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Newsletters For 17/01/2009

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Sights, smells, sounds and feelings of my island home have been drifting so much into my mind lately that I suspect we will be there soon to bid  ‘aloha’ with light and love to my ‘baby’ sister (age 58) who moved on to the ‘other side’ in November.  We’ve spoken with her since her transition and she is adjusting and learning. 

 Promised to tell you about Light in this newsletter?  What to say?  It takes a book.  Pamela dubbed what she thought was a spirit of light being channeled through Dr. Hugh ‘Master of Light’ because it had mastery over lights and sounds.  Took time to grasp she was conversing oh so lightly with The Light and not until Book II did the light dawn. Light writes in Book II it is not God, by any name that is given The Source of all that is, all that was, and all that ever will be.  Light is God’s Light – the aspect of The Source that is energy and consciousness.  Spirit, Mind and Nature are aspects of Light’s Creator Light,  For more – much, much more – see Book II which is nearly finished despite incredible interruptions and challenges to finishing it.

 Odyssey Seminar today was – Collective Consciousness and Will versus Individual Consciousness and Will.  So of course Predictions, Prophecies and The Future also discussed.  Recording available via email with any reasonable donation.  We do not do what we do for money but it does take money to do what we do.  Plus, we post the outline synopsis of seminar free on our website www.odysseyofthesoul.org. . 

 From The Seminar:  Zits Comic:  A friend of Jeremy’s (teenage boy who is main character in comic) says:  “Look Jeremy, The ancient Mayan Calendar is about the reset itself to zero.”  Jeremy:  “And that means?”  Friend:  “Chaos!  Destruction!  Maybe the end of civilization as we know it!”  Jeremy:  “Or maybe not.”  Friend:  What do you always have to be so negative.”

 The problem with dire predictions and prophecies is 1) when those who make them and those who believe them want to be right and 2) when those who hear them fear them and worry about them.  Thus creating a focus of powerful energy for manifesting them.

 From Light:  “ The future is foreseeable, but it is also mutable.  It can remain steady for a time or it can change in the twinkling of an eye. . . . You are heavy with your growing awareness of the future.  A future which you have yourselves created and a future you can yourselves uncreate.  What is there to be heavy about with this?

“Act as channels of light, light the planet with my light.  The planet is becoming more and more imbalanced on this earth plane by actions of humans in the main, so we want to reverse that and restore the balance.”

 Pamela:  “Does sending the Light for restoring the balance help humans too?” 

 Light:  “It does, puts them back in receptive state instead of closed, feared closeted state so many exist in.  . . . . You will see, as you've witnessed before, when many people pray or focus on an objective, it is irresistible to manifest.  It WILL manifest.”

 Later This Week:  A ‘new take’ on sending light

 Next Week’s Seminar:  Life Lessons – Several examples and discussion of what various people have discovered their life lessons in this life and previous lives to be. 

 With Light,  Pamela and Dr. Hugh


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