From Chapter One: LIGHT DIALOGUE

Pamela: “In Book Ι of this trilogy, you refer to GOD as The Prime Creator.”  

LIGHT: “This is a reference to LIGHT as THE CREATOR  aspect of GOD , which is THE SOURCE  of all that is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be. There are many names used for THE SOURCE , but that which truly names THE SOURCE  is not known within Creation.”

Pamela: “Then should we use THE SOURCE  in this book rather than GOD?”

LIGHT: “Use what is most familiar to you and thus most comfortable for you. Those who prefer another name will use what they prefer. The name does not matter.”

Pamela:  “Why is the true name not known within Creation?”

LIGHT: “It is the vibration of a thing or a being that truly names it. You are already aware of the power of vibration. Vibration can shatter mountains. For the vibration that names THE SOURCE  to enter into Creation would be akin to the sun coming into the earth’s atmosphere. Nothing would survive it.”

Pamela:  “If the vibration of GOD  cannot enter into Creation, does that mean GOD is not in Creation?”

LIGHT : “The sun cannot itself enter into the earth’s atmosphere, yet the sun lights both the atmosphere and the earth . GOD’s  LIGHT lights Creation. To be aware of and feel GOD’s presence within Creation, one need only become aware of and feel GOD’s LIGHT.”

Pamela : “What is GOD’s  LIGHT  exactly?”

LIGHT: “Many things, including GOD’s vibration.”

Pamela: “Then how can GOD’s  LIGHT enter into Creation?”

LIGHT:  “The whole of GOD’s  LIGHT does not enter into Creation—only aspects of it.”

Pamela: “Does GOD communicate with Spirit, Mind, and Nature?”  

LIGHT:  “Of course. GOD  communicates through THE WORD, which is the aspect of GOD’S  LIGHT that I bring you in these pages.”  


You can examine the future to observe what is being constructed in it, which is why predictions about the future frequently prove to be accurate. However, thoughts change, beliefs shift, and actions are altered, which is why predictions about the future just as frequently prove to be inaccurate.

Guidance can be offered about what can be developed in the future and what is presently being developed in the future. Many confuse guidance with predictions, which it is not. The purpose of guidance is to offer an opportunity to embrace the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that are developing a future you desire and change the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that are developing a future you do not want.

Predictions foretell what is possible or likely. Prophecies foretell what will be. There are two types of prophecies: that which forewarns to prepare for what cannot altered and that which forewarns action must be taken to alter what can still be altered. The Biblical story of Noah is a parable that teaches prophecy as a forewarning to prepare for what cannot be altered. The Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah is a parable of prophecy as a forewarning of what will be if action is not taken to alter what is coming.

Prophecies and predictions have long forewarned humans to prepare themselves for a time of major geological changes and to alter the human actions that threaten to escalate these natural changes to the extent that they bring about the extinction of many species of life on the Earth, including humans.

If humans act now to do what must be done to restore the balance and lessen the severity of the cataclysmic earth changes now unfolding, they will save themselves and survive in great numbers. If they do not act now, they will not survive in great numbers. They may not survive in any numbers.  

There are many humans valiantly attempting to persuade greater numbers to join them in ending global pollution, conserving natural resources, and living in balance with Nature. If sufficient numbers of humans commit to these actions, the planetary balance can be restored and maintained.

What cannot be accomplished by physical action alone is restoring the balance in time to stop or lessen the cataclysmic global upheavals that have already begun. What is needed is higher intervention. As humans have created the imbalance, humans must restore the balance. That which humans name The Creator, among other names, has given humans a mental and spiritual means of doing so in time to save themselves and many other life forms from near or complete extinction.

Humans do not like warnings, which often are taken as threats. Is warning you the “creek is rising a threat?” No? Good. Then Nature Mind, Higher Spirit, LIGHT, and GOD are warning you that the creek is rising. The danger is real and the time is short, but this is not the time for discouragement. It is a time for apocatastasis. It is a time for humans to apply their collective strengths to a unity of purpose that can alter a future of unparalleled tragedy to a future of unparalleled triumph.

Many will hesitate because they consider the present time of cataclysmic earth changes to be the “end daysprophesied in the Bible and other Holy Books. Prophets do indeed forewarn with prophecies meant to prepare the populace for what will be or what may be. The populace would do well to discern which is to be applied—preparations for what cannot be avoided or preparations to avoid what can be.

The earth is not in balance because humans have not, as a whole, been living in balance with Nature. Humans have polluted the planet and given little heed to keeping in place what is needed for balance. So Nature has set about restoring the balance, which has resulted in massive planetary upheaval, of which global warming is a part. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados, hurricanes, severe changes in weather patterns, drought, floods—all are part of restoring the balance.

