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Newsletters For 01/25/2009

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2/08/09  Greetings!    


Our Soul Odyssey Seminar of 1/25/09 was on Life Lessons - what the soul comes into body to learn and Life Purpose – what the soul comes into the body to give.  We discussed, as an example of Life Lessons, a ‘Life Reading’ given through Dr. Hugh channeling Higher Spirit in an unconscious trance state.  The woman for whom this ‘Reading’ was given was told she’s had 7 physically embodied lives (including this one) and 22 in the spirit state.  She was given her name, gender, places and dates of birth and death in the embodied lives, plus her life lesson in each.  


It has been our custom to share in this newsletter and on our website a synopsis (which is not a word for word transcript) of our Soul Odyssey Seminars.  However, we realized with this seminar on Life Lessons/Life Purpose just how much of the enlightenment that comes forth in the live seminars is lost in a synopsis.  To Explain:


This woman had a life in Liven in Ancient Egypt as a female. (Name sounds like A noi e).  A descendent of Atlanteans who came across land bridge to Egypt  - lived to age 17, died in childbirth.   Life Lesson given by Higher Spirit was:  “To notice self, be aware of self, respectful of self.  Was not completed in that life -  has been completed since.”


We discussed in the seminar the dynamics of a female in ancient Egypt that would set up such a life lesson and what such a life lesson would mean – very enlightening information that is missing in a synopsis. 


This person also had two Greek Lives 760 – 730 B.C, (male, name sounds like ‘Tick’) and 731 – 690 B.C., (male, name sounds like ‘Ah Na Na)).  Note the second life immediately followed the first.  He was a Physician / Healer (expert with herbs) in each life and life lesson was the same in both lives:  “To be competent and confident of self, move with feeling of service.”  There was a lively discussion (which would not be on a synopsis) about these two lives as well, but the discussion of the next two lives was even livelier. 


The next life was an Essene, part of those who followed Jesus to listen to his teachings.  After Jesus died this man (his name sounds like Laurent) began preaching what Jesus taught.  His life and life lesson – which was a lesson of ‘defiance’ – were not completed because he was trying to defy the law and orders of the Roman Soldiers.  Once again, this soul returned to embodiment almost immediately – (died as an Essene 4 years after Jesus’ death and was reborn in 38 A.D.).  A male in this life named Antonia, he lived to 67 A.D. as a Roman Soldier.  Interesting, isn’t it – died at the hand of a Roman soldier in the life before and returned to become a Roman soldier!  Antonia’s life lesson was to learn to ‘not defy the inevitable’, which he learned thus completing that life lesson and the life lesson of the previous life.  


The 6th life of embodiment was a woman named Anna Swarn, lived 1622-1681 in Swarenson, England.  Husband named Erich Swarn, 2 daughters, Leila and Leah. Life lesson was to “Find peace in your own way.  Do not be fearful.  Find peace in your own life.”  We discussed this a great deal as well as this soul’s life lesson in this life to “Believe in yourself, in your own intelligence and ability and respect without question.”


A synopsis of this seminar, as we have just demonstrated here, is just ‘bare facts’ without the greater understanding that discussion brings.  Which is why we will no longer offer a synopsis of our Soul Odyssey Seminars, just a notice of them.  Subscribers receive free recordings, in addition to attending ‘live’ by phone.  Non-Subscribers can purchase downlinks of recordings on a donation per recording basis via email request. 


As to the “Life Readings’ we give – this particular ‘Life Reading’ taught us to ask more details about a life to determine how much Higher Spirit will share about it and how much Higher Spirit will leave for that person to discover in a past life regression. 


We, like Higher Spirit, know having a past life regression is much more exciting, self-affirming, and life altering than just hearing about one’s past lives.  We are past life regression practitioners ourselves and only do the “Life Readings’ in an attempt to inspire people to take the information they have on their past lives to past life regression practitioners for past life regressions to those lives.  It is amazing how much spiritual insight and knowledge can be gained by a past life regression.  It is also surprising how often one can find resolution to physical conditions, negative beliefs, behavior and emotions, mental blocks, and difficult relationships through past life regressions.  

This woman’s ‘Life Reading’ also taught us we really do need to discuss what came forward afterwards.  We believe all can benefit from such a discussion.  Accordingly, such ‘Readings’ will only be given if permission is granted for Dr. Hugh and I to discuss the reading (using an alias for the person for whom the reading was done) afterwards in a seminar or separate session for recording.  Then, if the person has further questions, her/she can conference privately with us by phone.


We also realized people don’t recognize what a previous life lived in the ‘spirit state’ really means and how much impact (beliefs, physical conditions, emotions) such a life can have on today.  So – that is the topic of our next seminar.


Even if you are not an Odyssey Subscriber do let us know of topics you are interested in having us address in a seminar that would be of interest to you.    If we use your topic we will send you, as our gift, a recording download link of that seminar.


You will find the suggested donation amount for our recordings on our website. ‘Life Readings’ are also given on a suggested donation basis and we ask that the donation not be given until after the person has received the Reading and listened to the discussion of it. 


As a non-profit foundation, our goal is to disseminate the knowledge we gain through our clinical work, foundation research, and our channeling of Light and Higher Spirit.  Donations help us to do that.  Suggested donations are what we believe is an affordable amount.  If you wish to donate more or less, that is what you determine is an affordable amount for you. 


With Light,  Pamela and Dr. Hugh


Special Link - Send by Joy (an Odyssey Subscriber).  It's a You Tube Video to Louis Armstrong's It's A Beautiful World. 



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