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From October 12, 2000 Los Angeles Times Article Written by Beverly Beyette

‘The grandson of Charles and Ray Eames tries to draw global attention to the environment using his famous forebears’ legacy. Say "Powers of Ten" and Eames aficionados can describe in detail the film of the same name created by the Eames team in 1968 and recreated in color in 1977.’

‘"Powers of Ten" was made to show the relative size of things in the universe - and what happens to scale when you add a zero, and another, and another. "

‘Demetrios, the 38 year-old grandson of late and legendary industrial designers Charles and Ray Eames says…"Understanding scale is vital because we live in an extremely interconnected world," one in which "things that are big and things that are small impact us".


We at the Foundation For Research & Exploration for Mind Motivation encourage you to check out eamesoffice.com/the-work/powers-of-ten for discovering more about the Eames and The Power of Ten.

We encourage - no BESEECH you - to apply the Powers of Ten to saving the earth with LIGHT.


  • LIGHT is the very energy used to create earth in its perfect balance in the beginning.
  • Many believe this LIGHT holds within it the intelligence of THE CREATOR. Whether they believe this CREATOR to be Spiritual (of Spirit) or Natural (of Nature) - or both - the intelligence that created Earth is the very intelligence needed to restore the balance humans have destroyed.
  • Humbly asking the intelligence in the LIGHT to restore the balance is a powerful - perhaps the most powerful - means of restoring this balance.
  • Humbly means admitting the intelligence in the LIGHT is more aware than are we of what is needed for the restoration of the balance.
  • Focusing the mind on the thought of surrounding and filling earth, its atmosphere, and its magma with LIGHT - without adding any other thought or words - is the most powerful of human prayers and meditation for the healing of the earth because it is the most humble. It is the most humble because it does not tell the intelligence in the LIGHT what to do, nor does it request what one thinks is needed. It presupposes the intelligence in the LIGHT KNOWS.


WHAT IF….ONE person could make a difference to the healing of earth by focusing at least one time daily on the thought of LIGHT surrounding and filling the earth, its atmosphere and its magma and YOU are that one person.

WHAT IF…MANY people could accelerate the healing of earth and YOU inspired 10 people to focus at least one time daily on the thought of LIGHT surrounding and filling the earth, its atmosphere and its magma - PLUS you motivated those 10 to inspire and motivate another 10 and so on and so on and so on.

THEN… YOU would be directly responsible - within five generations of 10 - for inspiring and motivating ONE MILLION people to focus on the healing of earth through LIGHT daily.

WHAT IF…this is the very purpose for which YOU were born?

You might want to cut and paste this page or parts of it for e-mailing to ten people you know or intuit are interested in healing the earth. Ask those who are ready to commit to this to forward the information on to 10 more, suggesting they do the same…including forwarding the email to 10 more and so on.

Spread this information by word as well. Avoid being preachy or pushy. Simply ask the person or group whether he, she, or they are open to the possibility the earth can be healed through the use of LIGHT energy. If they express interest, share with them the first five concepts presented under WHY LIGHT. Or refer them to the this website or to Books I or II of the Odyssey Trilogy.

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