It is not the number of humans on the earth that has upset the balance; it is the failure of humans to keep themselves and their activities in balance with Nature. Limiting a population to the numbers the land can support and keeping alive the natural ecosystem provided by Nature are imperative to the balance of the whole earth.

Nature does not tolerate imbalance. When imbalance occurs, Nature Mind responds by taking action to restore the balance. Nature Mind has begun the process of restoring the planetary balance disrupted by humans. Viruses, germs, and virulent cells are attacking the human presence. Animals, including the animal nature of humans, are becoming increasingly hostile to the human presence, and attacks on humans are escalating. When even those gentle guardians of the sea—dolphins, turtles, and whales—begin attacking, you will know it is nearing the time when the sea itself will rise against humans.

This is not judgment by Nature Mind, or Higher Spirit, or LIGHT, or GOD. It is the natural consequence of living out of balance with Nature’s Laws and thus the Laws of Mind and Spirit. This destructive pattern of human behavior is increasing, even as a natural shifting of the planet on its rotational axis is destabilizing climates and weather patterns. Such a shift causes a corresponding shift in the magnetic poles. This shift is a natural, though relatively infrequent, occurrence. It is Nature Mind’s way of keeping the balance of gravitational forces necessary for maintaining earth’s proper orbit around the sun.

This is not a shift that happens in a day or a year; it is a gradual but definitive shift. As the magnetic poles shift, the earth’s mantle shifts. As the mantle shifts, the crusts move and earthquakes increase, causing land to rise in some places, sink in other places, and separate in many places. Molten lava disturbed by these movements pushes up through cracks in the mantle, as well as through volcanoes on land and volcanoes deep within the seas. As molten lava warms sea currents and the winds that blow across them, polar ice caps begin to melt and the seas begin to rise. Floods inundate the land, as do tidal waves, hurricanes, and tornadoes caused by changing weather patterns and climates.

I do not write this to frighten humans but to enlighten humans so that, as humans, you will make the necessary adjustment in your thoughts and actions for surviving, coping with, and lessening these changes. Earth changes are frightening to humans and to nature beings, thus adding vibrations of fear. These vibrations are further destabilizing a planet already destabilized by natural earth changes as well as the imbalances caused by human pollution, overpopulation, and the altering of natural habitats.

Natural habitats are important for keeping the various climates and weather patterns of the whole planet stabilized. When Nature Mind burns a forest, for example, this is done for the balance of the entire planet. When humans burn or cut down a forest, this is done to protect the interests of humans. Little or no heed is paid as to how the clearing of the forest will affect the whole planet. Nature Mind places mountains, forests, jungles, woods, deserts, valleys, rivers, plains, seas, and marshlands where they are needed for the balance of the whole planet. When this balance is disrupted, the well-being of all of the life forms on the planet is disrupted. Humans have not, in the main, made an effort to discover how to maintain the balance of the planet that sustains them. This is woefully shortsighted, even for those who think this will not affect them in their own lifetime. Souls always meet the consequences of their actions in one lifetime or another.

Signs and omens come quickly. Ice caps are melting. Volcanoes are erupting, both on the surface and beneath the seas, altering ocean and air currents. Earth plates are shifting, bringing more earthquakes, tsunamis, and tidal waves. Atmospheric changes are occurring with more hurricanes, tornadoes, massive storms, and severe weather changes. Plagues are rising. How much time is there? GOD does not know. LIGHT does not know. Higher Spirit does not know. Nature and Mind do not know. Restoring the balance of a planet is neither gentle nor predictable.

“Balance” is the key word here—not to let things flow too heavily one way or the other. Lighten up. I have said this to you and to Hugh often. Many will come forward when you move forward. Many have been waiting for demonstrations to move with. Teach by way of empowerment. Teach people eager to learn, and seek people out who will demonstrate the power of the mind, body, and spirit working together. Demonstration gives people belief, re-excites them to be as great as they can be, encourages them to follow the principles Creation is built upon, for maintaining its balance. Regret not. Fear not. Begin now. Work early, work late, and work hard in between as Mr. Cayce has so wisely and eloquently advised.

Pamela: “How? I mean, I know there is much to be done individually and collectively to reduce pollution and over-population and live in balance with Nature, but how does sending light to the earth work to restore the balance?”

LIGHT: Everything has vibration, and vibration affects vibration. The vibrations of fear now spanning the globe are adding great stress to a planet already destabilized by heedless human growth, which has become a cancer threatening to destroy the very organism on which it feeds. Polluting the air they must breathe, the water they must drink, the food they must eat, and thus the bodies in which they must live is mass genocide of the human race by humans. In the process of killing themselves, the planetary imbalance humans are creating is killing off the life forms necessary for the survival of the planet itself. If humans cannot be persuaded to save themselves by reversing the imbalances they have wrought, Nature will remove them from the earth in sufficient numbers to save the earth.

