Print the Wealth Formula and Million Dollar Bill or Euro (see below) on nice paper in a nice envelope for an inexpensive gift of value.  For a more expensive gift, place the envelope in as expensive a wallet, purse or billfold as you choose to give. 

You can even send them as attachments to your e-mail list accompanied by a personalized note from you.    

You can print them right from this website or copy and paste them to your own computer, where you can change fonts, add color, and edit the Wealth Formula as you like.  Or you can add appropriate graphics for the holiday of your choice ~ Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, Valentine’s Day (with jewelry or chocolates or both), St. Patrick’s Day, Anniversaries or Birthdays (see Valentine’s Day), Employer’s Day (with a letter of appreciation), Employee’s Day (with a raise or a bonus would be a nice touch),  ~ it’s a special gift for any holiday or event you can think of ~ except April Fool’s Day.

Print the Million Dollar Bill or Euro in the same location on both sides of your paper so it looks real - the picture is a programming symbol that doubles as an alert to cashiers it is not as real as it looks.

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Ideas for adding to your gift:  Napoleon Hill’s Book Think and Grow Rich, Our book Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis, our Money & Wealth Matters CD Package or the Manifesting Wealth and Steps For Wealth CD’s from that package.  



 Long before The Secret
~  Napoleon Hill published Think and Grow Rich in which he gave a Success Formula for becoming wealthy that could be successfully applied by the average person. Perhaps the most important statement in this formula is:  it becomes a plan, [rather than a wishful desire] only if you are able to successfully program your subconscious mind to make it happen.”  This is the essential key The Secret unfortunately kept a secret.

Mind Experts know repetition is a powerful key for successfully programming the subconscious mind, so they often imprint in the subconscious mind a key word, symbol, or phrase to trigger repeated programming. 

True Story:  A mother gave her son a key chain engraved with the words Expect A Miracle when he got a job as a deliveryman.  This New York deliveryman won a million dollars in a scratch off ticket – twice!   He attributes both wins to his mother’s Expect A Miracle message.  He is right.  Every time he turned the ignition on his delivery truck, which was several times a day, his subconscious saw the message, thus programming it to bring him a miracle – which it did!   Undoubtedly he thought winning a second time would truly be a miracle and his subconscious, properly programmed – produced another!


Read These Statements Aloud Three Times. 

Place The Enclosed Money Symbol In Your Wallet, Purse, or Pocket Book Where

You See It For Daily Programming of Your Subconscious Mind. 

I expect a miracle!  I expect filling myself with creator light daily and then lighting the Earth to restore balance is an act of creation that draws to me health and wealth.

I expect a miracle!  I expect millions of humans lighting the Earth with creator light daily to restore planetary balance ends global warming and economic meltdown.

I expect a miracle!  I expect great wealth that I use wisely and well.



For faster programming, read the above statements aloud periodically. 

For more about creator light read:  Light:  The Act of Creation

Book II of the Odyssey of the Soul Trilogy, coming in 2010

Visit:  http://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/lightenup.htm