People are interested in people.  ‘Famous’ people are of interest to many.  Below is information we’ve accessed from Higher Spirit and / or LIGHT (through Dr. Hugh as the unconscious trance channel) regarding famous people who are no longer living.  We have asked information about famous people still living, but we do not share this with anyone but the persons themselves.  You are welcome to submit to us names of famous people no longer living that interest you and the questions you would ask.  A note of caution:  who murdered whom is not given by Higher Spirit or Light in cases that are still ‘active’ in the world of the living. 


As these are 'Edgar Cayce' type 'readings' we are often asked about Mr. Cayce.  We have had several sessions of channeling Mr. Cayce, who has not embodied since his life as Cayce.  You can access some of these sessions.  Go to the google search in our site map and type in Edgar Cayce and you will find them. 

JESUS of Nazareth

Have done several ‘readings’ on Jesus’ life, in addition LIGHT has written more about Jesus in Odyssey of the Soul, Light:  The Act of Creation, publication Feb.2009.  Website Links to information about Jesus are:  



 Note:  Roman Captain of the Guard at Jesus’ crucifixion was ‘found’ in a regression of the woman noted in the link above.  However, Higher Spirit later identified this woman as a spirit attachment to the Captain of the Guard.  The primary spirit of the Captain was also embodied today as a woman. (Died in 2008).   A regression was done with the second woman and was an almost identical regression.  Very eerie to listen to.  Regression of second woman whose soul was the primary spirit of the Captain ended at crucifixion, so do not know if first woman (spirit attachment) stayed with Captain of the Guard or left and attached to someone else. 


What happened to Ameilia Earhart? 

Higher Spirit:  “She and another fell from the sky in the ocean near an island.  Neither soul survived in carnal state.  Parts of wreckage reached island.  Parts found near where crashed in ocean.  These two are still in spirit form, have not reincarnated.”


This question is in regards to our former President John F. Kennedy and his death.  If the bullet that killed him came from within or without of the car he was riding in?

 Higher Spirit:   “We note that there were several missals involved in that incident.  The duplicity is great.  And no single determining factor would resolve the dilemma that is still in Men's minds.  There was a collusion AND separate faction, all happening at the same time.  You might call that a phenomena.  Members of the government of his own party were involved in his assassination, as well as a radical who wished to assassinate him for its own reasons.”

 Pamela:  “No wonder it was so complicated.”

Higher Spirit:  “Still complicated.” 

September 14, 1998   PRINCESS DIANA

Then seeking information on Princess Diana.  I would be curious to know and I’m certain others would, if she has been part of the royalty of England in a previous life?

 Higher Spirit:  Most definitely.  She learned much of the action within the House of the Royal Family as Queen Victoria.   Some of the Queen Victoria’s unlearned lessons were learned in this life:  How to deal with her own strong emotional feelings of the animal body, when dealt a rather uncomely body [as Queen Victoria].  And then being in a very comely body [in this life], having to deal with the same emotions, in contrast with the other body and physiognomy.   When in the Victoria body she did have sexual energies.  There were many varied activities at the time.  It was a very sexual awakening for many of those people at that time.  And as she became embodied again, she again felt sexual urges awakening, only to be turned off by the man who she married.  Not dealing with those well, she became ill.  Oft times denying and destructive with her body.  Still moving through many of those emotions, became free and aroused by the very sexual animal body which she lived in, found a sense of freedom.  Is that the information you seek?

 Pamela:  “Yes, was her husband Prince Charles, in her life as Queen Victoria?”

 Higher Spirit:  Not seen then.

 Pamela:  Was her son William in Queen Victoria’s life?

 Higher Spirit:  “Yes, was one of her major advisors as Queen Victoria.    

 Pamela:  “And her son Harry, was he associated with her in life of Victoria?” 

Higher Spirit:  “No, not directly as such.  There is evidence he had information of Mary, Queen of Scots, but not that person. Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded, if you recall.  Her soul is present today.