There are many who believe human ingenuity and genius will always find ways to curtail and survive natural disasters, no matter how cataclysmic they may be. Others argue that if Nature and Mind serve the will of spirit, the will of humans will always prevail over Nature and Mind. Both viewpoints are mistaken. There is no power within Creation to equal the power of Nature Mind, which has been given the directive by Spirit to maintain the balance of Creation in the whole and in its parts. If humans on the Earth must be sacrificed in part or in whole to restore the balance of the Earth, Nature will do so.

Many humans believe there are extra-terrestrials who can use their advanced technologies to rescue humans either by helping humans to survive the global upheaval or helping them to colonize other planets. Indeed, there are many extra-terrestrials who would like to save humans. Some are altruistic, some are curious, and some would like to use humans for their own purposes.

Humans have been given sovereignty of the earth over all other beings, including non-earth beings. This sovereignty cannot be taken away, but it can be given away if the majority of humans agree to it. Fear is seducing many humans into being willing to relinquish their freedoms and their sovereignty in exchange for safety—which leads first to control of them and then to their enslavement.

If pockets of humans do survive cataclysmic global upheavals, it will take eons of generations for the human race to again propagate and re-build. If they accept the help of non-earth beings in exchange for giving away human sovereignty on the earth, it may take less time to build civilizations, but these will be built by human slavery and not for human advancement. If humans leave the earth to colonize other planets, they will mourn their loss for many lifetimes. They will dream of lush forests, woods, oceans, lakes, streams, and lands teeming with life. They will ache for the blue skies and the songs of birds and yearn for the delight of wildlife. They will attempt to re-create what they have lost, and when their efforts are unsatisfactory, they will search the galaxies for another earth, only to discover there is no planet comparable to the earth.

Many humans believe GOD will save humans and the earth from massive destruction if they pray for this, and many are doing so. Again, the meaning of free will is that GOD will not interfere with the choices that spirits and souls make or the consequences of those choices. Humans must save themselves from the consequences of the planetary imbalance they have themselves created on the Earth.

Many humans are valiantly attempting to do so and are seeking to persuade greater numbers to join them in ending global pollution, conserving natural resources, and heeding the worldwide effects of developing lands and technologies. If sufficient numbers of humans commit to these actions, the planetary balance can be restored and maintained. However, what cannot be accomplished by physical action alone is restoring the balance in time to stop or lessen the cataclysmic global upheavals that have already begun.

GOD does not interfere with free will; however GOD does answer prayers for guidance and assistance, which is why GOD’s WORD has been brought to humans by GOD’s LIGHT to enlighten humans with greater awareness and understanding of Creation and of themselves as creator beings. With this knowledge, humans can use creator light to spiritually restore personal and planetary balance, thereby saving themselves and many other life forms from near or complete extinction.

The process is simple, although it requires a daily commitment that would be difficult to keep were it not for the personal benefits to be reaped. Of course, stabilizing the planet on which you live is of personal benefit—as is saving the human race. Personal balance and well-being are also gained when you begin the process by lighting self first.

Pamela: “What can humans do?”

LIGHT: “Set aside their differences when it comes to keeping planetary balance. In doing so, humans will find that the power to create, rather than destroy, lies in the balancing of opposites. This is when human progression will truly move forward. Before this can happen, however, the balance must be restored. The problem is that humans lack faith in themselves because they have lost faith in GOD. They have lost faith in GOD because they have forgotten about Spirit and do not understand Mind or Nature. I am bringing forth in these pages enlightenment to help humans regain their faith and their power to save themselves.

Light Self ~ Think of, imagine, or visualize a ray of white light flowing directly from The Creator to you, entering your body through the crown of your head. If your eyeballs are flexible enough—and by exercising them they can become flexible enough—roll your eyeballs upwards, look inward toward the top inside center of your skull, and you will see a flash or flashes of light.

Imagine and feel, if you are able to do so, the joy of your cells as they receive vibrations of creator light that restore their balance. Cellular imbalances will return until you find and alter the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that disrupt the balance of the cells, but restoring their balance several times daily will make that work easier to do.

As the light fills your body, it also shines outward to surround your body and spirit. You might want to also mentally encircle the white light around you with a golden shield of light. Gold has a magnetic appeal for humans. Use the power of that thought to think of your golden shield of light magnetically attracting your highest good to you and magnetically repelling from you what is not to your highest good.

