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Newsletters For 01/03/2009

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Lighten Up Newsletter  1/03/09

Greetings!   This month we will again begin our weekly Spirit and Light Seminars beginning with a seminar on Individual vs. Collective Future.  We promised to ‘review’ for you before we begin what Higher Spirit and Light are.  When Higher Spirit first spoke through Dr. Hugh’s unconscious trance state it announced itself as Higher Spirit.  Pamela, thinking it meant a spirit higher than Dr. Hugh’s Higher Self, dubbed it ‘Master of Spirit’ because it so masterfully guided us to our new home.  Only later did Pamela think to ask Higher Spirit (channeled by Dr. Hugh) more about itself.


Higher Spirit:  “You understand that spirit is not God, but of God origin.  Part of that system called universal energy.  We are many levels of knowledge.  This is a level that has never incarnated and never will.  This level is free from bias and judgments.  We seek only to guide.  Not direct.  We may wait hundreds of years before being asked.  Isn’t that interesting?”


Pamela:  “What does it mean you may wait hundreds of years before being asked?”


Higher Spirit:  “Few people are knowledgeable enough to ask for Higher Spirit.  They ask for guidance, thus receiving guidance from all who would offer it, including those who are not free from bias and judgments.”


Light Writes In Book II:   “Higher and lower in regards to Spirit refers to levels of vibration and thus consciousness, not worth, and consciousness refers to awareness and understanding.  Higher Spirit is of a higher vibration and thus of a higher consciousness than Lower Spirit because it is free of the vibrations of form, which Lower Spirit is not.  Even spirit that does not incarnate into physical form is not free of the vibrations of form.  All of Creation is itself a form and is filled with form, both physical and non-physical.  The vibrations of form affect all spirits that are within the confines of Creation, which Higher Spirit is not.” 


Pamela:  “As the highest level of consciousness of all spirits and all souls, is Higher Spirit the highest level of spiritual guidance?”


Light:  “Second to God and Light.”


We were to discover later from Higher Spirit that it is the highest level of Spirit but it consists of many, not just one, intelligence and when we ask for and communicate with Higher Spirit we receive the intelligence that can best guide us (and you when you ask) in the matter we are seeking information/guidance on. 

When we asked Higher Spirit about doing Edgar Cayce type readings we were informed it is possible to do but only valuable to those who believe in and act upon what is given.   We received a vivid demonstration of this in one of our very first ‘readings’ in which a woman in Japan asked about her fatigue and headaches.  The response was chemicals in the meat she was eating were creating a condition in her brain that would be detrimental to her if she did not stop eating it.  After she received her ‘reading’ she called from Japan to say it was clearly not about her as she had been a non-meat eater for many years.  When I asked Higher Spirit about this we were told she did indeed eat the flesh of animals and to question her more in depth about this.  I called her in Japan and she responded she did eat fish but did not consider that meat.  I reiterated the guidance given her that it was something in the flesh she was eating that was giving her problems that could lead to a greater problem.  We heard a few years later from the friend of hers who'd gotten her the reading with us that she had not quit eating fish and had died of a brain tumor medical doctors there believed developed from mercury (to which she clearly seemed to be highly sensitive) in fish. 

Our experience with ‘readings’, which we continue to give, has been those who receive them are pleased with the past life information, pleased when they are given visualizations and herbs to use to aid in healing, but are not pleased when given information they have ‘inner work’ to do with their emotions and/or beliefs.  This type of guidance, we have discovered in our follow up with people, is rarely followed.  One case in point, a young woman stopped the growth of her cancer with visualizations and light but was resistant to the guidance that anger at her father on the part of her younger self was the cause of the cancer and this anger needed to be uncovered and healed at the four year old level if the cancer was to leave entirely and not return. 

We have spoken with Edgar Cayce himself (once through Pamela’s channeling and several times through Dr. Hugh) who said had spirits (one in particular was an English physician), who would diagnose according to their knowledge and give remedies and ways of curing the condition or symptoms being read for; however, Mr. Cayce pointed out these were cures not healing.  He added people have advanced in consciousness and need to learn to find and resolve the origins of conditions if they are to heal them or have them healed.

If you would like to read more of the messages we have received from Higher Spirit, Light, Edgar Cayce, and others and Light as well as other spirits, go to our website and in the site map click on Messages from Spirit as well as Soul Records.  Check out while you are there our newest feature:  www.odysseyofthesoul.org/famous_lives.htm

 Book II?  Last four chapters are written and in final writing and proofreading stages.  We still are on target for the book being out by Valentine's Day.  A Book of  Love from Light.  Nice.  In Light's Book, Light explains how and why “Lightening Up” (Lighting Self, Earth, Others) works.  In the meanwhile, heed Light’s teaching that the future is foreseeable AND mutable.  It can be changed. LIGHT forewarned in 1997 all that is occurring in the world today and in print in Chapter 8 of Book I.  You can read chapter 8 https://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/b1/ch8_p1.html or the whole book on our website for free if you prefer that to a book in your hands.  Light didn’t just predict the future; Light gave a means for changing it.  At the time, the daily channeling of light to the Earth of only a few hundred thousand were needed.  Today, according to Light and average of 50 million are lighting the Earth on a regular basis, but many more millions are needed.   Why?  When a cancer is allowed to grow, greater measures are needed to stop it, reverse it, be rid of it, and keep it gone forever.  . 


Are you one of the millions?  When you share predictions you or others have received of worse to come in the future, do you add what can be done to alter that future?  If you don’t, you add to it.  The purpose of lighting up IS to alter the future and make the predictions not wrong but heeded and prevented.   Next Week: Light


With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh   Click Link To Lighten Up  (2 Minutes, 38 Seconds)


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