 [Pamela Note:  It was not until towards the end of this session, after the tape had run out that I thought to ask who Mary Queen of Scots is today.  Higher Spirit responded, “I wondered why didn’t ask before.  Had two names when embodied today, one for English World, one for Arabic World.  Was Dodi Fayed, the one who died with Princess Diana.”    I also thought to ask about  Queen Elizabeth and was told she was “Duke of Ellington.”]

 Addendum: In this same session I asked about Oprah Winfrey, whether she’d had any life time associated with slavery – was given three life times and her names and particulars in each life.  As Ms. Winfrey is still living we are not sharing this information here unless we receive permission from Ms. Winfrey to do so.  The same is true – about permission - of former President Bill Clinton and former First Lady Hillary Clinton whom we also asked about in this session as well.]

 Pamela: Prince Charles, has he been a member of Royal House in the past? 

Higher Spirit.  No. 

 Pamela:  Is it known at this time who the next ruler of England will be?

 Higher Spirit.  “No.  You know we do not predict the future.”  

[Pamela Note:  Light has written:  “Future is foreseeable and it is mutable.”  The reason Higher Spirit and Light will not predict the future is so they do not influence human thought in regards to the future.]

(8/9/2006)   MARILYN MONROE

 Pamela:  “Marilyn Monroe, has she incarnated again yet?” 

 LIGHT:  “Well, many look alikes have indeed returned, but Marilyn Monroe is still transforming her last life into the learning process of spirit.  Is that a nice way to put it?

 Pamela:  “She did have many spirit attachments didn’t she?”

LIGHT:  “Oh yes, many.  Some were transient and some were quite steady with her.  You know, she kept taking the drugs to keep experimenting with going into spirit because she felt very, very disconsolate, depressed – being used by the powerful men in her life - sexually and egotistically titillating their lives with her presence with her physical activities, then just drop her like she was a bag of used groceries.  So she was very disconsolate and really contemplated many times going back into spirit.  So that’s the problem you see.  She didn’t complete that lesson.  So she’s sitting there in her stew – if you would put that word into use –she’s stewing about her incomplete life and how she can not do that again and learn the lesson.  She cannot learn it in spirit, must come back, if she chooses embodiment e embodied again.  (So her death was an accident.)  I just got through saying it was partly her desire to leave, to escape.  So you know how that works.  People take a little too much because – ‘well, maybe I won’t have to wake up to this world again.’” 

 Pamela Note: Dr. Hugh had a client who spoke in hypnosis of being Marilyn Monroe.  She had vivid, intimate memories of ‘being Marilyn’.   She has today many of the emotional and physical characteristics of Marilyn Monroe.  When we checked the Soul Records through Higher Spirit about this young woman we found she had been a spirit attachment to Marilyn.    We know of another therapist who had a client who also remembers ‘being Marilyn’.  The possibilities are 1) this woman, too, was a spirit attachment to Marilyn Monroe or 2) this woman has with her a spirit that was an attachment to Marilyn Monroe or 3) this woman’s soul closely observed, when in spirit, Marilyn’s life or 4) this woman has intimately observed or experienced Marilyn Monroe’s soul records.


Received request to ask if President Elect Obama was Abraham Lincoln.

Pamela:  “Was President Obama once Abraham Lincoln?

Higher Spirit:  “President Elect Obama.  No.”

Pamela:  “Has the soul of Abraham Lincoln incarnated since his life as Lincoln?”

Higher Spirit:  “One life time.  No longer embodied.”

Pamela:  “What was he embodied as?”

Higher Spirit:  “Male.”

Pamela:  “In what country?”

Higher Spirit:  “Many years of his life were spent in California.”

Pamela:  “What was his name in that life?”

Higher Spirit:  “Ronald Reagan.”

Pamela:  “PRESIDENT Ronald Reagan?!!!!”

Higher Spirit:  “The same.” 

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