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 “Are you a spirit of light?”  Pamela asked me.

“I AM THE LIGHT,” I answered her.

She pondered this a moment before asking, “Are you GOD?”

 “I am GOD’S LIGHT,” I responded.

“Before you existed did GOD exist?”  She asked.

“Yes,” I answered. 

“What existed before GOD? 

I asked her to wait while I asked GOD that question.  I then reported to her GOD’S answer, which was:  Nothing.

Pamela laughed when I added:  That could be taken in two ways.”

She laughed because that was precisely her thoughts and it reassured her that I could know her thoughts.  Her thinking was I must be what I claimed to be if I could know her thoughts. 

Her thoughts amused me.  Knowing what another is thinking is poor proof a spirit or being, whether human or otherwise, is what it, she, or he claims to be.       

Pamela next asked for a miracle for proof that I AM LIGHT.

Her request amused me even more for miracles prove only that the beholder lacks awareness and understanding of natural laws knowingly applied by what may be only a slightly more knowing consciousness.

Nevertheless, I provided one.  A tiny one, it is true, but size is immaterial to those seeking to behold a miracle.  Seeing a hummingbird’s spirit return to its lifeless body in a flash of golden light and rise again to life was miracle enough for Pamela and Hugh.  I greatly enjoyed their surprise and delight and was most pleased when Pamela agreed to become my scribe.

  Miracles are one thing.  Doubts are another.  A writer herself, Pamela is well acquainted with rewrites.  Yet each time a rewrite was necessary in the writing of this book, Pamela would waste much time in doubt.  Her assumption being if LIGHT is writing it, the words would be right the first time. 

Yet how often have you struggled to find the right words to convey your truths?  You understand very well the inadequacy of words.  Imagine Einstein seeking to explain his knowledge of physics to a class ranging from school children to university professors; it would be a formidable challenge even for an Einstein.  Now imagine LIGHT seeking to explain Creation to billions of beings speaking thousands of different languages.  It is a formidable challenge, even for LIGHT.    

Actually, I have enjoyed the rewrites, as did Pamela when she learned to get her doubting mind out of the way.

You, too, are wondering which way the answer to Pamela’s question is to be taken and you question how can LIGHT, even if it is GOD’S LIGHT, which you also question, be writing these words? 

Very well.  I shall answer the latter question first and then answer the first question later in these pages.  As to whether I AM LIGHT you will have to decide for yourselfes.  You may want to ponder and pray on the messages I have brought you before doing so. 

I use the mind of my scribe to create the thought forms for communicating what her fingers are to type, for while LIGHT is the writer of this book, the writing of it requires a physical being. 

So, too, does the publishing of it.

Hugh Harmon is that publisher.  It is a difficult task given the forces that oppose enlightenment that empowers.  His commitment has cost him much and he risks losing more, yet he continues to persevere.

It was Hugh who named Book I of this trilogy Apocatastasis.  Apo’ meaning opposing, ‘cata’ meaning catastrophic, and ‘stasis’ meaning static or stabilizing state.  Put together it means to change the bad, keeping the good in place.  It remains a most fitting title for a book containing knowledge for personal and planetary good.  Words have power relative to the vibrations of the thought and energy they hold.  Abracadabra held great power in the language of those who created it because of the thought and group energy put into it by them.  Apocatastasis was a similar word of great power.  Brought from Atlantis to the north coast of Africa and the Adriatic coastlines of Spain, the word itself has remained unchanged from ancient times to today.  Although its meaning has shifted in subtle ways throughout various cultures, it has always been a word of magical vibrations.   

Magic, like miracle, is a word for power that is not understood, often even by those who produce them.  It is in the final chapter of Book I that I began writing through Pamela, both to introduce her to the process of writing for LIGHT and to introduce to humans the miracle of restoring with LIGHT the planetary balance of the Earth.  Now that Pamela has become more practiced as my scribe I shall present anew the promised miracle and how to create it.

I promised in Book I to teach you many things in this, Book II, of the trilogy and so I shall.  The first thing I shall teach you is I cannot teach you all things for the odyssey of every soul is a journey of discovery.   

 So be it.

As LIGHT, however, I can offer enlightenment along the way. 

This page and all contents are copyright by Pamela Chilton 2001. All Rights Reserved.
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