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Newsletters For 02/15/2009

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Lighten Up Light Questions

2/15/09  Greetings!

 Today’s Seminar was A Message of Preparedness. We addressed both physical and metaphysical preparedness.  On the line of physical preparedness we highly recommend the book “When Technology Fails” by Mathew Stein.  You can order it through major bookstores.  For email and download links to recordings of our seminars, check our website or email us for info. 

 Last week’s seminar was on questions we’ve been asked about ‘sending light’ and the answers from Light channeled through Dr. Hugh.  Below are four of the questions and answers discussed in the seminar:   

Q:  Why is it important to fill ourselves with light first before sending light to the Earth or others?

 Light:  That concept brings more focus into the physical.  If you are just describing something from a distance it is not in the form of your physical focus, is it?  You could say, ‘Well, off in the distance, I see a rainbow, isn’t that pretty?”  But unless you felt that energy of the rainbow, it would be difficult to send it, wouldn’t it? . . . . When you feel the energy and send it somewhere, you are sending energy, not a thought.

Q:  Do people of higher awareness and understanding have a more powerful light to send?

 Light:  You don’t have a more powerful light, you may have a more powerful focus of sending that light.  If you stop and think for a moment, a brain impaired person can have extreme focus on something, in fact it’s hard to get their focus away from some things, but they can’t use it as well to facilitate sending or understanding what they’re doing with that extended focus.

 Q:  When we send light is our own spiritual light we are sending or transmitting or is a higher vibration of light coming through us?

 Light:  Well, of course, that is what we just spoke off, bringing that higher vibration into your awareness and sending that light from your awareness to wherever you are sending the focus that you are sending it to. 

 Q:  When we send it to others, we just send light, it’s their option to use it where it is needed, is that correct? 

 Light:  You can send other things, but that might well interfere with something that might be of higher value to them, since you don’t know their values and their needs as you might think you do.

Below is a reminder of an answer given by Light some time ago regarding sending light:

 Pamela:  When we send light and ask others to send light, would it be important to say white light versus just light, or does that not matter?

 Light:  The tendency that people have is to send all the positive thoughts and feelings. We remind you as you might remind them, the positive and the negative must be there in balance. The balance of the two is what we're seeking. So sending something you consider only positive to reflect and work against the negative works against the concept. The light is the light. Be it bright or be it dull. Be it white or another color. Light is the energy that allows the balance to be created equally. Light and love are not always synonymous. Nor light and enlightenment synonymous. For light can lead us to the darkness, or the lack of the light, as well as to the brightest of lights. And that is that balance that we seek. Send only the energy of Light.

 With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

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