerpts from a powerful Health Report on the use of guided imagery in the AARP Jan/Feb issue, written by Loolwa Khazzoom:  In the early 1980’s Cynthia Toussaint was a promising young dancer when she tore a hamstring in ballet class.  The injury led to the development of complex regional pain syndrome – a disease characterized by chronic pain that spreads throughout the body and can be so excruciating that even the touch of clothing hurts.  After 15 years, bedridden, folded up in a fetal position, she was unable to brush her hair, shower, or use the bathroom unaided, and teetered on the verge of suicide.    She wanted to try physical therapy for pelvic pain, but when she first began working with the physical therapist, the slightest touch caused her intense pain.  So the therapist, sitting at Tousssaint’s bedside, used guided imagery, a deep-relaxation method scientifically proven to reduce pain levels.    Therapist helped her imagine herself in a calming place.  Many patients visualize going to the beach or the mountains.  Toussaint conjured up a make-believe ballet class, where week after week the therapist followed Toussaint’s verbal cues to guide her through elaborate combinations that she ‘danced’ in her head.  Her body quickly began unfolding.  Within one month of starting the three-times-a-week guided imagery sessions, she could sit up, walk around her condominium, shower without help and was able to receive hands-on physical therapy.  [End]

  Today our topic was tumors.  Next week we are talking about the use of guided imagery for interpreting dreams in order to know the messages of the subconscious, the body and spiritual guidance that come through dreams.  With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Please take a moment to Light the Earth.  Light has said, “Interesting.  When people are troubled they tend to light the Earth less, not more.  There are far fewer lighting the Earth at this time.”


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