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Our book and the books listed below can also be found at used retail books stores and used bookstore listing at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Powell’s. 

 Edgar Cayce Books:  Look in ‘New Age’ Section or Metaphysical Section in bookstores or library.  Also available online major bookstores a in both new and used books.  The A.R.E. Bookstore carries all Cayce Book and more in metaphysical/new age/spiritual category. Contact for A.R.E. Bookstore:   Phone:  1-800-333-4499

 Max Freedom Long Books:  Available online in sometimes new and usually used book sections of bookstores given above.  His book:  Recovering The Ancient Magic is GREAT and it covers more than Huna and Kahuna Lore.  You WILL DEFINITELY want to read the Kahuna/Huna Lore books by Dr. Long.  Begin with:  The Secret Science Behind Miracles .  Others are:  Secret Science At Work,  Huna Code In Religions,  What Jesus Taught in Secret, Self Suggestion, Growing Into Light, Psychometric Analysis.    

 Divorss & Company publish a number of metaphysical, new age, spiritual books. Contact: At Phone:   1-800-843-5743   website:

Incomplete (we will keep adding to it) List of Other Books We Find Interesting and Informative:

 Astral Projection by Brad Steiger

Dreams That Come True, by David Ryback, Ph.D.

Return From Tomorrow by George G. Ritchie (M.D.) who died in an army hospital, nine minutes later he returned to life.  He was able to recall what happened to him during those nine minutes.    NOTE:  When you come to the part where he meets Jesus keep this in mind:  Light writes in “Odyssey of the Soul, Light:  The Act of Creation” when people die, they remain infused with the beliefs they held while embodied.  Thus, when first meeting a ‘great spiritual light’ in spirit they mentally transpose onto it the persona they worshipped while embodied.  Some take that great spiritual light to be God.  For others, like Ritchie, it is Jesus.  Others see Buddha, still others Allah, and others Krishna, and others whatever/whomever they worshipped.  It can take many sojourns in embodiment, Light adds, for a soul to grow in consciousness (awareness and understanding) until it is ready to recognize and accept the ‘great spiritual light’ they first meet upon moving into spirit is the magnificence of their own Higher Self.

Do Dead People Watch You Shower?  by Concetta Bertoldi

Life After Life,  by  Raymond Moody, M.D.  A experiences of people medical science declared dead. 

Closer To The Light by Melvin Morse, M.D.  Learning From The Near-Death Experiences of Children

Adventures in Consciousness by George Swimmer, M.D.

Other Lives, Other Masters by Brain Epstein, M.D.

The Search For Lives Past by Peter Ramster

Other Books About Past Lives in Hypnosis Books List Below



Some books listed here are ‘Behind The Times’ but contain Excellent Basic Information

(For Out of Print Books Check,,

 The Books We Have Read & Recommend Are Marked With An Asterisk.*.  We Do Not Agree With Everything In These Books, So Read With Discernment.  Feel Free To Call And Ask Us Our Opinion: 

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Books with Westwood Following Can Be Found at although several of them can also be found in used book sections at online bookstores given above.

 BOOK TITLE                                                                         AUTHORS

Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis*   We Wrote It!                  Chilton/Harmon/Light

Total Mind Power *                                                                    Donald Wilson M.D. 

The Wisdom of Your Subconscious Mind * (GREAT BOOK!)   John Williams 

Unlock Your Mind and Be FREE! *                                            Edgar Barnett 

The Miracle of Mind Power*                                                        Dan Custer 

Self-Hypnosis in Two Days*                                                        Freida Morris

Master Secrets of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis*                          Professor Tepperwein

(Old fashioned hypnosis, but interesting to read.)

Hypnotism and Meditation *                                                         Ormand McGill  .  (Westwood)

Professional Stage Hypnotism*                                                     Ormand McGill     (Westwood)

Hypnosis , The Mind Body Connection *                                     Peter Mutke, M.D.  (Westwood)

Self Hypnotism, The Techniques and Its Use in Daily Living*        Leslie Lecron

Healing In Hypnosis                                                                    Milton H. Erickson

Hypnotic Therapeutic Techniques                                                 John G. Watkins 

Handbook of Hypnotic Inductions                                               George Galner & Sonja Benson

Hypnosis and Power Learning *                                                 Pierre Clement  (Westwood)

Self-Hypnosis & Other Mind Expanding Techniques*                 Charles Tibbetts  (Westwood)

Hypnosport *                                                                            Les Cunningham

Healing Visualizations *                                                             Brian Epstein, M.D.

Analytical Hypnotherapy *                                                         Barnett  (Westwood)

Mind Probe Hypnosis *                                                              Irene  Hickman, D.O.

(Old fashioned Past Life Recall Techniques, Not modern day Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy, A Handbook for Professionals *                 Winafred Lucas

Volume One and Volume two  Fascinating Stories of Regression Work, Including A Couple by Dr. Hugh

Past Lives/Present Problems *                                                     Hall

 Voices from Other Lives  * (Also about past lives.)                     Thorwald Dothlersen

 Hypnotherapy*                                                                         Dave Elman  (Westwood)

Dr. Hugh's Hypnosis Teacher in Medical School

Healing Back Pain                                                                     Jack Sarno, M.D.

Medical Hypnotherapy                                                              Tim Simmerman  (Westwood)

Trransforming Hypnotherapy*                                                    Gil Boyne  (Westwood)

Hypnosis, The Mind Body Connection *                                     Peter Mutke, MD.  (Westwood)

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