Light The Earth ~ As you think of planet earth as the balanced planet it was created to be, the white light you have filled yourself with beams through your third eye—the energy center where thoughts and mental images are transmitted—to Nature Mind for restoring the planetary balance of the earth. Just send light—do not think where the light is to go or how it is be used for restoring the balance. Nature Mind and LIGHT know where and how the light you send is most needed at the moment you send it.

This does not mean you cannot use imagery to picture lighting the earth. Imagining holding the planet in your hands, for example, transmits a message to Nature Mind that you are nurturing the planet that nurtures you. It is a message of gratitude that is appreciated by Nature Mind. It can also increase the healing power in your hands. Imagining the atmosphere, the mantle, the magma, and the core of the earth filling with light that beams outward again from the core to the stratosphere is also a powerful mental image.

Light Others ~ When disasters strike, it is a natural response to want to send light to where the disaster has occurred. As restoring the planetary balance is of foremost importance in righting any disaster, light self first, then light the Earth, and then light what is of personal concern to you, including the places, people, and pets that matter to you. Just send light without thinking how it is to be used or what it is to do. The Higher Selves of others will know its best use for them. Do the same when you send light to negative situations or to persons you perceive as enemies or foes.

If you wish to send thoughts or prayers along with the light you send to others, think or pray that the light will be used for their highest good. Even if the highest good is not what you or they might want emotionally, it is what all desire spiritually. When you want to add love to the light you send, do so; but avoid mentally telling those you love what to do with the light or even thinking what is best for them as you send them light and love. It is human nature to resent and rebel against being told what to do.

Light Goals ~ You have the right to direct the creator power of light for your own goals and desires. When you do, imagine having already achieved what you want. Feel that excitement and joy. Emotions are powerful in convincing the subconscious mind that the goal is important to you and supplying the subconscious mind with physical energy for manifesting that goal physically.  

Pamela: “In chapter 8 of Book Ι, I got the sending of light to the earth wrong.”

LIGHT: “The information given is correct in its essence. Higher vibrations of light do cause one’s energy field to beam with light. The explanation was more elaborate than it needed to be, which I rectify in this book.” 

Pamela: “Why did you not call my attention to the part I missed about LIGHT beaming from the third eye to LIGHT the earth?”

LIGHT: “I did, which is why you included it in the illustration. A picture is, as humans like to say, worth a thousand words.”

Pamela: “What happens when we send light to people who are negatively focused? Does this give more energy and power to their negative focus?”

LIGHT: It can, if their Higher Selves determine this will be of spiritual benefit to them.

Pamela: “What if what is of benefit to them is harmful to others?” 

LIGHT: Those who have a lesson that involves inflicting harm on others are attracted to and attracted

Hundreds of millions of human minds are needed to light the earth daily—not to take the place of spiritual practices already in place but to add to them the collective act of creation needed for restoring the balance of the planet. With these numbers, there will always be thousands and perhaps millions of humans focused on lighting the earth every moment of the day and night. Knowing you are joining many is itself an empowering thought.

Groups who wish to knowingly light the earth together can do so even if they cannot join together physically. If all were to light the earth at noon, for example, or every hour on the hour, there would always be a mental and spiritual gathering of the group at those times.

Humans of different beliefs, different cultures, and different traditions can agree on the importance of planetary balance. Even those who do not believe in spiritual power have nothing to lose and much to gain by embracing the thought that light has restorative power, and that many minds focusing that power can restore planetary balance.

There will always be those who will use this knowledge to deliberately disrupt the balance of the Earth and the humans on it. Countering their focus is another reason hundreds of millions of humans are needed to spiritually light themselves and the earth daily.

The golden path, if you would, of humankind is to find a way to balance the personal and collective good without sacrificing individuality, independence, and social harmony. It is a worthy path of great interest to all levels of higher spiritual consciousness, including Nature Mind, Higher Spirit, LIGHT, and THE SOURCE. We are hopeful that humans will join together in sufficient numbers to quickly restore the balance so they can find the enlightened solutions that bring economic balance, social balance, and living in balance with one another and with Nature Mind without sacrificing human advancement.

Pamela: “Many think that higher spiritual vibrations of light will enlighten and lift consciousness, thus bringing an end to conflict and strife.”

LIGHT: Consciousness and enlightenment are earned, not bestowed. Higher spiritual vibrations of light can open awareness to higher knowledge, higher wisdom, and higher guidance. The understanding of higher knowledge, wisdom, and guidance is the spiritual odyssey of all souls.

If it is the will of humans to act upon the enlightenment I have brought to them, humankind will move forward on their golden path and take their place among the greatest civilizations of Creation.

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